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Discussion in 'Kongai virtual card game' started by garcia1000, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    I think this match was one minute to many.

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  2. darkcrobat

    darkcrobat Member

    Alt accounts? Or else a bug...
  3. RichieRich80

    RichieRich80 Member

    I guess that could happen if they both are afk, which means they are pass - resting every turn. Maybe they just came up with a funny idea to confuse other players? I've seen two or three hours sometimes, but this beats everything by far. Though I wonder how have they avoided connection hax for that long?
  4. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    Secretly I believe that both players started off with mlm and they "touch" each other for hours on end. Next they both sent out Andro and It took them another day to figure out what was free range change was. They both got far and switch to Oni and they tried to out curse each other at far. The they both start swicth for many turns. On the fifth day one guy decided to intercept. Then the opponent forfeited.
  5. Cerberus™

    Cerberus™ Member

    If you host a match and then your opponent joins, the time displayed is calculated from the moment the match was created, not the moment of joining. That is how these things happen.
  6. Ham

    Ham Member

    As much as people bitch about luck in Kongai, it makes matches like this possible:

    (CC kills VV with 2hp left, tafari switches in; PD misses and PB hits, and procs, despite accuracy debuffs on CC.)

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  7. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    poor cc. Maybe He`ll get a buff next patch.

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  8. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    Mlm Gets revenge. The miss was from randice burst eariler in the match.

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  9. Gassa

    Gassa New Member


    Yeah but the radiance burst missed all three characters, which was a bit irritating!
  10. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    Yeah I bet It was.
  11. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    Justices was served.

    Finally I have one. Also me is confused on the last 2.

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  12. TheIdioticIdiot

    TheIdioticIdiot New Member

    is it because of my computer? because i can't see any of the pictures
  13. MidKnight

    MidKnight New Member

    Kongai update!
    Vanessa has new skin

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  14. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    light - that is funny. Bestor attacked himself using Flaming Sword and had a prism proc vs his own team (on the attack portion). then Bestor hit himself (due to word of command) and his prism proc'ed again vs his own team (on the hit portion).

    double whammy for the set back (36 damage from prism + 4 damage from frenzy + 10 damage from frenzy proc).
  15. Isaac

    Isaac New Member

    Closest I've ever gotten to a perfect match.
  16. Justvisiting

    Justvisiting Member

    About Print Screen

    Gongrats! To which files are those Print Screen pics going in the PC after taking? By the way, don´t u think it would wise to hide the username as well? ;)
  17. Andore

    Andore New Member

    ITG, you blurred out his name, but it says Frostmass' cards
  18. Cerberus™

    Cerberus™ Member

    Nice! But you used healing... you should perhaps play more noobs, as I do! Hehe. Incidentally, I see no reason why anyone would want to blot out his own user name.
  19. TheIdioticIdiot

    TheIdioticIdiot New Member

    he is not blurring out himself, he is blurring out his opponent
  20. intreped

    intreped New Member

    Managed to kill my opponent's entire team with a single Le Chuck's Curse.

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  21. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    Now that was epic.
  22. Cerberus™

    Cerberus™ Member

    That is pretty amazing indeed! Never seen that one before, brilliant. It must feel a bit like Zina's killing three guys in a row, preferably with Pounce. *sigh*
  23. luxuryfashion

    luxuryfashion New Member

    why i can see your pictures? Is there something wrong with the pictures? by the way, i have ever used the ubuntu, but i have not familiar with it yet.
  24. Justvisiting

    Justvisiting Member

    As in the good old time Kongai: Popo is OP

    I have played some Kongai matches recently. Altough it Kongai is quite silent on these days. This together with my match I had reminds me about the importance of the balancing issues. The match states clearly: Popo is overpowered! :rolleyes:

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  25. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    1st: Why did you make it a PDF?
    2nd: You didn't actually block out all instances of ArtjomsS.
    3rd: Is that a perfect, a rage quit or what? These are the important questions and the screenshot doesn't make this clear.
  26. Justvisiting

    Justvisiting Member

    The short story long

    1st: I was hastily picking format and this was the one showing dialog clearly as well. Better solution?

    2nd: :confused: Well, I guess he won´t mind. What did I drop?

    3rd: This is my favourite part. :D Popo HAS perfect hp. (S)he did also all or the most damage to the opposing team, which i found hard show on one pic. I agree with you. Saying Popo is OP is just hilarious, since the a) new girdle and b) addition of new non-physical attack types, and c) hit-ensuring items and so on. Plus d) as far as I know, (s)he has not ever been the most unbalanced character ever due to the proc randomness.

    Thanks for comments, it is hard to believe somebody actually read my thread and replied to my post. Cool! :cool:

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