[Fan Character]Sarak, Malicious Sand Golem

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  1. Zalxixmavon

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    Sort of an offencive Arg I guess.

    Sarak, Malicious Sand Golem
    80 HP
    4 CP

    Innate: Silt-Laden Air - Whenever the opponent draws cards or powers-up, he takes 1 damage. (Drawing multiple cards from the same trigger counts as a single draw for this ability)

    Attack Speed: x.6
    Throws: x.6 speed, 6 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    2: A/B
    3: A/B
    4: A/D (Silica Shards)
    5: A/D
    6: A/D
    7: T/D (Fleeting Form)
    8: T/B
    9: T/B
    T: T/B
    J: Spiraling Sands, Attack, 2.0 speed, 6(2) damage, 2 cp Linker, (Spiraling Sands)
    Q: Grit Storm, Attack, 2.4 speed, 8(2) damage, 2 cp Ender
    K: Quicksand, Attack, 0.6 speed, 5 damage, 2 cp Starter
    A: Stone Needle, Attack, 1.0 speed, 10(3) damage, 2 cp Ender, (Aftershock)
    AA: Earthen Grasp, Throw, 2.0 speed, 16 damage, Can't Combo, Knocksdown, (Aftershock)


    4: Silica Shards - After the draw phase, you may attach this card to your character card. While this card is attached, your attacks deal +2 damage and +2 block damage. Put this card in your discard pile when you have fewer cards in hand than the opponent.

    7: Fleeting Form - If you play this card as your face down combat card, after combat cards are revealed you may reveal your hand to rotate this card 180 degrees.

    J: Spiraling Sands - If the opponent played a combo breaker (joker or bluff), this attack deals double damage.

    A: Aftershock - When you hit with either side of this card, the opponent discards a card.
  2. sleb

    sleb New Member

    Oh nice concept. I think this guy would be really good as a hand reduction player (as in reduces the opponents hand to limit their options). Since it hurts to draw cards, this guy will discourage blocking and synergizes well with your ace.
    Sucks for sets though and probably disliked by val as well.
  3. Zalxixmavon

    Zalxixmavon New Member

    Oh yeah, the clause on the innate is there solely because of Sets

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