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    I really liked Age of Conan, it's too bad the rest of the game was a jumbled mess and there was no content. I really enjoyed the 'low-fantasy' change of pace. The first 20 levels are great (if only the rest of the game had been so fleshed otu).

    Apparantly the game is a lot better now and I plan to try it again. The game is definitely fun. It was more than just 'auto-attack and push a button for more damage until it dies.'

    you had keys assigned to directions, and pressing that key made you swing your sword in that direction. You then activated a "combo" then attacked in the directional pattern presented to do a nifty combo animation.

    Fatalities were a cool addition too, and it's something Sirlin even mentioned in one of the podcasts (the design aspect, not the feature in age of conan specifically). The "I just owned you!" effect. PVP was satisfying for that but unbalanced.

    The combat system was really innovative for an MMO and while the rest of the game was lackluster, I hope more MMOs try to go beyond the auto-attack system.
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    There were definitely some fun fights to be had in Conan. As a member of one of the top guilds for one of the largest PvP servers you'd see Keshetta devolve into large scale blood baths every so often. I really enjoyed the combat system but it became really out of whack at high levels with balance issues and damage scaling.

    The main problem I had with the game wasn't even the lack of polish, though that helped. It was more of there being no point to it all. There was no real end game PvP objective as keep battles were impossible to win. On top of that you could control the end game zone and farming spots but why bother? There was little reason to keep farming at max level and even if you wanted to instancing made it pretty easy to get in at least a little farming as a group.

    But man... Bloody Vengence was one of the coolest abilities for a tank ever before they nerfed it to nothing. In general though guardians were incredibly fun to play as you could take a beating or dish out (and take) massive damage just depending on which stance you were in. I remember one shotting MUCH more than my fair share of people.

    One of the nicest things about AoC is that it had a much better Skill to gear balance than other MMOs. A well organized team could decimate larger forces or more geared people. I know a few nights we won 1:2 or 1:3 ratio battles by using good terrain and tactics then meet the force again in a less favorable position and get creamed.
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    There's no real point to any MMO really. I like AoC from a "Log-In, Chop off some heads, and Log off" standpoint. I do agree with the insurmountable problems AoC has gone through, it's why I initially quit. They've turned back the damage scaling, and most combos are no longer than 2 or 3 inputs now - as well as being easier to land.
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    If anything I think that cheapens the system. The active dodging, animation canceling, active blocking, and balance surrounding longer combo inputs really added to the game in my opinion and the patches just kept stripping that away. Sure they had to do something about the ridiculous damage outputs or overpoweredness of active blocking/dodging but they could have taken much more moderate approaches than what they did.

    Also, ya all mmos are pointless but more of what I meant is that AoC felt like an endless war without progression. You lacked the means to actually crush your opponents or deal any long lasting blows (again castle sieges were broken when I played). Without such mechanics the PvP is fun but I, and others, eventually lose interest because you're just grinding away on other players for no point. Combine that with the fatal flaw of all PvP in mmos: Other players generally suck and even odd fights are very rare and your interest wanes pretty quickly.

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