Does this mean anything for Fantasy Strike?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Strike' started by keithburgun, Mar 30, 2012.

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  2. CWheezy

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    Pretty sure the main problem is getting a programmer to actually do it.

    I think 9 guys have started and failed
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  3. Delha

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    Does it take rebuilding on the content provider's end? I'd figured one of the major benfits of using an established structure was that they do the conversion stuff to make the framework function properly in different operating systems, so you don't have to build a new clients each time.

    Not trying to be obtuse here, I'm genuinely curious. My knowledge of programming is minimal at best and my understanding of Unity is all but nonexistent.
  4. Sirlin

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    Much of the work that would go into an iOS version would be the UI, and it should be completely redone to fit the platform (screen size, conventions of how to access menus, etc), as well as to fit touch controls. I also think it should be at the overall level of quality of the best implemented iOS board / card games, such as Carcassonne and Ascension. That means menu and interface graphics and a lot of attention to detail. It should use Facebook connect to access your friends, be crossplatform with the web version, and I think a built-out 1p mode is more important on iOS than it is on the web, so we really should have that too. That alone is a lot of development. (What about Worlds With Friends? Yeah I know, that's an asynchronous game, and a synchronous multiplayer game on a mobile platfrom really needs a better 1p mode imo.)

    So yeah a really solid developer who understands the platform and has access to good artists could do it, though there's still a lot of design that has to go into the 1p modes which I'm kind of not looking forward to even doing, so maybe I can get some help on that. Unity allowing us to port the game logic over and helping with cross-platform is nice, but not even the biggest piece of the pie here imo.
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  5. pkt-zer0

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    One obvious problem is that the UI would need to be completely different. Also, the networking would probably need changes as well. The game couldn't be multiplayer-only, so you'd need to add proper (not random spam) AI and whatnot.
    Not sure what Unity is like on Android/iOS, but its memory management is pretty wonky on the PC/Mac already. Possibly not a huge issue for a computationally inexpensive game like this, though, but still. As far as I understand, font rendering is a bit of a pain as well, and on a smaller screen, that'd be a bigger deal.
    Other than that, yeah, Unity could be used. Still a lot of work that'd need to be done, though.

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  6. Delha

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    All that makes sense, thanks for the insight. Hadn't considered how big a role the control scheme would play, though it seems so obvious now.

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