[Fan Character] Lam-Lam, Slippery Monkey

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  1. Rat

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    Lam-Lam, Slippery Monkey

    Lam-Lam is the only surviving master of banana boxing. He uses the techniques of the 8 Immortal Monkeys to confuse and crush his opponents. He has entered the Fantasy Strike Tournament to find Lum, and make him pay up his gambling debt of 10,000,000 Bananas.
    "U wanna banana?"

    HP: 80
    Combo Points: 4
    Attack Speed: 0.6
    Throw Speed: 0.2
    Throw Properties: Starter, Knocks Down, 2 Combo Points, 8 Damage

    Character Card Stats
    Attack: 2
    Throw: 5
    Block: 1
    Dodge: 5

    Innate: Go Bananas
    If you dodged, you may draw a card or knock yourself down. (Triggers after combat.)

    2*: B/D
    3: B/T
    4: A/T
    5: A/T
    6: A/D
    7: A/D
    8: A/D
    9: T/D
    10*: T/D

    J*: Bunch of the Iron Crutch
    Attack, 8(1) Damage, 2.6 Speed, 2 CP, Ender
    *On hit, Go Bananas. (Trigger your innate.)

    Q: Fan Slap
    Attack, 7(2) Damage, 3.8 Speed, 1 CP, Linker
    Q2*: Rising Fan
    Attack, 12(3) Damage, 0.6 Speed, 1 CP, Ender
    *Can only be played when Knocked down.

    K: Bare Foot Pummel
    Throw (+Any+Any), 8(+6+6) Damage, 6.0 Speed, Can't Combo
    K2*: One Shoe Pummel
    Throw (+Any+Any), 12(+6+6) Damage, 3.0 Speed, Can't Combo
    *Can only be played when knocked down.

    A: Lotus Throw(AA)
    Throw, 20 Damage, 1.0 Speed, 2 Combo Points, Starter
    A2*: The Scholar's Trance
    *Can be played if knocked down and only if you are knocked down.

    2* The Elder's Stance
    After combat cards are revealed, discard this card to Rotate you and your opponent's cards 180 degrees.

    10* The Philospher's Song
    Whenever any Ability is used (except Aces and Jokers) you may discard this card to draw two cards and knock yourself down.

    A2* The Way of the 8.
    If you dodge an Attack with A2, do a full combo using the top 4 cards of your discard pile as if they were your hand.

    Drunken master! The main idea here is that KD is awesome for you. Lam-lam might is not the most direct approach to this idea.
    You could make his innate much simpler:
    "When you are Knocked Down, your face cards to an additional 5 damage."
    Then have a couple abilities which knock you down. Though this approach would feel more like a Wrestler/MMA fighter than a drunken monkey who flops around.

    10 Ability:
    Not sure what to put for this ability. I think an alternate way to KD yourself is fine. Yet I don't want to make the optimal line play to always draw a card when dodging and only use 10s. The conditional trigger is a pretty good solution.

    Normal Spread:
    Could use some fine tuning. I like that his blocks are on his best normal throw and his flip ability. 9T and 10T seems awkward without an 8T. I also don't want to make 9, or 10 an attack.

    HP, damage, and Ability Power-level:
    I was hoping for Low HP, Good Damage, Great Abilities. Not sure if this worked out =/.
  2. mcw00ty

    mcw00ty Member

    Kinda neat. Obvious confusion with his Ace, considering it's a dodge you can only use in a situation when you are forbidden to dodge.
  3. Rat

    Rat New Member

    I changed the wording on the Ace.
    It's meant to break the Can't dodge on knock down rule.

    It could be a block, but then it doesn't trigger his innate, breaks the non-block flavor, and can be crossed up. Plus it is meant to function like a dodge =/.

    Could also make AA only playable on KD, and the dodge able to be played normally.
  4. Pooh_Bear

    Pooh_Bear Member

    I like his A dodge, but I think the way that it reads currently has some very weird interactions with his innate. You can play your dodge as an illegal move (illegal only because you aren't knocked down) then become knocked down after the fact. That would kind of be like one of Midori's dragon attacks turning him into dragon only after it's already fizzled.

    I think, however that it would be really interesting if his A functioned like a normal dodge when you aren't knocked down, but if you are, does this:

    "If you are knocked down, you may play a full combo using only the top 4 cards in your discard pile."

    Just a thought.

    I really like the overall idea. And I'm 100% for more animals in Yomi. Especially slightly silly ones.

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