Patch Notes: Late October 2016

Here's our second October update, reprinted here on our new website for everyone who is new to the game.

Patreon Login System

Just like before, when you launch the game you’ll see a bronze patreon badge in the upper right of the screen. If you’re a silver or higher patron, then click on the bronze badge to bring up a web browser window that lets you log into your patreon account.

If you up your pledge later, you can simply click the badge again and login again to update. If you reduce your pledge later, or cancel your support entirely, builds that already worked for your will continue to work.

Build Notes

The biggest changes in this build are new animations for Geiger, a new button config screen, lots of work on menus, and more progress on the dojo stage. There are aren’t many gameplay changes this time, as it’s been mostly about polishing up what we already have.


--New pause menu (has different elements in it depending on where you access the pause menu)
--New button config screen
--New pause feature during gameplay of “hide pause menu” to help with screenshots

The new button configuration screen is a major feature. We are not finished implementing it, but it’s already in a useable state that is roughly 100x better than our previous button config system, so we want to get this to you now.

The new system is “tap to set”, so you just tap the appropriate keys rather than needing to mouse click every single time you want to set a key. It also auto-advances to make setting your buttons even faster.

We now have an “up to jump” toggle. Our previous builds have had problems with supporting players who prefer the jump function to be “up” rather than a jump button. Now you can toggle this if you prefer that. (Default controls still have jump button with up-to-jump set to off.)

There’s a column for keyboard controls and another for gamepad (or joystick) controls. You can’t put keyboard keys in the gamepad column and vice versa. Also, it IS possible for both players to set their buttons at the same time, but not if both players are using keyboard. To avoid insanity and brokenness, only one player’s keyboard keys can be set at a time. If both players try to set controllers (not keyboard) at the same time, we are aware that this causes problems in this build. This part is not finished yet, but in future builds you will be able to set controllers at the same time without interfering with each other.

You can set menu functions (such as back, accept, etc) separately from combat moves.

Setting your d-pad (either on keyboard or on a controller) is a special case. Go to “other controls” and then mouse click the button for setting keyboard movement or controller movement and you get a popup menu that asks you to enter the four directions in succession. Our goal is that no normal user will use the controller movement setting. In the future, we will auto-detect your controller and set this stuff for you.

In the future, we will also add separate columns for PS4 and Xbox controllers, and use their button icons when assign things rather than the generic “Button 1” text in-game currently.

--More progress on Midori’s dojo.
--Midori’s dojo has preview image on stage select screen

--New visual effects for the wind (air C)
--New visual effect for the lightning impacting the ground on air B during the wind.
--Sword attack startup is 5f faster.
--Super cooldown 9 seconds -> 11 seconds

--Her dress no longer hangs down through the floor when she’s knocked down.
--Several situations that caused her dress to get into a glitchy state have been fixed. Other glitchy situations still remain, we’re still working on it.
--Super cooldown 10 seconds -> 11 seconds

--Super cooldown 15 seconds -> 16 seconds

--Super cooldown 11 seconds -> 12 seconds

--Yomi counter, the victim bounces a bit more at the end (no gameplay impact).
--Air super. It does have new animation, but it’s not working correctly yet. We will make this less confusing next build.
--Super cooldown 9 seconds -> 10 seconds

--Many new animations: idle, walk forward, back+A (step kick), B (Time Spiral), C (Flash Gear), back throw, forward throw, air A kick, air B time freeze, air C ‘jaguar kick’.
--Jump A has slightly less pushback on hit / block, allowing neutral A to combo slightly more easily afterwards.

--Back+A (step kick) has less pushback on hit/block. Slightly helps him combo after, but mainly what this does is make back+A -> A a blockstring that is safe from normal throws between the two hits.
--When air C hits an air opponent, they are knocked more downward rather than diagonally up.
--Fixed graphical issue of Geiger’s vest poking through the material of his jacked in some spots.
--Super cooldown 15 seconds -> 16 seconds

--Super cooldown 12 seconds -> 13 seconds

--All throws now have 3f startup. Before, all throws were 2f startup, except Jaina’s, which was 3f.
--Fixed bug in Arcade Mode where once a 2nd color was used for CPU, all opponents afterwards would be that color. It now always defaults to original color if not a mirror match.
--Adjusted skin tone of several characters because of some underlying graphics rendering changes.
--Some performance optimization.