Bad habits in games that stem from life experience.

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Voltrox747, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Voltrox747

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    I often play the first Smash Bros against two other friends at once, both of whom are only moderately good at the game but have practiced together often enough to make up for that with good teamwork. Recently, I've noticed one major mistake that both of them make consistantly, and that is their habit of assuming that I'm paying less attention to them when my character is facing away from them. When turning away from one of them and moving toward the other, the first will almost always see that as an opening, even though my character isn't in any way vulnerable at the time. I've explained this problem to them in detail, but they can't seem to break the habit of assuming that character orientation = focus.

    I know this sort of thing has been discussed in other topics, but I'm curious as to what specific examples you all might have. I'm sure there are plenty of other habits that inexperienced players tend to bring into the game from real life, even though those rarely have anything to do with the game world.
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    According to people I play DotA with/against...

    The big one I know is that people who aren't visible on the minimap or the screen in DotA don't exist.

    People who are running away from you in DotA are weaker than you (Kind of the same as your smash example).
  3. Waterd103

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    Ha yes, mediocre players, tend to thikn that if you are running away you are scare of them, when you only want to put them in a situation , that once the start fight, they can't run from you!
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    Have you considered that it's not real life they learned that from, but possibly other fighting games? It's the whole point of cross ups in fact.

    But the only bad play habit coming from real life I've seen in people is that they whine when things are cheap. Then refuse to get better. In real life, they'd whine it was unfair, and also not do anything about it.
  5. Voltrox747

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    That's probably true for a lot of people, though the friends I'm referring to haven't played other fighters enough for that to be likely. Plenty of other games encourage that as well though, as line-of-sight does matter in 3d games, and AI enemies are often programmed that way even in sidescrollers. Even so, line-of-sight itself is still a real-world concept that can screw you up if you expect it to matter in a game that doesn't use it.

    What I'm looking for here is examples of basic instincts or habits that you have to "unlearn" to play certain types of games, especially competitive ones. Unintuitive solutions are quite common in single-player games, such as deliberately killing yourself to travel to a previous checkpoint/town/etc., or hurting yourself to gain momentary invincibility, and thus avoiding something much worse.

    My first example is the only really crippling one I can think of that applies to a multiplayer game, but I'd like to know about any that you guys have experienced, if only to ensure that I'm not doing something equally stupid in other games.

    Actually, one bad habit that I am personally guilty of is jumping excessively during FPS matches. I don't play the genre often, and when someone shoots at me I always get the urge to leap out of the way, even though the jump arc obviously gives them a predictable move path to aim at.
  6. RoieTRS

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    A lot of times in RTS I would just assume my opponent has more money than me.

    It seemed to go away the more simpler the RTS got (sc -> red alert 3).
  7. JuJube

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    Just flat out cockiness. I think I'm better than you, and when I get hit, it makes me want to prove it.
  8. darkcrobat

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    I totally agree with this. I do this all the time.
    For example playing smash with my friends (I play cpt falcon) and I get hit by kirby falling from the sky who I didn't see and I die.
    I then try an instantly Falcon Punch Kirby and get smashed again because my timing is all out.

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