Ever thought about a Steam version of this?

Discussion in 'Fantasy Strike' started by arstal, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. arstal

    arstal Member

    I don't know if Steam would accept this- but I think it could work, and you'd probably make more money from the increased volume.
  2. pkt-zer0

    pkt-zer0 Well-Known Member

    There needs to be a game, first. But yeah, I'd say it's fairly obvious that exposure to shittons of people is a valuable thing for an indie project like this. Also I can't see a reason not to be available through whatever distribution channel.
  3. arstal

    arstal Member

    The other advantage is a more reliable way to sell stuff then Paypal.
  4. NoahTheDuke

    NoahTheDuke Active Member

    If it could interface with the browser-based game, then I'd be all for it. In fact, I'd probably play it more through Steam than through the browser.

    Would it be sold or free? Would Puzzle Strike and Flash Duel come with, or would they be separate games? Could we get some sweeeeeet achievements? (For me: Free, separate, as many as you can program)
  5. Sirlin

    Sirlin Steward of the Realm Staff Member

    Yeah sure, when we have any kind of bandwidth at all to do anything. How about Puzzle Strike having a more presentable UI, and Yomi too, and a tournament feature, and Flash Duel existing at all, and the CCG existing at all, and so on and so forth. How about some Kongregate version too, and yeah Steam. The list of things to do is very, very long and it's thelo and no one else right now to implement those things, with $0 revenue to pay anyone and debts stacking up from sever / art costs. So sure, we'll get there some day.

    arstal we can accept credit cards and paypal, so that's like 99% of everything.
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  6. arstal

    arstal Member

    Oh, you have a credit card option? I only saw Paypal. Well, we'll see how this goes Friday- I'll have a week at work to play this if the userbase is up at vampire hours.
  7. Daemondym

    Daemondym Member

    Just an unreasonable poke at the pile, but an android capable app would be the most awesome thing in the world. I'm stuck on my phone at work, and Yomi would be perfect for a touch interface. I don't doubt it's on the list, but I thought I'd just cast my vote in the non democracy of someone Else's business.
  8. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Me too. I apparently can't pay using credit card via PayPal. Guess that's what happens when you live in a crappy country :(

    On the bright side, Thelo is on it, so :D

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