Open Positions

Join our team of top tier developers who are passionate about making high quality games. We value fair play, good communication, and smokin' talent.

Our team works remotely from all over the world. Working from home and setting your own hours offers a ton of flexibility, but it also requires that our team members to be disciplined self-starters.

Visual Effects Artist

Make awesome visual effects for us!

Visual effects can push fighting game visuals to the next level, and they are also important in conveying information to the player about various moves work. In our game, these effects include fire, water, electricity, rocks shatter, ghosts, hit sparks, and a lot more. Some should use particle systems, others animated sprites, and others a mix of 3D models with other techniques. Your bag of tricks should be deep.


  • Highly experienced in generating visual effects. You have expert knowledge of techniques for building beautiful effects that look great and communicate information to the player. Specifically, you can create hand-drawn sprite sheet animations on 3d geometry.
  • Able to hit a style. You can create effects in a comic book / anime style that fits our aesthetic.
  • A strong communicator. You can explain your ideas and requirements easily in writing through online chat. You work hard to resolve conflicts and build relationships in the team.


  • Design and implement lots of visual effects. Make eye-popping visual effects that look great and enhance gameplay.
  • Take initiative to point out things that should have visual effects, but don't yet.
  • Collaborate with other artists to ensure a harmonious overall aesthetic across all game assets.


Knowledgeable about:

  • C#
  • Shaders
  • Unity game engine
  • the fighting game genre

Send us:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio website with relevant vfx work
  • Cover letter which should include:
    • Why you are interested in working at Sirlin Games
    • What games you are currently playing

Environmental Artist

Create the stages (background environments) for the Fantasy Strike fighting game.

Stages set the tone of the world and each one is an opportunity to show something about the character who fights there. Some stages are indoors, others are outdoors. Some will be heavy on nature elements such as grass, rocks, trees, bamboo, terrain, water, fog, and so on. Others will have lots of man-made objects such as furniture, buildings, knick-knacks, and even slot machines.
We’re looking for hand painted, stylized art. Even a tree or building should have a bit of attitude.

  • Work with our team and concept artist to arrive at an overall concept.
  • Block out the stage in 3D in a very rough form.
  • Fill in all the details! Do all the modeling and texturing work to bring every element of the stage to life.


  • 2+ years experience modeling and texturing environments and props, with a strong understanding of baking high to low poly models for additional textures like normal maps.
  • Experience creating and working with (baked in) light maps.
  • Experience with the Unity game engine.
  • A good understanding of form, shape, structure, and silhouette regarding modeling
  • Eye for light, shade, color, and detail in creating painted texture maps
  • Self-motivation, good communications skills, and a great team-player attitude

Send us:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio website with relevant environmental art
  • Cover letter which should include:
    • Why you are interested in working at Sirlin Games
    • What games you are currently playing


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