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  1. bbobjs

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    So I don't know if this is old news or what but it finally has a trailer. Honestly I'm more excited about this variant than DotA 2 but I suspect support for map will be limited/gimmicky at best... I can hope though, right? Anyone else interested?

    EDIT: Thanks for the info, BoB, that definitely puts many of my worries to rest.
  2. BeastofBurden

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    I was a 1v1 Warcraft 3 ladder whore so I never really got into DoTa, but after playing several games of Blizzard DoTa at Blizzcon I can see why this genre is so popular. It really is fun, and several things that stopped me from getting into HoN/LoL were apparently fixed in Blizzard Dota

    Blizzards ability of making things very accessible is immediately apparent with the item shop. No longer will it confuse or force clusterfucks of stupid item stats and recipes if you are new to the game. The skills descriptions were clear and straight to point as well. Hero stats were simplified as well. I could immediately focus on just playing the game instead of reading stats & skills like my first Hon/LoL experience. Games were quick (shortest was 15mins shy), and lasted no longer than 30 minutes from my experience which I kind of like.

    What's interesting is that Blizzard has taken the responsibility to make a better social play experience by reducing "conflict points" that would make a teammate angry at you for being a baddie. I believe last hitting is removed (weak shit imo) or doesn't massively reward you anymore, kills will be replaced with take downs (an attempt to remove "kill stealing") and all experience is distributed evenly, and average game length is purposely reduced so being stuck with "bad" players isn't as painful and you're likely less to complain. Now I don't mind this since I plan to be a casual Blizzard DoTa player, but I could already see more hardcore or competitive DoTa players laughing at this or hating the changes.

    Also about maps and support, I believe Blizzard plans to make money off it somehow with the SC2 market place. Maybe skins and heroes, I don't know. Multiple maps based on famous settings from past blizzard games were said to be a possibility during the Blizzcon panel as well.
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    My impression was "it's DotA without the stupid bullshit". At least, I appreciate that they got rid of the mountains of complexity that added (seemingly) very little depth.

    Last hitting was replaced by having orb carrier minions spawn, who drop a HP/MP restoring orb when killed.

    I think DOTA is actually going to be free if you own the proper SC2 games, and will only have some sort of a fee if you're just using the Starter Edition.
  4. Fry

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    Get hype!

    Cool, sounds like you might actually be able to try pushing early rather than just farming for the first 20 minutes, I like it already. Also interesting that they're pulling actual characters from Warcraft and Starcraft rather than just making up new characters.
  5. Polari

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    On the topic of complexity and depth, I'm going to take the opposite stance and say that I doubt this game will be as deep or interesting (in terms of choices in high-level play) as DotA. With that said, I'm not against the change. The basic mold of two bases, a bunch of heroes and creep waves pushing to each other has a ton of unexplored potential and I love that they aren't afraid to explore it. A simplified, lighter approach could actually work great and I'm really curious to see how their version turns out.

    One thing that sounded really suspicious though was the paragraph where they defined the four "core types" in game. Assuming it plays out like DotA, two of them (tanks and siege heroes) don't sound like anything I feel like I'd generally need in my team. Ok, the siege thing I can understand if there's a bigger emphasis on pushing towers, but "tanks, who wear heavy armor and soak up damage at the forefront of fights" reads as "walk around aimlessly while the rest of their teams gets focused on". This means either that Blizzard doesn't understand their own game or that it makes sense because of something I don't know about yet. I'm going to assume it's the latter, and I want to know what it is exactly. Do all their tank type heroes have a built-in taunt or something? Does some fundamental change in gameplay make being hard to kill useful in itself?
  6. Waterd103

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    Tanks in League of legends are very powerfull and while teams should try to ignore them is very hard. They have high amounts of CC.
  7. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    If neutral creeps or towers are more powerful, tanks could become more important I guess. Otherwise you could give them taunts, heals, melee-range disruption, or auras that make it reasonable to want to focus a tank in a teamfight. Or maybe if there are more arrow-like skillshots (even more drastically, hit % penalty based on units between you and your target), then bodyblocking becomes more useful.


    I'm a little surprised and disappointed that Blizzard isn't pursuing a DOTA with more WoW-like controls / perspective. When I first heard about Alterac Valley, I thought it'd be the next DOTA with sidequests, graveyards, NPCs, towers to push, etc. The implementation wasn't great but I felt like there was good potential there. And it'd be nice to be rid of click-to-move.
  8. PeterBB

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    Towers with limited ammo means that tanking towers will probably be more common and useful. That's probably not enough to justify a whole character class, but it probably helps.

    If the short descriptions of the classes are accurate, then CC will be a support thing rather than a tank thing.
  9. Shiri

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    This is worrying, does that mean they're going to threaten to make me buy it three fucking times to play with friends from different continents again?
  10. pkt-zer0

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    Alternatively, wait until they implement cross-region play. Though considering Blizzard's usual speed, that could take quite a while.
  11. Shiri

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    Are there plans for that?
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