Pledge or Invest in Fantasy Strike on Fig

Our Fig campaign for Fantasy Strike is now live, here.

    What is Fig?

    Fig is a crowdfunding website for video games. It has two components. First, people can pledge in the same way as a Kickstarter campaign. Second, people also have the option (whether they pledge or not) to invest in Fig Game Shares associated with the game. 

    Fig’s method is refreshingly simple for everyone involved. Investors in Fig Game Shares are entitled to returns based on the the only thing that matters, investment-wise: the game’s future revenue stream. Read more about how investing on Fig works, by clicking here.

    If you pledge for the deluxe version of Fantasy Strike ($49 or more), one of the perks is you get a playable Steam build right after the campaign ends (pre-alpha state, but very fun already). We’ve been working on the game for two years now, but we really need your help to get to the end. Please support our campaign if you like the sound of the project. Thanks!