Game Update: September 2019

This update is available right now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

This month, we have lots of bug fixes for you, all aimed at making things work even more smoothly. There is a new feature for music that allows you to sit in silence in the menus while waiting for an online match, but then still have music when you actually play. Also, Setsuki has one balance change, that fixes an accidentally-too-good thing about her air C (Flying Fox) that she’s had for the last few months.


--If your Master Rank changes when the tournament ends, the score screen now shows the change correctly. It used to wrongly show your same rank on this screen only (and update everywhere else) if your rank changed.

--After spectating a ranked match, you now correctly see your own player data on various UI screens such as the rank shown in the online play menu. Before, you’d wrongly see the data of the player you previously spectated.

--Now we actually show the correct player names on the character roulette screen when spectating a friend match involving a team battle.

--In the rematch menu for casual online matches, if you choose “Next opponent,” your opponent now immediately moves on, rather than waiting for the full 10 second countdown to finish. We now realize this bug has been happening for the last 10 months. Now fixed.

--[Switch] Fixed a serious bug accidentally introduced last patch that occurred when playing a second (or more) ranked match per session. When you did, the character roulette screen would sometimes suddenly send you to the main menu, ending the match, or perhaps send you to a black screen forever if your opponent suffered the “sent to main menu” bug. (Note, this was hotfixed already on Steam/PS4, but Nintendo Switch patches take up to 20 days for approval so for that period of time, the Switch version had this serious problem. Thankfully Valve and Sony allow for immediate patches.)

--When your previously-sent challenge gets accepted *right after* you would start a casual online or ranked online game, during the short "Here comes a new challenger" animation, we now drop the challenge and continue with your queued online match. The queued match got there first. This fixes you getting stuck in a black screen, your casual online opponent having their online match interrupted as it starts, and your friend match opponent being set in a silent bad state where mysterious bad things happen.


--New music option. In addition to music on or off, there is now “gameplay only”. When this is set, there will not be music in the menus, but there will be music in gameplay. An example use of this is idling (in silence) in the menus while you wait for an online match, while getting to hear music during your actual match.

--Setsuki’s air C (Flying Fox) has a little more upward force. This fixes an issue accidentally introduced many months ago that allowed Setsuki to do air C towards the opponent, let it finish, then do it again (the same direction) and be so low that she cancelled the rest of the move by landing and ended up at +12 on block. In much older builds, she would pull up at the end which made her unsafe, rather than land instantly. This change restores it to more like it was meant to be. Note that if you want to make the opponent block air C, then have a lot of frame advantage, you still can. Just do air C -> A (divekick). But this sequence triggers only one point of flashing block damage (from the air C), rather than two (from air C x 2). Alternatively, you can STILL do air C -> air C and end up at frame advantage, but only if you do it from a precise, far away distance or if you do it from close on the way down from a jump. Either way, you can no longer repeat that sequence as a lockdown.

--Fixed a bug with the tutorial dummies in the section about combos. When you press B to combo a projectile into them, if you happened to hold B for a certain number of frames, the dummy would have no hitbox and the projectile would pass through. Rare because of the specific timing involved, but now fixed.

--Fixed buggy controls for the top-right menu when on the 1p character select screen (e.g. Arcade Mode’s character select).

--[Steam] Fixed a bug on the friends list screen where dropdown menus could appear partially off screen at certain resolution settings.

--[Switch] When using detached joycons, pressing the analog stick in no longer calls the Friends screen.

--[Steam] Fixed a category of bad states when you use a secondary monitor and attempt to use a fullscreen resolution that's not supported for that monitor. (Instead of getting stuck in a loop of either refreshing the list of resolutions every frame (merely breaks the resolution dropdown UI), or remembering an incorrect resolution for next launch, or actually setting an incorrect resolution every frame (disaster!), the game now accepts the resulting lower resolution than what it attempted to set.)

--Fixed a memory leak with arcade mode. This particular issue also caused the game to crash if the leak happened, then you later entered arcade mode again.

--Fixed a crash that could happen when DeGrey’s ghost deals block damage that wins the round (meaning, when the opponent loses their last hit point to this block damage).

--Fixed a camera bug introduced last patch where the camera would not scroll up enough when both characters jumped. Now reverted to how it always was.

--Fixed a camera bug introduced last patch having to do with moves that briefly lock the camera in place. This issue was barely noticeable in most cases, except for Setsuki’s B ninjaport kick/throw, where the camera issue was very noticeable and buggy (too jerky).