Steam Early Access

Fantasy Strike is now on Steam Early Access! Head over to our Steam page and get playing!

If you've been waiting for a simple purchase-once way to play the game, now it's here. And if you've been waiting for a way to directly challenge your friends online in Fantasy Strike, that's also available for the first time now. Even the process of challenging friends is streamlined. You just go to your in-game Steam friends list (the tab key is a quick shortcut), click on your friend, then "challenge". That's it. When they accept, the game flow is the same as if you were in a local versus match together in the same room.

Fantasy Strike features 8 characters so far, with more on the way. It has 5 background stages, with more on the way. There's online play via quickmatch and friend match, there's arcade mode, practice mode, and a local versus mode. We have several more game modes on the way too.

By getting in early, you're getting a lower price (as it will increase a bit as the early access period goes on) and you're also supporting indie development. It's good for the fighting genre if there are more choices than just the big publishers, after all. And you'll get to see more content added over time and more and more polish as well.

To connect with us and the Fantasy Strike community even more, join our forums or online chat rooms. Tell some friends on Twitter or Facebook to join us too!