Fantasy Strike Free Weekend Extended

Our free weekend event allowing the whole world to play our (pre-alpha) version of the Fantasy Strike fighting game was scheduled to end July 30th, but we're extending another day to July 31st at 11:59pm Pacific Time. For more info in this event, check our original post.

On the first day of the event, we did not have the MacOS version of the game available as planned. It's available now though, so to make up for that lost time, we're adding an extra day for everyone on both Mac and Windows. You can download both the Mac and Windows versions of the free weekend demo here:

Also, if you played during the first half of the first day (July 28th), you may have encountered bugs with our matchmaking system that made it too hard to get a match. We fixed several bugs that made matchmaking take too long, and a really bad one that caused you to leave the matchmaking queue, but still have UI showing that you were in it. We were able to quickly resolve these issues on the first day of the event, so if you had a bad experience during that time, we're sorry and hope you give it another shot now.

Once those issues were resolved, the rest of the playtest has gone really well. Fast matchmaking, good quality connections thanks to GGPO networking, and a lot of chatter about the game in our discord chat.

If you enjoy the game and want to support it, please do so on our Fig crowdfunding campaign.