SCR 2018 Fantasy Strike Tournaments

Hey there fans! Sirlin Games will be exhibiting Fantasy Strike at SoCal Regionals from September 14th-16th in Ontario, CA. We'll have our usual 20x10 demo setup and will be running casuals all weekend.


Since we've had such a great turnout at the last few events, we decided to run two more tournaments during SCR, one for each gameplay mode we have.


The Saturday tournament will be Standard mode; that's the one where you select a single character and play a first-to-4 in each game, and it'll be a best-of-3 contest. Loser can switch characters after each game, etc. Pretty... "Standard"!


The Sunday tournament will feature our Team Battle mode. You won't need a group of friends to sign up as a team for this one; Team Battle is a unique mode in which two opposing players select THREE characters each and battle it out until one player manages to win a game with all three of their selected characters. Due to the increased length of this gameplay mode, most matches will be best-of-1. That sounds a bit scary, but if you've played our Team Battle you'll know it's a long war where the match really is decided after one "game". Hang out with us all weekend and train up three characters for this one.

You'll be able to come by our booth and sign up in person. It's free to enter, too. Fantasy Strike is easy to get into (especially if you're already into fighting games) so we end up seeing some great matches even though the entrants have only a few hours under their belts. 

Here are the start times for the tournaments; swing by on Friday and ask about signing up!

Saturday, September 15th, 2:00pm Start (please arrive 15 minutes early for confirmation)
-Standard mode, best of 3, Double Elimination, 64 player cap + Waitlist

Sunday, September 16th, 2:00pm Start (please arrive 15 minutes early for confirmation)
-Team Battle mode, best of 1, Double Elimination, 64 player cap + Waitlist

Hope to see you there!