Fan Character - Nekosuki, the Catgirl Ninja

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    This one's a little more tongue-in-cheek than my others; mostly came about because I noticed that Persephone fills the Morrigan slot, but we don't have a Felicia yet ^_^ Making her a rival of Setsuki (having a Fox theme and all) seemed to fit.

    Nekosuki, the Catgirl Ninja

    Attack *****
    Throw ****
    Block **
    Dodge ****

    Life: 75
    Combo: 5
    Attack: X.2, X damage
    Throw: X.2, 7 damage, 2cp Starter Knockdown

    Innate - Land on your Feet: While knocked down, Nekosuki can still dodge, but is vulnerable to mixup normals; odd numbered dodges are beaten by even numbered attacks, and even numbered dodges are beaten by odd numbered attacks.

    2 A/D
    3 A/D
    4 A/D
    5 A/D
    6 A/B
    7 T/B Ability "The Cat Came Back"
    8 T/B
    9 T/B Ability "Nine Lives"
    10 T/D

    J (attack) Esper Slash 1.4 speed 1cp Linker 5(1) damage
    Q (attack) Ninpo Pounce 0.0 speed 2cp Starter 6(1) damage
    K (attack) Starlight Claw 2.2 speed 2cp Linker 9(2) damage // (throw) Glomp 8.2 speed 2cp Ender 7 damage Knockdown

    A (attack) Shred 1.0 speed 2cp Ender 10(3)+8, pump +2 Aces

    7* "The Cat Came Back": After the draw phase, you may discard this card and any number of cards from your hand, then draw until you have 5 cards in hand.

    9* "Nine Lives* : If played as your face-down bluff during the Joker phase and your opponent continued their combo, gain 9 life.


    She obviously has a lot of similarities to Sets, but to account for the loss of drawing 50 cards a game and fullcombos off of dodges, she traded her pumps for slightly higher base damages and picked up some defensive tools. 7* still lets her dump occasionally.

    Enjoy! :)
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  2. Kontergurke

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    I really like this character.
    Although it might not be enough change for a completely new character slot, it could be some kind of variant like "Evil Ryu" or stuff like that. The artwork could also be just a recolor of Setsuki, with added cat ears or something :)

    Just the name should be changed imo. Setsuki's name woud be spelled Se-tsu-ki in Japanese, so if anything, she should be called Nekotsuki. Doesn't sound nice either, so maybe some other name would fit better?
  3. major_shiznick

    major_shiznick Well-Known Member

    I nominate Nyaatsuki as an alternate name, being a play on both the onomatopoeia "nyaa" and the actual name "Natsuki".
  4. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Well-Known Member

    Haha, thanks for the suggestions. I don't know enough Japanese to come up with clever names like that, just knew that Neko referred to cats (Kuroneko pirates in One Piece, Nekomatas in Disgaea, etc) and Suki came at the end of some names.

    I wanted at least one of the face cards to be a direct reference (since they would presumably have trained together), ended up doing all 3 just 'cuz. If I get around to playtesting (still busy with the first 6 etc! ) I'll probably make two of them more unique so she's not such a clone, just wasn't sure which would be best (she can't spam pumps like Sets, but those are more iconic than Esper...).

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