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Yomi is finally launching on the iPad on April 17th. Press kit is here.


First, a reminder of what Yomi is: it's a fighting game in card form. Each deck represents a character and the decks follow poker conventions to help you learn the contents of your deck more easily. Numbered cards are "normal" moves, face cards are special moves, and aces are super moves.

Furthermore, Yomi is a competitive game. I'm really sad to have to explain this next part, but these days lots of competitive games have turned their back on what competition is all about: even playfields. An even playfield is when you can play against opponents who don't have material advantage over you because they...
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There's a new option to fully unlock Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel characters at

In addition to the options we've been offering, there's now the option to unlock 10 characters at a time for unlimited play, in each game. We used to sell those characters for $5 each, half the price of a physical Yomi deck. But now, you can get a 10-pack of characters online, not for $50, but for just$14.99. Yes really, at least for now. You can even gift the games to your friends.

So dive in, tell a friend, and get some matches in!

Other New Things of Interest
  • You can also get the print-and-play version of all 20 Yomi decks, updated to latest balance and graphics.
  • You can pre-order Pandante now. It ships in May.
  • Register now for...
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The second Fantasy Strike Expo will take place June 6th-8th 2014 near the San Francisco airport. It's a tournament series and casual play event showcasing the Fantasy Strike tabletop games. Come compete, watch, and make new friends with other Fantasy Strikers. There's also a chance to try out Codex, still in development. Last year's event was really fun so don't miss out.

Registration link:

Location: Marriot Courtyard San Francisco Airport.
1050 Bayhill Drive, San Bruno, California 94066 USA.

Discuss Fantasy Strike Expo on the forums.

All tournaments will take place Saturday and Sunday June 7th and 8th. Tournament finals will take place on Sunday, June 8th.

Tabletop tournaments:

  • Pandante (first ever tournament for this new gambling game!)
  • Yomi...
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Who is Mistress Persephone, really? Even after encountering the Nox Oracle, and telling stories of wild passion and tight control, the people of the Realm still cannot truly explain what drives this mysterious and sensual woman. But tonight, we can get a better glimpse of her through her new Yomi card art!

Persephone is all about control, and leaving you overwhelmed by a vortex of knockdowns. Once she gets her famous knockdown loop going, it can be very hard to break out of her control. Her Mistress's Command forces her opponents to play quite different from usual, often laying waste to their long-term plans as Persephone gets rid of their key cards. And her abilities Bare Your Soul and Do As Told tightly constrain the opponent's moves to what Persephone deems acceptable, leaving her opponents struggling to establish their pace.

Because of her reduced life total, and because she relies on knockdowns, Persephone players will usually need to win more individual combats than their...