Game Update: July 2017

A new build of Fantasy Strike is available to our patrons, here, on Patreon.

We FINALLY have online play available to you all. That’s probably all you really need to hear about these patch notes, but we also have a bunch of new visual effects, some optimizations that make the game run a little better, and a new “event mode” that we use at trade shows (and you can use too!).


--Holy cow, there is online play! Right now, it’s just quick match (fight an opponent that our matchmaking system gives you).
--The matchmaking system does take your skill into account, but does not take your connection quality to potential opponents into account yet.
--Online play does use GGPO networking technology, but is unoptimized and might have some disconnects that are our fault. We’re working on it.
--The display of your username online uses a temporary method and will be changed once the game is on Steam. For now, you get a randomly generated username, but you can supply your own username by editing your displayname.txt file.
--While searching for a match a purple box shows the search status. You can go anywhere the menus or other game modes and the search status stays there.
--To cancel your search, you can mouse click on the search box, or hold the PS4 square button in menus. During gameplay such as practice mode, you can also cancel your search from the pause menu.
--You can rematch after an online game if you want, up to a maximum of best 2 out of 3.
--After a match, there is a new score screen where you get XP for your account and for the character you played. This XP currently does nothing and will do nothing for a long time, but it will someday be tied to cosmetic rewards. It also does not even correctly add up the XP, so ignore the XP values for now.
--The score screen has fun new animations for all characters, showing the character “practicing for the next match.”
--The score screen has new music.
--The “vs screen” before each match has been updated to show usernames and XP for your upcoming opponent. (Not actually fully hooked up yet though.)


--New feature: event mode. Accessed (for now) in debug options. When event mode is on, online play is removed from the main menu. Instead, the first item in the main menu becomes “play” which leads the local versus mode character select screen. Also, the main menu gets an entry for “demo” which has CPU characters play each other. Any input you do during demo mode asks if you want to go to local versus mode. The point of event mode is if you’re running a local event, you don’t care about online play so we replace that with more prominent local play, and you might want CPU characters fighting each other while no one is at a station so that it shows off the game.


--Added visual effects to her win animation.

--Rook’s B lands 1f later (still hits on same frame as before) so that it now beats Midori’s empowered throw and also hits an enemy Rook trying to C throw. (C throw then will land, but at least Rook’s B did a damage.)

--New visual effects for hold-B teleport throw.
--Ground super has speed lines behind it now.
--Air C Flying Fox has speed lines behind it now.
--When her kunai hits something, fixed a bug where it used to become flat shape with no detail as it bounced off.
--After her air super successfully parries then ends, the camera cut back to gameplay is cleaner and no longer has a jittery pop.
--The air super’s log and smoke have updated graphics.

--New visual effects for B and hold-B time spiral projectiles. This includes new effects during their startup, as they travel, and when they impact the opponent.
--New visual effects for ground C flash gear.
--New visual effects for air C.
--New visual effects for phase out (air B).
--New visual effects for air super, including new effects when it shatters at the end.

--New visual effects for pilebunker (B -> B).
--New visual effects for counter-point kick (B -> C)
--New visual effects for back+A ground punch.
--New visual effects for air B, B kicks.

--Leaving dragon form no longer momentarily shows a full, green meter.
--Leaving dragon from no longer eats the opponents inputs in the same way a that super flash does.
--New visual effects for entering and leaving dragon from.
--New visual effects for dragon form’s f+A,A toxic breath.


--Fixed a bug where triggering a win animation, then later doing any move that caused the camera to move (such as Rook’s air super) made the lighting much too dark.
--Updated in-game move list to be accurate for Valerie, Rook, and DeGrey.
--Fixed several bugs with the environmental sound effect slider in the options. It was really broken before and would not respect the values you set, and separately from that, it didn’t scale the volume of the effects in a sane way when set between 0 and 50.
--Fixed a bug where the camera would pop at the end of all win animations if player 2 won.
--Performance optimizations. Several tweaks that reduce our CPU usage by about 12% in total.
--Fixed several throw animations for the thrower (and DeGrey's yomi counter) to all be fully invulnerable until the end of the throw, so that if a projectile happened to be on top you as your throw ends, you can still block.