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by Sirlin at 8:08 PM
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There's only two days left in the Yomi kickstarter, so please pledge now if you're interested. (It ends Wednesday at midnight, US Pacific Time.) Pledging now lets you get the decks months ahead of the retail release, as well as *free* 2-deck set of the minimalist Panda vs. G.Panda decks once we hit the $150k.

In the updates section of the kickstarter, there's now character lore for all 20 characters, as well as images of all their new "EX cards" and text about how to use them. The EX cards allow you to play overpowered versions of Yomi characters. These aren't intended to be balanced, but they are very fun and flavorful.

Here are links to all the lore / ex card updates:
by Aphotix at 6:24 AM
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Hi everyone, I recently had a chance to discuss the Yomi Shadows expansion with Sirlin. You can listen to it here:

In the interview, we go over the story and design of each of the 10 new characters. I had a fun time doing it and learned a lot of cool details about each of the characters.
by Sirlin at 8:18 AM
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The Yomi kickstarter is up right now!

Yomi now comes in two 4-deck sets called Round 1 and Round 2.


The other 12 decks will be sold individually, but they will release over a period of several months after Round 1 and Round 2 ship...UNLESS you back Yomi on kickstarter. Kickstarter backers only will be able to get all the decks months ahead of everyone else.


10 of these decks are new characters that we've tested for years, but that haven't had a physical release yet. The other 10 are reprints and updates of the original characters. There's balance tweaks, art tweaks,...
by Aphotix at 8:42 PM
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What's up people, Aphotix here. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Sirlin about what makes Yomi a great competitive game. You can listen to it here!

Some of the topics covered:

- What makes the Attack/Throw/Block system interesting

- The ability of top players to win consistently

- Learning the importance and basics of hand management

- Understanding yomi layers and incorporating them into your matches

- Other cool stuff

Hope you guys enjoy listening!