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Discussion in 'Flash Duel' started by DrFaustus, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. DrFaustus

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    Hi there, I just got my own copy of FD and I really like it. I only played a couple of games so far and haven't tried many characters yet. So far I like Vendetta.

    I noticed, that in Puzzle Strike and Yomi, counterpicking between rounds of tournament matches is important, but it is not described in the FD-rules. Has anyone tried it? Is there a specific reason not to use it?

    I guess, I'll try it with my friends. Only, it will probably take some time, before I can do that, because we all have to play some basic games to develop more strategical understanding and try out the characters, first.
  2. Bod

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    As you said, in Puzzle Strike the loser may choose to counterpick at the end of a game. You could do that with Flash Duel, but I think it would be fine if you allowed both players to blind pick at the start of every new game. Personally I don't really see too much harm in that. So yeah, I'd suggest either "loser may swap" or "always do blind pick".

    To be more pointed in answering you question though, of the three Fantasy Strike games I believe Flash Duel is the one that has seen the least amount of tournament play. As a result, there isn't any official ruling to counterpicking (at least not to my knowledge).
  3. Sirlin

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    A game is best 3 out of 5 rounds. If you lose a game, you can switch characters. If you win a game, you cannot switch characters.
  4. bbobjs

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    Yea sorry about that read it wrong.

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