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  1. thegersh

    thegersh New Member

    My crack research team recently investigated the strength of Cornelius Constantine in a variety of matchups, and here are the results of the clinical trials:

    Cornelius fares very well against:

    Onimaru: Corn immune to Curse, 1 blood burn makes Sword Flurry absorbable, Corn can attack from far, Double Slash is speed 4

    Ambrosia: Ambrosia can go far and trade Bleedings for Voidstreams, but this puts Ambro at a weakness

    Ashi: Hypno reflects Bleeding Slice and Corn can attack from far

    Juju: 1 blood burn reduces Hex to absorable. Touch of Doom can be reflected.


    No characters really counter Corn the way he counters these guys. And I'm being generous by not putting in Andromeda, Anex, Phoebe, or Marquis Le Morte.


    That being said, how do you guys stop him?

    I usually go the "suicide" route with a Rumiko or an Ubuntu.
  2. Nicol Bolas

    Nicol Bolas New Member

    1) Sworf flurry - hypnotic stare = CC dead. Rest is up to mind reading.

    2) Ambrosia go close and stun, and BR are stronger then voidstreams.

    3) Does anyone force you to go with reflectable atack? Axe handle/power swing. then trick one bleeding slice/ signature slice in, and CC is offline.

    4) Didi you know that Juju cancels debbuffs?
  3. redenmity

    redenmity New Member

    Higashi still lights up CC really well. Cain, assuming the 50% is in his favor, still interrupts the crap outta CC and, when jacked into his innate really pwnz him. Anex + her innate + enchant blade = CC dead. Popo + Elusive Feather is just annoying for CC, but usually has the advantage b/c of his interrupt for stopping damage and innate/item for dodging P-bunk. Helene, assuming you play her well. Ashi + Valk Charm, if you like that kinda thing. Zina + MC + DP + TF or TP. Tafari + DP + P-darts or if he stays close for some odd reason, Ambush + darts. Vanessa Voss, assuming he doesnt crit P-bunk or doesnt have the energy for it. Which he shouldn't if ya play well. Its all very situational in how you beat him but, he's really not that invincible. The new Phoebe will light him up for sure. Yeah, must admit he's a tough guy, but not as tough as people make him out to be.
  4. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    Ashi - Power swing, so that it stops an incoming pilebunker. If he hypnotic stares, you lose 10 HP, but you probably will end up with a better matchup

    Here's what i do against him with one of my newer decks

    Anybody : Wastes corn's energy while doing a small amount of damage
    Popo: Slingshot
    Yoshi: finish off with rising dragon
  5. PeteyC

    PeteyC New Member

    I don't think Cornelius is a huge problem, as long as you can stun/interrupt him. He's good, but he's not game breaking. My problem is that Cornelius with Girdle of Iron Will is very tough to beat. Most of the good tactics against him involve using some sort of stun/interrupt threat to make him think hard about using pilebunker, and when you can no longer do that he becomes very, very tricky to deal with.

    This is a tough issue to solve, though, because I don't think Girdle should be weakened and I don't think Cornelius can stand to be weakened much without becoming useless sans girdle, and no character should be entirely dependent on one item to be good.
  6. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador

    Perhaps instead of saying "absorbable" you should say "viable", or something (unless I'm misunderstanding a lot).

    I've noticed you tend to use custom terms that don't quite mesh with the game terms. This one in particular made me think Cornelius was much more awesome than he is. Don't disappoint me like that, Gersh. ;)
  7. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    isn't absorbable a game term? It says "absorbed" when someone attacks you with an attack equal to or less than your resistance.

    blood burn on sword flurry = 3x7 against Corn with 3 physical resistance = absorbable

    unless I am missing something
  8. jiaflu

    jiaflu Member

    You're misunderstanding. Why would a debuff make an opponent's move more useful? "Absorb" isn't a custom term - if you do less damage than a target's armour, they will absorb the damage (the game explicitly uses the term "Absorb"). One Blood Burn lowers the drops Flurry to 3x7, which is completely stopped by Cornelius' 3 phys def.

    Drats. PureChance beat me to the punch.
  9. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Dear sirs,

    A lot of use of mind-altering hallucinogens in this thread!

    garcia1000's guide to beating everyone with Cornelius

    A. Top 3 characters that Cornelius ownages for free

    Onimaru - Blood burn. Mix voidstream/intercept/hypnotic stare. Win while taking 0 damage.

    Ashi - Get far, intercept until she gets close. Mix hypnotic stare/intercept/pilebunker. Maybe take an axe handle before you win.

    Juju - get far/blood burn. Mix intercept/voidstream at far, pilebunker/intercept at close. Take a 10 damage hex if he debuffs your blood burn before you win.

    B. Others

    Rumiko - Voidstream, get close/voidstream, voidstream

    Tafari - voidstream, voidstream, voidstream, voidstream

    Andromeda - voidstream, get close/voidstream, voidstream

    Anex - Pilebunker, bloodburn, voidstream

    Voss - Pilebunker, voidstream

    Amaya - Bloodburn, get close/voidstream, voidstream, voidstream

    Popo - blood burn x 6

    Higashi - Pilebunker
    Yoshiro - Pilebunker
    Phoebe - Pilebunker
    Zina - Pilebunker
    Marquis - Pilebunker
    Ambrosia - Pilebunker
    Cain - Pilebunker

    Helene - get far/voidstream, switch to Tafari

    Ubuntu - get close/switch to Yoshiro
  10. NorthernPolarity

    NorthernPolarity New Member

    don't forget "get far" before the 2nd voidstream vs VV
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador


    Wow, I didn't know you could bottle 1337ness at Kongai like that.

    Soon we'll figure Kongai out so much that we can create macros that don't even require players.

    Maybe then we'll actually earn all the cards. :rolleyes: =P

    (I jest. A lot.)

    Yes, absorb is a game term, but not in the sense Gersh used it. I'm pretty sure he was referring to lowering resistances so Cornelius's attacks become viable vs an opponent (as opposed to non-viable, if they would absorb it).

    Random D2 trivia:

    In Diablo 2, you could get so absorb that you could literally absorb certain damage types. Contrary to popular belief, you could do this in hell difficulty, too. Not many sorcs like it when I was standing there taking close to zero damage from them and proceeded to smite them down. :D
  12. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Cruel, cruel Bruce.

    If only I had your PvP skills (but in Guild Wars. Of course, having max level equips might help, and they aren't that hard to get. :/)
  13. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member


  14. TCaudillo

    TCaudillo New Member

    I was going to reply to that post with a fire-and-brimstone flaming, but then I saw this line.

    You're silly, garcia. :)
  15. jiaflu

    jiaflu Member

    Bruce, he was talking about lowering damaged done by Sword Flurry so it becomes non-viable against CC...
  16. Bruce

    Bruce Well-Known Member Ambassador


    (The sound of that going over my head.)

    I think Gersh is one yomi level above me in being able to understand the card game. I just swap in and hit stuff. Surprisingly effective.

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