Fantasy Strike: Weekly Rank-Up Nights!

Hey there, Leontes here!

As many of you already know, I’ve been running a Weekly Rank-Up Night every week for the past few months or so. The basic premise is that I stream Fantasy Strike on our official Twitch channel on Saturdays at 7pm Pacific for a few hours, in which I spectate/commentate ranked matches on the server, and get some games in myself!

The core idea is to provide a sort of “call-to-arms” scenario where our community can count on there being strong competition online to queue up against every Saturday night. Think of it kind of like a weekly FGC meetup of sorts, but instead of a stressful tournament it’s a great way to grind out ranks online, meet new players, and chat on our Discord. Whether you’re a Grandmaster or a beginner in Bronze, it’s a great time to get some games in. I love spotlighting the awesome players in our community and catching great matches (partially so I can learn something, too). You might end up running into Sirlin himself!

The 7pm Pacific time on Saturdays works well for NA players like me, but if you are looking for a similar meetup in the EU region, I’ve been coordinating with Remy77077 to stream at an EU-friendly time on Fridays, around 11am Pacific (about 8pm CET), so be sure to follow his Twitch channel. The timing also works out pretty well if you’re around during the day as an NA player, as well.

I hope to see all of you online for our Weekly Rank-Up Nights! Be sure to follow our @FantasyStrike Twitter for updates on when the stream goes live and follow our Twitch channel, too! I’ll see you there!

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