Fantasy Strike Update: March 2018, 2nd Patch

Hello all, we posted a big update to Fantasy Strike two days ago, and while all the new content is great, the online play got pretty rocky. The two reasons are that we "cleaned house" in our project but cleaned it a little too thoroughly and deleted a few things we shouldn't have. You know, like if you threw out all your garbage and there was a support beam for your house in there. Second, we updated to a new version of the Unity game engine and it turns out it has a bunch of issues with visual effects.

So, we scrambled to fix things and here's a list of what's different:


--Fixed an issue that caused quickmatches to immediately disconnect at the start of round 1 if either player was in practice mode or arcade mode when they got their match.
--Fixed an issue that caused the rematch menu to stay on the screen after a quickmatch ended.
--Fixed a crash when Lum was knocked down from Rook’s air C.
--Fixed an issue that caused quickmatch opponents each seeing different stages for the match.
--The versus screen before each arcade match and also before an online quicmatch now plays the voiceover line for the opponent only, rather than playing voice for both simultaneously, on top of each other.


The new version of the Unity game engine that we started using in the last patch has many differences in how visual effects are handled, which introduced a lot of bugs in our project, unfortunately.

--Fixed Lum’s “on fire” state, such as when he’s hit by Jaina’s C. It didn’t really work right in the last update.
--Grave’s projectile now has its trail restored. (No gameplay change, the visual was wrongly turned off in the last patch.)
--Four or five fixes all of the form “in online games, don’t have visual effects flicker around crazily too much.”


--Winning a game of team battle as Midori in Dragon Form no longer incorrectly gives you Midori for your next game, too.


--Changed shading on DeGrey’s skin and lightened the dark circles around his eyes.

--Changed graphics for the small bubbles on his Bubble Shield super, but we didn't finish (we're still in the middle of making this effect). Sorry, these will change again next time.