Patch Notes: October 2016

Here's our October update!

The biggest changes this time are to Setsuki’s animations, Grave’s visual effects, Midori’s stage, and Geiger’s gameplay. Geiger is kind of a new character now and has some fun combos and pressure he can try to set up. He’s still a good zoner.

Change List:

New Patreon Login System

When you launch the game, you’ll see a bronze patreon badge in the upper right of the screen. If you’re a silver or higher patron, then click on the bronze badge to bring up a web browser window that lets you log into your patreon account.

If you up your pledge later, you can simply click the badge again and login again to update. If you reduce your pledge later, or cancel your support entirely, builds that already worked for your will continue to work.

--New Stage! Midori’s Dojo. Still work-in-progress.
--Valerie’s music added to her (blank) stage. Almost final, but does not loop properly yet.


--When the air super really parries something, now the game pauses briefly and dims the screen behind the characters so that you get a good sense of what exactly got parried. Then the cinematic happens.
--Air super animation is shorter overall. Lots of updates to the visual effects during this move, including the lightning dragon.
--Ground super now has new visual effects.
--New visual effects for air B (whirlwind)
--New visual effects for the version of air B (whirlwind) that happens while the wind is blowing from air C.
--Visual effects for Grave’s projectiles have been optimized to use less CPU/GPU.

--Air super now homes in on the location of the enemy.

--Fixed a bug that made Valerie’s forearm very thin for the rest of the match after performing air C.

--Air super now makes Setsuki invisible when she parries a move, teleports her to the ground (you can control if she appears on the left or right side of the victim), then leaves her invisible for a short time, or until she gets hit. When you land (while invisible), you can usually get 1 hit in against the parried victim. This move does not currently have much animation. Next build it will be more clear what’s going on.
--Teleport kick (B) is now less safe on block (returned to -13 frames on block as the old placeholder animation was.)
--Starlight Tumbler (C throw) no longer has animations bugs when attempted against victims in blockstun.
--New animation for Starlight Tumbler (C throw) including a slightly different version if the opponent is in the air when they get thrown.
--New animations for jump back, jump up, for getting knocked down, and for getting up.
--New animations for front throw and back throw.
--New animations for divekicks.
--New animation for jump B kunai toss.
--New animation for jump C flying fox.
--New animation for ground super.
--New animations for the local versus and training mode character select screens, including animation for when you lock in selecting her.
--New animation for main menu idle
--New animation for yomi counter.

Gameplay has been greatly revised. Old version was very powerful and all about zoning, but kind of shallow and not enough for him to do. New version is slightly less powerful at zoning (still good though) and has very slight nerfs to his Time Spiral (like Guile’s Sonic Boom) and Flash Gear (like Guile’s Flash Kick). In exchange for that, he now has a lot more tricks, setups, and combos he can try for.

--You can now hold down B to get a delayed Time Spiral. Allows for more setups and combos.
--Time Spiral wobbles less now (visually) and has a slimmer hitbox.
--Jump is now less floaty and travels farther forward.
--Jump A is now less floaty of a move.
--Walking backward, speed reduced.
--Air B (time stop) now has a much shorter minimum duration. Can still hold the button to make it last pretty long. The longest duration is enough to be safe from Grave’s ground super. The shortest duration is good for tricks to bait ground moves, and is also useful to change your trajectory (try jumping over a knocked down opponent, air B to pause in the air, then fall straight down with an A kick for a crossup).
--Knee (back+A) replaced with new step-kick. Slow startup but very safe on block. Combos to C (Flash Gear) on hit! On counter-hit, combos to anything.
--Neutral A kick replaced with a punch. It has shorter range, but now it can be cancelled to specials.
--Flash Gear (C) has weaker hitboxes during part of the move. The initial invulnerable hitboxes are unchanged, and the hitboxes above him later in the move are also unchanged. But later in the move, he no longer has so many hitboxes in front of him, making it more possible for some moves to trade or hit, at least occasionally.
--Fixed a bug where Geiger’s gear meter would refill during throws even if you were holding forward.
--Fixed some bugs involving Geiger vs Geiger doing the Time Stop super on the same frame and also fixed issues that happened when player2 did that super, then player1 did it 1 frame after.

--Fixed corner case where DeGrey's ground super would play incorrectly vs a ground-crossup Setsuki ground super, because it would incorrectly play the turn-around anim on top of the riposte's anim.

--Normal throw and yomi counter each do 2 damage instead of 1 damage.
--Neutral jumping A is now a bit more floaty when you hold left or right during it.
--Fixed a bug with neutral jumping A that allowed it to come out multiple times per jump.

--Added “Pre-Alpha / In Development” graphic to main menu.
--Main menu now has “How to Play” which shows a diagram of the controls for both keyboard and PS4 and mentions blocking, throwing, and yomi countering. (Local Versus is inside the “Play” submenu.)
--Fullscreen mode now has letterboxing for non 16:9 ratio screens, which allows fullscreen mode to work properly.
--In-game move list updated to have better formatting (now has arrow icons). Also includes Midori’s dragon form now. The move list is still only accessible in arcade mode (and the online modes, which don’t actually work). It will be added to other screens later.
--Button config now allows setting the accept and back buttons separately from whichever button is jump or attack, etc. The button config screen is really bad and we know this. This small change is just part of the process of replacing this screen entirely (soon we hope).