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The final results from our Season 5 leaderboards have just come in! Before we enter into the new era of Season 6 for the year 2015 (where all ratings have been reset to a clean slate), here are the top 20 Quick Match players of the current season (2013-06-15 ~ 2015-01-22) in both Yomi and Puzzle Strike.

As usual, each of the top 20 players in both games have received an achievements marker in their online profiles, noting their status as a top player. May the glory of their accomplishments live eternal!

Yomi Season 5 final results:
# 1: friiik (Lum)                  Grandmaster (88%)
# 2: ntillerman (Lum)              Grandmaster (82%)
# 3: Arkhan (Gloria)               Grandmaster (17%)
# 4: Nemesis-Kanden (Grave)        Grandmaster ( 8%)
# 5: UlyZed (Midori)               Grandmaster ( 8%)
# 6: CloudCuckooCountry (Geiger)   Grandmaster ( 5%)
# 7: vsbr (Lum)                    Grandmaster ( 0%)
# 8: Swiffle (Onimaru)             Master 10 (51%)
# 9: IamNobody...
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Today, we introduce the new EX characters to online Yomi!
• More powerful than regular characters!
• Not balanced, but pretty crazy.

EX characters:
• Swap their character card for the powerful EX version (it’s gold!)
• Add 4 copies of the new rank of face cards to their deck, the Destiny cards.
• They can Power Up for ANY cards from the draw deck you don’t have to reveal them when they do. They can still Power Up for aces from the discard pile, too.

• Play EX vs EX for a new Yomi experience.
• Let bad players or Yomibot play an EX character against your regular character.
• Note: EX characters are not used in tournaments or in Quick Match.

EX characters might be silly and overpowered, but they still have real design behind them. Their Destiny cards usually...
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I'm doing a podcast now. Two podcasts actually. The first one is talking with my co-host, Aphotix, about various game design issues. You can get to the first episode here.

I also have a Patreon now, check it out. What's Patreon, you ask? Patreon lets you support creative people so they can do more of whatever it is they do. Being a patron gets you a sneak peek behind the scenes of my games and your patronage helps make more stuff possible. Patrons can get my second podcast series, Raw Game Design, where I work through whatever design issues I'm having at that moment with my games. So you can hear how things actually get decided. Patrons can also get access to playtest materials of things I have in development (exciting!). Here's that Patreon link again.

And note that my main podcast is free to everyone, just like all my articles on...
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There's only two days left in the Yomi kickstarter, so please pledge now if you're interested. (It ends Wednesday at midnight, US Pacific Time.) Pledging now lets you get the decks months ahead of the retail release, as well as *free* 2-deck set of the minimalist Panda vs. G.Panda decks once we hit the $150k.

In the updates section of the kickstarter, there's now character lore for all 20 characters, as well as images of all their new "EX cards" and text about how to use them. The EX cards allow you to play overpowered versions of Yomi characters. These aren't intended to be balanced, but they are very fun and flavorful.

Here are links to all the lore / ex card updates: