Fantasy Strike Launch!

Fantasy Strike has now launched on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam (Windows, Mac, and Linux)! Thank you to our Patreon patrons for supporting us for so long as well as everyone who played the game during Steam Early Access.

(Edit: The PS4 EU version is waiting on some Sony EU bureaucracy. Should launch soon.)

In celebration of our launch, here is a cinematic trailer featuring the Fantasy Strike characters:

You can read the patch notes for the launch version here.

Join our Discord chat at to find opponents, discuss strategy, or just hang out.

Check out our media page for, screenshots, video, gifs, logos, even a printable handout that’s great to use at events.

We’d like to call attention to some exciting and innovative features. Our lead designer has a long, complete rundown here, but here’s the bullet points.

  • Depth vs Complexity — Preserving depth with only a fraction of the complexity

  • User Interface for Friend Matches — One-click challenge / spectating, rare or unique in fighting games

  • Netcode — Pushing the technical envelope

  • Frame Advantage Visual Effects — The first fighting game in history to do this

  • Frame Step Mode — Possibly unique in its implementation, high value feature

  • Instructional Videos — Rare inclusion within the game itself

  • Ranked Mode Builds Tournaments On-the-fly — pushing the envelope on this rare feature

  • Team Battle Format — Unique implementation in the history of fighting games and has very good properties

  • Yomi counter mechanic — A new form of throw-escape

  • Single Player Content — Just a few notes

Again, check out the whole article about these features here.

We’re super excited to finally launch. We’ll see you online!