[Fan Character] Dooriya Lovell, Gypsy Fortuneteller

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    Everyone else is making a fan character, so I thought I’d take a shot at it. I had trouble thinking of names for some of the special attacks, so some of them are unnamed.

    Dooriya Lovell, Gypsy Fortuneteller

    HP: 85
    Combo Points: 4
    Attack Speed: x.4
    Throw Speed: x.2
    Throw Damage: 6 + KD, Starter, and use 2 combo points unless otherwise stated

    Innate: Prophesy of Doom - After combat cards are selected face-down, if you did damage last turn you may name a card rank. If your opponent picked a combat card of the rank you named, he takes damage equal to its rank (face cards = 10, aces = 11, jokers = 0).

    2: A/D
    3: A/D
    4: A/D
    5: A/D
    6: A/B
    7*: T/B – Future Sight: After the draw phase you may discard this card to look at the top 5 cards of one player’s deck and put them back in any order.
    8: T/B
    9: T/B
    10*: T/T – 2 damage, KD – Can’t Combo, Trip Up: After combat cards are revealed, you may substitute this card from your hand as your combat card. Discard your original combat card.
    J: Attack, 6(2) damage, 3.2, 1 CP, Linker
    Qa: Attack, 7+7(1) damage, +2 Q, 0.6, 3 CP, Ender
    Qb: Diving Tumble – Throw, 8 damage, KD, 0.4, Can’t Combo
    K: Attack, 8+3(3) damage, +1 any, 2.4, 2 CP, Ender
    A: Attack, 10+7(2) damage, +2 A, 1.0, Can’t Combo
    AA: Tarot Deck Smash – Attack, 18(3) damage, 0.4, 2 CP, Ender
  2. Cydrius

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    For the names, you could name the moves after tarot cards.

    The fool, the knight, the moon, etc.

    Not sure about the power, though that 7 ability looks pretty strong to me.
  3. CreateThunder

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    You could even use the Tarot of Marseilles to have a related but different deck. It still have 4 suits (wands, swords, cups, coins) and then face cards would be the Major Arcana could be the special moves (total of 56 cards).

    Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarot_of_Marseilles

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