Open Positions

Join our team of top tier developers who are passionate about making high quality games. We value fair play, good communication, and smokin' talent.

Our team works remotely from all over the world. Working from home and setting your own hours offers a ton of flexibility, but it also requires that our team members to be disciplined self-starters.

Sound Designer

Lead our sound design effort! We need a huge variety of sounds ranging from punches and kicks to spectral ghosts, lighting strikes, and fire breathing dragons. It would be great if you have access to good sound library already, and the ability to create new sounds that are a great fit to support our many fighting game moves.

The biggest rule in sound design is "don't be annoying." You'll need to put sounds in our game and hear them in context, then have a feel for if it works in the context of gameplay. Some familiarity with fighting games will help.

Please include a portfolio of your sound work.


  • Experience as a professional sound designer for video games.
  • The knowledge and wisdom to tell us what we should have listed as qualifications.

User Interface Programmer

We're looking for a generalist programmer who has experience with the Unity game engine. You'll work on implementing great user interfaces in our menus, so familiarity with that sort of thing in Unity is a big plus. Beyond that, you'll work on several aspects of our game so it's more about being adaptable and able to take on new challenges quickly and show results than a particular required expertise.


  • Experienced in the craft of software engineering.

  • Versatile. Able to work on several different aspects of a Unity game.

  • Prolific. We expect code checked in every day. Improve the game every day.

  • A strong communicator. You can explain your ideas and requirements easily in writing through online chat. You work hard to resolve conflicts and build relationships in the team.


  • Implement user interface screens, given specs and mockups from our team.

  • Do who-knows-what else as long as it pushes our project forward.


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