Decklists: Robots Release!

Discussion in 'Kongai virtual card game' started by TheMadKing, Sep 8, 2010.

  1. TheMadKing

    TheMadKing Member

    My favorite set finally got released! Once I get the cards:

    (lead): MRVN/Null Matrix
    K9/Omega Boosters (or Z-Phase)

    Pray to god that the opponent doesn't have Sextant (and burn it early if they do), and use the gigantic ball of synergy this deck has with itself to sap the opponent's energy game and kill everything.
  2. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    my GoGo Switching deck is:
    Rumi/Yellow Rock
    Marvin/Yellow Rock
    Oxbox/Yellow Rock

    chipping away with 8 or 16 damage dual switches can be fun.

    my Deck Spam:
    Ubun/Death Mask
    Zina/Deadly Poison

    Ubun suicides out with Tiger Claws hopefully getting a 50% or 75% crit rate, the zina and gorbax spam crit deck attacks. - can also switch out zina for Bestor/Prism until they fix the overproc'ing prism bug.

    my Missing is fun deck :
    Angelan/Null Matrix
    (or switch in any vamp/ring combo or phoebe/sharpening stone)

    Amaya and B9 use their hit debuff. Angelan can deactivate Crane or spyglass, and B9 hopefully keeps Amaya alive a bit longer.
  3. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    forgot about the Not Dead Yet deck:

    Bestor/Healing Salve
    B9/Healing Salve
    Ambro/Healing Salve or Blood Vial

    Bestor uses Engulfing flame as often as he can, Ambro comes in to Vamp Kiss everyone, and B9 heals them all up if something goes wrong. It can be hard to stop once you start stacking your healing effects.
  4. Kataphrakt

    Kataphrakt New Member

    i have built a pretty similar deck :D, consisting of
    Angelan/Insignia (null matrix as soon as i have it)
  5. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    The Energy Game can also be fun to play:

    any combination of:

    Marvin w/ stoneheel, capacitor, or booster
    Ubun w/ stoneheel, deathmask, tiger claws, or girdle
    Gunbjorn w/ stoneheel, ring, prism, emblem, bracers, or flagon
    Ranec w/ stoneheel or dabloons (ghost touch + dabloons can cause energy woes)

    or the I sure hope they don't have a girdle, Balt, or Helene:

    Rumi w/ scroll 70% stun (OR insig, powder, or yellow rock)
    Zina w/ deadly poison 40% stun with command (OR tiger claws)
    Balt w/ egg 45% stun (OR insig, sextant, grog, spyglass, dabloons for a 30% stun)

    or switch out any for:
    -Oxbox w/ bracers 30% stun (OR insig, ring, emblem, bracers, or flagon)
    -Phoebe w/ Herbal 30% stun (OR charm, breastplate, stone, herbal, candle)
    -B9 w/ z-converter 30% stun (OR Capacitor, Bposters, null matrix)
    -Darla w/ egg 45% stun (OR insig, sextant, grog, spyglass, dabloons for a 30% stun)

  6. lightshaver

    lightshaver Member

    For some reason I had a werid Idea to make a
  7. Kemmler

    Kemmler New Member

    Tanking its way to victory

    CC / Girdle
    Helene / Herbs
    Gorbax / Z-Phase

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