Game Update: August 2019

This update is available right now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

We’ve been busy fixing as many issues as possible that came to light after our launch last month. We fixed a lot of problems that could cause either crashes or hangs during online play, fixed lots of little user interface things, and improved controller support on Steam. We also set the - (minus) button on Switch to instantly bring up the friends list (very useful!) and did a small balance change to Rook’s Thunderclap.


--Rook’s back+A Thunderclap can cancel to specials in the case where the Thunderclap destroys a projectile. It could always cancel to specials on hit or block, and for about a year we wanted it to also cancel to specials when he claps a projectile, but we had technical problems with that until now. The point of this slight balance adjustment is to help him get in just a bit more against projectile characters. He can clap and if it destroy a projectile, then he can use B landslide to approach. In this case he now gets to skip the recovery frames of the Thunderclap.

--Fixed two memory leaks. In each case, playing the game would, over time, slowly take up more RAM until you restarted the game. These two memory leaks could each eventually cause crashes, especially on Switch and PlayStation 4. Now fixed.

--When you throw a dummy in the tutorial, all the dummies on screen no longer flicker briefly for no reason.

--Fixed a minor bug with armor (blue) highlighting in Boss Rush mode that affected throw confirms and moves that trigger a cinematic sequence. An example of what this fixes is Rook taking "All special moves gain +1 armor", then getting his C-throw hit twice (down to 0 armor, losing the blue outline), then confirming the throw and regaining the armored blue outline for no reason.


--[Steam] Added several more controllers to the game’s auto-detect database. (Controllers that auto-detect “just work” when you plug them in; controllers that aren’t in the database still work but require an extra step where you’re prompted to press each button in sequence the first time you try to use them.)

--[Steam] The popular Logitech F310 and F710 gamepads now auto-detect as Xbox brand. These controllers already auto-detected before, meaning you didn’t have to do any kind of manual setup to tell the game which button is which. The new thing is specifically that the game’s help text will be set to Xbox button graphics when using these controllers without you having to manually set the help text type in the game options.

--[Steam] Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause “double inputs” on a controller (do one input, but the game registers that you did two). This bug could happen the first time you set up a new controller and would fix itself after restarting the game. Should be fixed all the time now.

--[Steam] Fixed ANOTHER bug that would sometimes cause “double inputs” on a controller. This happened when the game auto-detected a controller but didn’t have information for the controller’s analog stick. Not having that info is fine, the controller should still work, but this bug caused the profile to fill in the “missing” data with whatever the previously loaded controller profile had for analog sticks. This bad data caused the double inputs to happen.

--[Steam] Fixed a bug that could corrupt your controller and keyboard settings. When you got into this bad state, some of your buttons could mysteriously seem to not work. On Windows, this required that you edit the registry to fix.

--[Steam] Fixed a bug that made the game not recognize controllers anymore (usually until restarting the game) after you plugged in and unplugged a series of 5 or more controllers.


--[Switch] The '-' button (minus button) now brings up the friends screen, just like the Tab key does in the Steam version.

--You are now able to access the friends list screen during all team battle UI screens: character roulette, tournament bracket screen, and score screen. This lets you more easily check who is spectating you during team battles online.

--[Switch] The help text for “cancel online matchmaking” is no longer in the wrong place on the screen.

--[Steam] The matchmaking search box and cancel search box now show the correct platform of button help. Before, for example, it was possible to have your overall UI showing PlayStation buttons but this one place in the UI to accidentally show Xbox buttons.

--[Steam] When the option "Help text icons" is set to "PlayStation", "Xbox" or "Switch", all images will show that brand’s icons, not just button help (so now this includes the Moves List and Button Config screen too).

--[PS4] When you try to add a friend in-game, the pop-up with text entry is no longer auto-filled with YOUR FantasyTag by default. This made you have to delete the text there before entering the name of your friend, but now correctly defaults to a blank text entry field.

--Fixed a visual bug with button highlights on the rematch screen and score screens. On these screens, if you chose some option (for example “leave queue”) then later went to that screen again, the thing you picked last time (such as “leave queue”) would wrongly appear highlighted. This means it was possible to see two highlights at once: the real one and a phantom one from your last visit to that screen. Now fixed.

--Fixed "best boss rush run" in the player profile wrongly showing the sum of your previous boss rush attempts. Now really shows the best run’s stats.

--[Steam] The "Return" keyboard key now actually works in the rematch screen when playing as player 2 online.

--Fixed the Boss Rush powerup screen's powerup cards incorrectly displaying on top of overlays like the friends screen or the "here comes a new challenger" overlay.

--The "Show FPS" and "Ping Display" options now get correctly saved.

--Fixed some navigation issues on the friends list screen.


--The matchmaking server sometimes broke and stopped actually doing matchmaking, but gave players no indication that this was happening (there could just appear to be no opponents sometimes, even if there were lots of people attempting to play). The main problem there is now fixed and in addition, a new process on the server automatically restarts the server to fix matchmaking just in case it somehow silently breaks in the future.

--Starting a Daily Challenge removes player from casual and ranked matchmaking queues. (You can only do it once per day, and you were always intended to do that run without being interrupted by an online match.)

--When you play Boss Rush while in the online queue, if you get an online match then get returned to Boss Rush afterwards, your Boss Rush run is no longer broken. Before, this situation would allow you to pick an extra powerup, which broke the UI and caused other problems.

--When playing any single player mode, then playing an online match via a friend challenge, you now correctly resume to the single player mode afterwards. Before, the ability to resume your single player mode broke depending on how many times you entered "Standard" or "Team Battle" modes in the friend match UI. (It only worked if you entered a mode exactly once, but broke if you entered zero, or more than once.)

--When playing any single player mode, then playing online in a casual or ranked match and choosing "Change character", you’re now able to actually resume your single player mode’s progress.

--Fixed a crash that could happen when you quit an online game on the character select screen.

--Fixed a crash caused by characters ground shadows(!) that could happen when interrupting gameplay to start an online game.

--Fixed a crash on the team battle character roulette screen that happened if you lost connection to the opponent while on this screen.

--Disconnect timeout for online games increased 10s -> 15s. This applies to all platforms but is mostly to fix some edge cases in the Nintendo Switch version.

--If you create a new online account, then immediately go into online ranked mode and happen to get a bye before your first opponent, the tournament bracket UI no longer breaks.

--Fixed a crash that could happen when returning to the main menu after a match ended from an online desync. (There shouldn’t be desyncs anyway; a “desync” specifically means a problem in our game, as opposed to “lost connection with the opponent” which means a problem with your flaky internet connection. That said, if a desync does somehow happen, it no longer can crash the main menu.)

--Grave’s wind summon (air C) has been optimized to use far less CPU. While this affects all platforms, including offline and online play, we list it in the “online play” section because the biggest problem the wind summon caused was a framerate drop during online play in the Nintendo Switch version. So while all modes and platforms benefit from this, online play in the Switch version benefits the most.

--When the friend you're spectating disconnects from the server, you now correctly stop trying to watch them.

--Fixed a spectating issue when watching ranked matches of bronze players specifically that could glitch out the spectator.

--Fixed a crash that could occur when spectating any ranked match.

--When spectating a ranked match, if there’s a connection problem on or just before the character roulette screen, you’ll now time out after 15 seconds and return to the main menu. Before in this case, you’d be stuck on the roulette screen forever.

--When spectating any match, there is a more lenient disconnect timer (2 seconds -> 5 seconds). This makes spectators less likely to disconnect whenever the slightest thing goes wrong with the connection.