Game Update: April 2018

This update to Fantasy Strike is available on Steam right now.

This is a small update, and the reason we're pushing it now is now is a fix to a REALLY bad bug with online play. Sometimes when you're waiting for an online match, a bug caused you to secretly not be in the queue at all. When you finally cancelled your search, the game would crash. The implication there is that a player would try to play online and even though there were many people online, they'd think no one was online so they'd give up. Then another player would be affected by the bug and give up to. This sometimes spiraled our online population downward for no good reason.

Now that this is fixed, please play online again if you gave up before. :) We are sorry about this.


--Fixed a bug that caused you to secretly not be in the matchmaking queue when it looked like you were, then if you cancelled search, the game would crash.
--Fixed the score screen after online matches getting into a bad state if you got a new match while still on that screen.
--Fixed a crash that happened if you left the online queue at the exact moment that you got a new match.


--Dragonheart (C attack) hitbox slightly adjusted as a temporary fix. Last patch introduced a new problem that caused her pushboxes to sometimes push the opponent away during this move instead of actually hitting them. This is now solved, but will be slightly adjusted again when we do a more complete pass on her hitboxes.

--Fixed an animation problem with the ghost that has caused her hips to be always be locked in place, ignoring animation data. (It’s been this way ever since the ghost was first put in the game!)
--Fixed the ghost’s movement during DeGrey’s intro where she would suddenly pop to a new position toward the end.

--Neutral A chop now uses our new "smear frames" visual effects technology.

--Fixed lots of small visual bugs where his vest would clip through his body during various animations.
--The last frame of his win pose no longer has a camera wobble.

--The last frame of his win pose no longer has a camera wobble.


--The round win icon appears slightly later now. After the KO pause, rather than at the start of it.