Game Update: Late July 2017

A new build of Fantasy Strike is available to our patrons on Patreon.
Originally posted build: v10144.
July 28th, updated to v10211.


--Implemented more features for our matchmaking algorithm. Now it factors in the quality of the connection to your potential opponents. It will factor in both quality of connection as well as the difference in skill levels when looking for an opponent. Over time it expands the search, allowing a wider range of both variables.
--Fixed a problem with online play that could cause your character to not be able to jump sometimes.
--Fixed a crash that happened during online play sometimes when Setsuki successfully parried with her air super.
--Fixed a problem during the first frame the gameplay scene is shown at the very beginning of the fight. On this frame, the scene was too dark, the camera was in the wrong position, and characters often started out facing backwards. All of this has now been corrected.
--Fixed a bug that caused usernames to become “Player 1” and “Player 2” after you rematched an online opponent.


--Updated sound effect for her dragonheart (C button) on hit.
--Visual effects for her victims catching on fire last longer.

--Has more voice lines, but they are placeholders.

--Geiger’s watch now appears in more places. It is now visible when you select him on the local versus and practice character select screens, during his air B, knockdown, and getup animations.

--New visual effects for air super. Also, counter-hit version is more POW!
--Fixed a bug that made DeGrey’s throws not preserve the opponent’s block damage state.

--Updated visual effects for Dragon’s f+A, A breath weapon.
--New visual effects for Dragon’s yomi counter.
(These visual effects are still a work in progress.)
--When you revert from dragon back to human, you’re now vulnerable during the transformation, rather than invulnerable for the whole thing.


--Improved lighting on characters during all cases where the camera is not a side view (supers, yomi counters, win animations). Before, the shading on characters was tuned to look good from a side view, but had many unintentional areas of total blackness on the characters when the camera moved. This has now been corrected.
--Fixed an issue with the training mode option to make the dummy throw on wakeup and exiting blockstun. Before, if you were near the edge of the dummy’s throw range, it wouldn’t even attempt to throw you, but now it does.


July 28th update. The Mac build is now available and back in parity with the Windows build.
Here are more changes this month:


--Fixed a problem where you appear to be in the matchmaking queue, but actually you aren’t.
--Fixed two crashes involving checking the pings of other players to find a good connection.


--New animation for air A,A (no functional change)
--If you press neutral A on the ground several times, Valerie now alternates between two different animations. This has no gameplay effect and is just so it looks cooler.

--C -> B kunai (and back+B) are now possible
--Landing recovery 5f->4f on everything that uses it
--Less pushback on back+A dive kick (this and previous change help air C -> air A -> A -> super work better overall)
--Super travels farther so that after a blocked B kick, cancelling to super makes you safe.
--Fixed a bug during online play that sometimes caused the kunai’s “bounce off and disappear” animation to play repeatedly rather than just once per kunai.

--New visual effects for yomi counter.
--Fixed a bug where the opponent would gain super meter during his yomi counter, but shouldn’t.

--Dragon Midori gets an extra vulnerable hitbox in several grounded basic moves, so that he doesn't accidentally go over very low attacks like DeGrey's ground punch or Rook's earthquake


--New music for the “versus screen” before the fight starts.