[Fan Character] Bruiser, the Fist Fighter

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  1. tipzntrix

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    Bruiser, the Fist Fighter v1.2
    4 combo points
    90 HP

    Innate (Heavy hands): If both players attacked and you hit, you draw a card, your attack becomes a Linker and you get 1 extra combo point for this turn. You may also continue your combo if you and your opponents' attacks clash (same speed attack) after clash damage and effects unless you are knocked down.

    Normal attacks: x.4 speed, 1 CP
    Normal throws: x.6 speed, 3 CP Starter, damage 8, KD

    2: A/B
    3*: T/D
    4: A/D
    5: A/D
    6: A/D
    7*: A/B
    8: T/B
    9: T/B
    10: T/B

    J*: Wildfire: 2.4 speed attack, 5+1(1) damage, 1 CP Linker, +4 Any
    Q: Brutal Uppercut: 0.8 speed attack, 10(3) damage, 2 CP ender
    K: Chokehold: 7.8 speed throw, 9 damage, 3 CP ender
    A*: Shot for Shot: 99.8 speed attack, 6(1) damage, 2 CP, Can't Combo
    AAA: Haymaker: 99.8 speed attack, 45(45) damage, 4 CP, Can't Combo, KD

    3* (Clinch): T side is 6.2, 3 damage, Can't Combo. You may only play a throw after dodging with Clinch. If you play this card in combat and successfully throw your opponent this turn, next turn you and your opponent may only play normal attacks, normal throws, and Jokers as combat cards. Your attacks and throws are 1 speed faster.
    7* (Up The Ante): At the end of your turn, you may discard this card to draw 1 card for each card you used in a combo (including pump cards) this turn. You cannot use this card if you dodged this turn. Your opponent draws 1 card.
    J* (Afterburn): For each card that you discard for additional damage on Wildfire, your opponents' attacks and throws are 1 speed slower next turn.
    A* (Shot for Shot): Treat any faster attacks from your opponent as a clash if you play the Shot for Shot side of this card in combat.

    Q: If I dodge with Clinch, do I still get the ability effect?
    A: As long as you throw after the Clinch.

    Q: If I successfully dodge with Clinch and my opponent plays a face-down Joker and I throw him, does the Clinch effect activate?
    A: Yes.

    Q: What happens if I don't play a normal attack, normal throw, or Joker when I am clinched?
    A: Discard your combat card and treat it as a no-card.

    Q: Can I play no-card when clinched?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Do Degrey's Spectral Pull and Push, Jaina's Knee Bash, etc. count as normal throws and attacks?
    A: Any attack or throw on a card from 2-10 counts.

    Q: If Jaina uses Unstable Power to turn a card into an attack or Degrey uses Point, Counterpoint to do the same, and Bruiser attacked, does his innate trigger?
    A: Just like Jaina can't buy back her attacks, the first part (draw card, Linker, extra combo point) of Bruiser's innate will not trigger. However, if they happen to be the same speed attack and clash, the second part of Bruiser's innate triggers and you can continue your combo.

    Q: If Jaina uses Unstable Power to turn a card into an attack or Degrey uses Point, Counterpoint to do the same, and Bruiser used his ace, is it considered a clash?
    A: Yes, however you do not get the first part of Bruiser's innate.

    Q: Why does Bruiser's Ace have combo points on it if it can't combo?
    A: If his innate triggers, the card becomes a Linker. The combo points are applicable then.


    Raised hit points from 80 to 90.
    Added Shot for Shot(A*).
    Slowed down Haymaker(AAA) from 7.0 to 99.8 speed.
    Slowed down Wildfire(J) from 1.6 to 2.4 speed.
    Changed Chokehold(K) from 4.6 to 7.8 speed. Changed damage from 8+12(+1 Ace) to 9 flat.
    Changed chip damage on Brutal Uppercut(Q) from 5 to 3.
    Changed chip damage on Wildfire(J) from 0 to 1.

    • Changed normal speed from x.2 to x.4
    • Changed 2 from B/D to A/B
    • Changed 6 from A/B to A/D
    • Changed 8 from A/B to T/B
    • Changed J from +5 Any to +4 Any
    • Removed Q's Leg Shoot
    • Changed K from 3.8 speed to 4.6 speed. Changed damage from 10 to 8+12 (+1 Ace)
    • Removed Bear Hug side of Ace
    • Changed 3* to make you 1 speed faster instead of 2
    • Changed 7* to award one card for each card used in a combo (pumps included) instead of 1 card for every combo point.
  2. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Hmm interesting. Is he an expy for Balrog?

    NVM my idea was stupid. I'll remake it as a special char later.
  3. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    cool stuff. I really wish Sirlin didn't hate Balrog so much and we had an expansion character modeled after him. Tips....the innate is pretty cool but it could be frustrating that it doesn't trigger that much. Also, I would remove the ability off the Q and put something on wildfire. As it stands nor I'm not sure why you would ever want to pump. It's really not helping you at all unless it kills the opponent. With thT you could just get rid of leg shoot. Clinch ability is also a pretty cool idea, but I would add that all attacks clash now so the innate has better chance of triggering and also makes a hard choice for the opponent.
  4. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    I see your point about Wildfire. It would also be nice to get something more than just +1 out of your card. Leg shoot is highly necessary however. Bruiser only has 3 normal throws.

    Rethinking the Clinch ability, often times you will not want to clinch because there are characters out there with faster attacks than you, and quite a few of them. You'd often put yourself in a worse situation then a regular fight and your hand prediction would have to be amazing to take advantage of it. In that spirit, I moved Bruiser's speed normal speed to x.2 and increased his speed the next turn after Clinch so that his 4 would tie for the fastest normal in the game (though other expansion chars may end up beating it and there's always Val T*). I also gave it some damage. Always clashing wouldn't just be a hard choice. It would be a "play Joker or get hit" kind of situation all the time, and Bruiser wouldn't even need his 4.

    I also moved 7's ability to "after your combo is finished", because it makes no sense to predict the amount of combo points you will use in a turn.
  5. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    A simpler solution is to just make 8 a/t. That way you don't need alot the special throws. Which actually, is kinda strange flavor for a boxer themed guy. Unless he isn't a boxer :)
  6. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    Actually, I wasn't thinking Balrog when I made this character XD.

    I was thinking an MMA fighter, but one of the older kinds, that were hired out of bar brawls and attracted to the first "no holds barred" contests.

    I thought up a few solutions to what you have said. I didn't think about 8 A/T before you said it, but I did think of:

    1. In the spirit of Balrog's "2 and a half frame jab" now that you reminded me of him:
    2 becomes A/D, 8 becomes T/B, move normals back to x.4. Now that he has a 2, remove the 2 speed bonus on clinch.
    2. Move Leg Shoot to Q
    3. Give Clinch a sizable amount of damage so it threatens as a throw

    I went with 2 as it messed things up the least. I have a lot of other ideas for changes to the character, but I want to see if I can play him a bit before deciding anything.
  7. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    Bump: If anyone is looking to play a rulesless against this guy, let me know!
  8. ratxt1

    ratxt1 Well-Known Member

    i am always happy to playtest any character so if you see me on just ask and if i have time i'll play for a bit
  9. Seems somewhat viable, but a little on the overpowered end. Your normal attack speed is quite high (only Setsuki has x.2 speed out of the normal set), so that means that your innate's going to be going off a lot more often, and a 3-ace 45 damage move that also knocksdown? That seems... a bit much to me, the slow speed kind of offsets it but in comparison to even Grave's triple ace... and is it a throw or an attack? And that "up the ante" move, it seems so easy to use, even if it has to be used after a successful combo not many other characters can straight up draw up to 5 cards.

    I kind of like the pressure with the speeding up and slowing down of yourself and opponents, but I'd like to see you make sure that your speed and damage numbers make sense in comparison to the main set (especially Grave as he's the guy everybody's balanced around) as there might be a little too much pressure.
  10. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    Well, now we have both sides of the coin. Jelyman thinks that it won't go off, while you think it will go off too often.

    Here's the thing about normal attack speed: Lots of people have a 2 or a 3 that will be faster than anything Bruiser has. The ones that don't are grapplers who can beat Bruiser on the throw end of the spectrum. The 3-ace move can be changed, but considering he's a character who wants to land normals for a combo, he really doesn't have many KD options. There is also the fact that Grave can combo into his Ace and it's way faster for the same damage, as well as the fact that a character cannot be compared by one card alone. It's an attack, hence the (45) chip number. It won't KD on block, but it will still hurt.

    I am thinking over Up The Ante and currently an ability I didn't put on him was

    6* Taunt: When you successfully block an attack with Taunt, take regular damage. Your opponent treats their attack as a clash. If you are not knocked down, you may play a full combo starting with a normal attack. If you do so, it triggers your innate ability. Do not draw a card from blocking (but do so if you trigger your ability), and never return this card to your hand unless the ability was countered.

    This was to get his innate to trigger more often. However, like Valerie and Setsuki, he needed a way to draw cards when not blocking, because he burns them quickly. Alternatively:

    Up The Ante: At the end of your turn, if you played a combo, draw as many cards as you used in the combo.

    Pumped cards included(so you can pump J better if you have a 7 to throw)? Maybe that's too much. You could draw 24 cards in the same turn that way, if you had 24 to begin with to pump it up. Maybe pumped cards excluded is better.
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2014
  11. ratxt1

    ratxt1 Well-Known Member

    I think the strongest part of this character (and what probably should be toned down) is he has really good throws. Having played him once his throws and his super were what killed me.
  12. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    The reason I haven't touched him more is because I haven't played too much recently with him. Gotta playtest to really see what the matter is. I do know he has problems, both over and underwhelming in some aspects.
  13. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member

    After some more play, I decided to remove a lot of his command throws. I slowed down his K so Midori's Human Form Rushing River would beat it, and I removed the A throw. However, I gave Bruiser a way to use Aces on throws (the K requires them as powerup). I also gave Bruiser more of an incentive to pump his face cards by changing the way his 7 works. I spread his normals to give him another throw because of the throws removed. I also lowered the damage on his throws (from X to 8) and gave them KD.
  14. tipzntrix

    tipzntrix Well-Known Member


    • Raised hit points from 80 to 90.
    • Added Shot for Shot(A*).
    Going hand in hand, Shot for Shot allows for a sort of counterhit mechanic, giving Bruiser the ability to trigger his passive a little more while also taking the hits like a brawler. It also made his matchups against fast characters like Sets, Val a lot better.

    • Slowed down Haymaker(AAA) from 7.0 to 99.8 speed.
    This card was giving 1 character trouble: Midori. Everyone else only worried about it when they were really low on cards in hand and had to deal with the dodge or Haymaker mixup, or were knocked down. However, if Midori got Afterburned, this card would be like a 3.0 to him, and Midori has very few dodges. It still threatens on KD, and no longer trades with Pilebunker.

    • Slowed down Wildfire(J) from 1.6 to 2.4 speed.
    Combined with Up The Ante, this card was an extremely rewarding poke, allowing for high damage combos as well as hand cycling/replenishment.

    • Changed Chokehold(K) from 4.6 to 7.8 speed. Changed damage from 8+12(+1 Ace) to 9 flat.
    This allows every character to throw at least a clash against Bruiser and removes the unusually strong throw game that he was released with in v1.0 completely. Grapplers will be most pleased while other characters will value their 7 throw more.

    • Changed chip damage on Brutal Uppercut(Q) from 5 to 3.
    Strong, fast attack didn't need to hurt so much on block.

    • Changed chip damage on Wildfire(J) from 0 to 1.
    Without its really quick speed to poke with, it should at least do something when blocked.

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