[Fan Character] Sophitia - Chosen Warrior (With full PnP Graphics) UPDATED!

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    Hey Guys,
    As I saw my character in CrystalChaos's list, I wanted to share the updated version of it with you. I have played a lot with this character with my friends and we find it quite well balanced with the original set of 10 characters...

    PnP Graphics are here (full deck, 55 cards): Sophitia - Chosen Warrior

    I made the character for my personal use and the graphics I used must be copyrighted by Namco (Sophitia character graphics) and Sirlin Games (Card layout and graphics). Please remove the link if it's a problem.

    Chosen Warrior


    ”If you are misguided in your beliefs, you will
    only bring harm to those you wish to protect.”

    Sophitia is a seeker of truth and has a passion of protecting freedom.
    She questioned the actions of Flagstone authorities and had to flee
    their oppression to the Morning Star Sanctuary.

    She carries a holy sword and shield that are specially forged for her.

    Sophitia has good fighting skills, but she would rather choose another
    ways to reach her goals.

    Attack: nnn
    Throw: nnn
    Block: nnnnn
    Dodge: nn

    Hit Points: 75
    Max Combo: 5

    Normal Attack Properties:
    x.4 speed, x damage

    Normal Throw Properties:
    x.6 speed, 5+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown

    Innate Ability:
    Divine Guidance – During the power-up phase, you may search your deck for any non-Joker card instead of an Ace. When you do, next turn, if you lose combat, return the combat card to your hand.

    2: A/B

    3: A/B

    4: A/B

    5: A/B

    6:A/T (Angel Charge)
    Angel Charge, Throw, 8.6 speed, 5 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    7: T/D (Divine Intervention)
    Divine Intervention - When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage. Return the combat card to your hand if Divine Intervention avoids damage this way.


    9: T/B

    T: D/B

    J: Angel’s Flow, Attack +1 Any, 2.2 speed, 4+4(2) damage, 2 cp Linker

    Q: Angel Arc, Attack +2 Face, 0.4 speed, 5+5(3) damage, 2 cp Ender, (Angel Punisher)
    Angel Punisher - When you hit the opponent with Angel Arc, he may discard a black card or Angel Punisher deals 5 damage.

    Angel Stroke, Attack +K+K+K, 2.6 speed, 6+6(4) damage, 2 cp Starter
    Seraphim Charge, Throw, 6.6 speed, 7 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    Seraphim’s Strike, Attack +A+A+A, 1.0 speed, 7+7(5) damage, 2 cp Linker
    Divine Protection, Block, (Divine Protection)

    Divine Protection - When you block an attack or Joker with Divine Protection, draw two cards and discard a card. If your opponent hits you with a throw, take no damage and that throw becomes an ender.

    * * *

    Do not be confused if you read Turbo164's posts after this. The characters throws have been changed:

    from Old version (1.9)

    Normal Throw Properties:
    x.6 speed, 5 damage, Knocksdown
    Red cards: Angel Charge, 5+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown
    Black cards: 5 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    6:A/T (Angel Sweep)
    Angel Sweep, Throw, 8.6 speed, 5 damage, 2 cp Ender, Knocksdown

    Angel Stroke, Attack +K+K+K, 2.6 speed, 6+6(4) damage, 2 cp Starter

    Red cards: Seraphim Charge, Throw +2 Any, 6.6 speed, 7+4 damage, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown
    Black cards: Seraphim Rush, Throw, 6.6 speed, 7 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    to New version (2.0)

    Normal Throw Properties:
    x.6 speed, 5+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown

    6:A/T (Angel Charge)
    Angel Charge, Throw, 8.6 speed, 5 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    Angel Stroke, Attack +K+K+K, 2.6 speed, 6+6(4) damage, 2 cp Starter
    Seraphim Charge, Throw, 6.6 speed, 7 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    Some changes made right after the 2.0 version never got updated to PnP-file...
    And the download link was broken. Updated. Sorry about that.

    from Old version (2.0)
    7: T/D (Divine Intervention)
    Divine Intervention - When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage. If you have lower life total than your opponent after the combat, draw a card.

    to New version (2.1)
    7: T/D (Divine Intervention)
    Divine Intervention - When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage. Return the combat card to your hand if Divine Intervention avoids damage this way.
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    HP: Low, allows for stronger cards.
    Combo: Good. Throw-into-normal-string can proc Innate, which is cool.
    Attack: Yep.
    Throw: If I'm not mistaken, pumped throws still knockdown (the throw still "ends your combo" despite you continuing past the Escape phase?), which makes the reds fairly versatile. Base damage is low though so they're not very card efficient.
    I'll also point out here that most characters have 4 kinds of throws (789T), Rook has 8 (23679TKA), Sophitia has 9 (r7,b7,r8,b8,r9,b9,rK,bK, and 6 assuming it has no r/b halves). Her total number is 5 (like Geigar, Sets, Jaina), just a lot of fiddly number tracking going on there. Throw speeds are 67889, which is quite good despite one of the 8s being an ender.

    Innate - This is a pretty awesome idea! She's got several good non-ace cards (K most notably), and getting a K + lower risk would be a great deal for most characters. I'll get to her ace in a bit.

    Normals: Attacks same as Grave, same numbers of blocks/dodges but rearranged (dodging with 7 is very costly, 9 is a pretty expendable block with 4 faster throws [though one is an ender], etc). Innate can shift them a bit too. Throws as mentioned are faster than average.

    J - Pretty inneficient linker, she's got several 2cp starter+2cp ender combos already that do better damage, and no big 1cp normals or anything to squeeze in; so it's mostly just an extra starter. She's got a lot of power elsewhere so having a "Val King" here is fine!

    Q - Stats are solid. Flavor is mostly cool but has one edge case; I assume it's supposed to punish those unwilling to repent? It also happens to punish those with no black at all. At the risk of adding more complication, might be worth changing to "When you hit the opponent with Angel Arc, he may discard a black card, or reveal their hand if they have no black cards. If they do neither, Angel Punisher deals 5 additional damage". Very rarely matters, just struck me as a little off given her story.

    K (attack) - Less versatile version of J and A. Doubt this would get used much except against Rook maybe?
    K (throw(s)) - Same as 789 except faster and more damage. I expect this to be a common Innate target.

    A (attack) - Better J, better K. Great starter, great ender, occassionally sqeezes a 6 into a throw combo. Abnormally high Chip as well. Overall very solid; something like Great Pandemonium has better speed and damage, but being a Linker adds versatility.
    A (block) - :confused: Is the draw+discard in addition to the base draw for blocking? I would assume no, because I just looked up Bubble Shield and it's worded the same way... (normal block: bounce and draw a card. rook 3/5: don't bounce or draw a card. bubble shield: bounce or attach instead of bouncing, draw a card and draw a card but oh wait you don't draw the first card because apparently "draw a card" replaces "draw a card" lolwut? I don't play Arg much but I don't *think* he draws 2?) I might be mistaken.
    *cough* well assuming it just upgrades the normal draw, it's solid. The throw clause is a cool idea, seems to make it a bit mindless in practice:
    Opponent blocks/dodges: Same as normal block.
    Opponent attacks/jokers: get it back + a card as normal, get an extra card and chuck your worst.
    Opponent throws: lose block as normal, probably get knocked down, don't lose life.
    No real bad outcome there. Makes 7* a little less useful too, since lategame throws are a common facedown target, but this handles it with no other requirements.
    Still has the option of playing it as an attack to make it exciting; just has less risk/reward than Bubble Shield (which also has the tension of being Arg's only faster-than-2.2-attack, rather than "a better J/K but slower than Q" linker). To be honest this is probably a good thing, because it means she'll use Innate more.

    7*: Located on second-fastest throw, her other two dodges are pretty expendable though. Great righteous flavor, fun ability (though as mentioned doesn't play nicely with Aceblock), fits nicely with low health+shield.

    Overall: Throws seem a little too busy. Combos seem a bit easy with two linkers, 5 max, 1cp normal attacks and 2cp everything else; damage isn't too high or anything, just the only "clever" thing you can do is squeeze a 5 between a throw/starter/linker and a throw/ender/linker. *shrug* Changing some 2cps to 1 and 3 might add more risk/reward, but it's fine as-is.
    I said "solid" a lot in the review, and yeah, none of her raw numbers really shout; but all 4 abilities add up to a lot of "righteous warrior defying a greater evil" awesomeness despite having fairly small individual number effects themselves. Sophitia from what I remember (no one in our group uses her much in SC2 or 4, though Cass was all to common in 2 ~_~) she didn't have many huge exciting moves either (except the cool looking but slow slam), just a lot of solid stuff (though the crumple was overused against people who didn't know how to defend properly; Cass's Exile had more dramatic ringout potential). So seems to fit that fairly well too.

    Good stuff! Despite me saying "this could be more exciting" a lot, the total package looks great. Biggest suggestion would be compressing the throws more, so that either 789 are the pump and K is the starter, or vica versa, rather than splitting them into 8 separate moves for the opponent to valuate (plus the 6 for a ninth...). Jaina's "red normals have chip!" is a lot easier to grok (and she has a special 6throw as well lol).
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    Wow! Thank you for very comprehensive review and good comments!

    That's true. Even though you pump them with two cards (+4 damage each) the move still knocksdown.
    I remember that Sirlin said in this forum that cards can never have a pump and knockdown. I can understand that; if you would have a card, Let's say a K: Attack Speed 2.4, 3 CP, Starter, +K+K+K, Knocksdown, then all this information would not fit on the card. With a pump like this there would not be enough space for knockdown symbol. I can understand his principle, but with a cards like Sophitia has now (Red cards: Angel Charge, 5+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown) I do not see any problem having moves like this.

    Well, I do not understand what you exactly want to say... She has throws on 6789 and K. So the total number is 5 cards as you said. And all of the throws follow the same pattern, red ones can be pumped and knockdown, black ones are starters. That's true that there is lots of going on with her throws, the distribution is different, special 6 and K, reds and blacks are different... It might look confusing in the paper (and compared to normal distribution), also playing against Midori or Rook the first time can also be quite confusing when you have played your games against non-grapplers. Anyway, it is not that confusing to play or play against, you quickly grasp what she can do.

    When I was creating her, I wanted to make her throws somehow special, to give a feel of a character that is skillful and intelligent. So she little bit more moves to compensate her the lack of damage in her cards.

    That's a good point! The idea is that opponent must get gid of their blackness, if they are unwilling to do so, they are punished. But if you do not have black cards... :confused: Actually this Q is quite good when your opponent has few cards, it forces him to take more damage 'cos he'll probaply do not want to go very low on cards. But with a situation like that, it would be quite harmful if your opponent knows the few cards you have in your hand... Hmm. Well, still I think the card works fine as it is, but that was a good point, I'll think about that...

    Well with this card she has huge damage potential, 6+6+6+6 is enormous for her. And you can still continue the combo with a 6 and an Ender. That's why it is only 2.6 speed, it is quite hard to use. And I know the she has unusually high maximum combo damage with this card, but it rarely happens: K+K+K+K + 6 + A+A+A+A = 58. I can remember doing about 42 damage with her. And because those throws are also very strong, it is can be a hard choice sometimes. But of course with 'normal' characters the throws are probably stronger and against Rook (etc.) it is definitely the attack side.
    And remember, you can take an advantage of your innate when attacking with a K. If you lose the combat you have a second try with your K....

    Well, I think you just mindtrapped yourself... :rolleyes:
    In every card there is a text what to do:

    "When you dodge an attack or Joker, you may hit back..."
    "When you block an attack or Joker, draw a card. ..."
    "When you block an attack or Joker with Divine Protection, draw two cards and discard a card."

    With the special cards (as Bubble Shield and this) you just do what the card says and forget the 'normal' rules.

    The last one is a good point. If you already have an Ace or two, you could as well as search for a K or Q. If the Ace would be stronger that would not work. "The throw clause is a cool idea, seems to make it a bit mindless in practice". Why? This whole thing in this card is the Protection. It is quite strong card. Your opponent can't harm you if you play this card (except chip damage). So it protects you and let's you build a better hand. Working quite fine.

    Can you clarify a bit? You said A* "Makes 7* a little less useful too, since lategame throws are a common facedown target, but this handles it with no other requirements." and "though as mentioned doesn't play nicely with Aceblock". What do you exactly mean? With examples. ;)

    That's a good point also. I agree with you and I like if things are made simple enough. With reds and black different, a K special and a 6 special is quite much... This 6 special is actually the last addition to the character and it is not something that is really essential to the character as it is... It was made a throw because another option would have been a block and with an extra A block she already has one block more than normally.
    But the throw needed to be a 'special' throw it just could not follow the normal x.6 speed pattern. Other option would have been:
    Red 6's: Throw, Speed 8.6, 6+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown
    Black cards: Throw, Speed 8.6, 6 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown

    But then it would have been like a small K.

    But as I said above, she seems busy overall (and is) but when you have the cards in your hand it not that you are overwhelmed with good options. And maybe this also gives the feeling what I wanted to create when you are playing against her, she is versatile and skillful; has a bit more moves than average character?

    Or what do you guys think?

    Combos are easy, and should be with such a very low individual damage on cards. 7 is the highest!
    About changing the combo points of the face cards is not a bad idea. They all are now 2 cp and also follow the same pattern. 4+4 (2), 5+5 (3), 6+6 (4) and 7+7 (5)... But if the different combo point distribution would be some more interesting choices: J -> 4+4 (2) Linker 1 CP and Q -> 5+5 (3) Ender 3 CP or...? Then it is OK to change them, but I just do not see any major improvement when changing combo points of the face cards.
    Any suggestions or ideas?

    I have no idea... :D Actually I never played (or even seen) any of the Soul Calibur games. I just had an idea of the character and found the graphics to fit my idea. Well, then I also got some inspiration of the actual Sophitia character after that... (Names of special moves etc.)

    Thank you again! This really made me come back to this design and think of it more again after finalizing the design and playing with it a lot. Compressing the throws is not a bad idea, just not sure how to do it with this special card distribution (and I do not want to change to 'normal' card distribution). But really, she just has a different pattern in red and black throws, even the K is following the same pattern... I try to think of simplifying it if possible.

    Any other comments on this design? :)

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    You're welcome :) Hopefully we can get another person to chip in, as I know my thoughts are not always correct!

    For the busy throws, imagine explaining it out loud:
    "Her black throws are normal starters, her red throws are can't combo pumpable but still knockdown. Oh and she also has a 6 throw instead of a 10 throw, but it's got the speed of an 8 throw, it doesn't follow the red/black rule that 789K have because they are both enders instead of starter/pump. And her King is a real 6 throw, and has the red/black like her 789 but not 6 has, but also does +2 damage."

    Would be a lot simpler if it was:
    "Her black throws are normal starters, her red throws are can't combo pumpable but still knockdown. Oh and she also has a 6 throw instead of a 10 throw, and one half of her K (both colors) is an Ender throw with the speed of an 8."

    Something like that. Still unique, less buts.

    The Bubble Shield wording just works different from what I'd expect from other card/strategy games...and for that matter Yomi itself. Val's aces have "When you hit the opponent with an Ace attack, draw a card." Is that instead of dealing damage that's hardcoded into what an attack does? No, it's in addition to the "normal" stuff. Stone wall replaces the normal block rules with "do not draw a card" and "do not return it to your hand", that's pretty clear. Bubble Shield says "draw a card", which apparently also replaces the normal block rules, which happen to say the same thing...? *shrug* if the card said "Draw a card as normal, but instead of returning it to your hand, attach it blah blah" it would be more clear which rules it's rewriting and which rules it is adding. Nothing wrong with yours, it follows the same logic as the real thing. (if this was Magic, DnD, 40k, Munchkin etc, there *would* be people at tournaments trying to draw two cards with Bubble Shield. I would not do so, and would call a judge/Sirlin over if the opponent did so, but I can see the argument of the cards not explicitly stating what parts of the book to ignore and which parts to simply add to) TLDR yours is fine, Rules Lawyers suck but I've gotten in the habit of looking for stuff I expect them to argue about ~_~ .

    The "mindless" comment was referring to the awesomeness of blocking an attack/joker with Bubble Shield (or dodging with Blackjack/Riposte) vs the anguish of them getting thrown (and the "oh well" of Bubble/Riposte getting block/dodged, while Blackjack has more anguish). Divine Protection has no anguish, it only ranges from "oh well" to "awesomeness" because it trades with throws too. I don't think it's overpowered, because the others have better rewards when they work; just means playing it is never a *bad* decision (though playing it as an attack to beat their throw would be a *better* decision, there's never a true "SONOFA-!" outcome).

    The interaction with 7 was just referring to the fact that since Ace turns throws into enders, you can't facedown with 7 (except against Lum, Knee Bash, and slightly-less-than-half-of-Sophitia's-throws, who could technically pump their Ender throws for 0 damage and give you the option of drawing a card off the 7 despite there being no damage to prevent). And that's assuming that 7 is supposed to be your Combo Escape card; current wording lets you play it if you attack/joker into a Block? I should have pointed that out too, but I just assumed it was supposed to work like Onimaru's 2 ("Knowing the Enemy - If you play this card as a face-down bluff (during the Joker phase) and the opponent ...") Not a huge deal since the majority of your combat losses come from non-Ace-block combats, so there's plenty of opportunities to use it.

    Combos as I said are fine as-is, just that a lot of characters have a move that you can hit-confirm/dodge into but not throw into (Grave Q and AAA, Midori Q and AA, Geigar AA(hurricane), Arg Q and AA, etc) or at least a move that reduces the number of normals you can squeeze in (Sets Q, Val Q, Jaina Q). With all of your starters/linkers at 2 and linkers/enders at 2, it's just slightly...bland for lack of a better word? There's actually more decisions to make with yours, because you can *always* spend a normal that it might have been better to save as a block/dodge, and you can *always* slap a Linker onto a Starter when in some cases you should have saved the Linker to use as a Starter itself (or the other way when you use Linkers as combat cards and ram them into Blocks/Dodges when you should have used them for Blackthrow followups instead), so there's more opportunities for skilled/unskilled players to perform those valuations; just less opportunities to decide to use a weaker move because it allows for bigger combo payoffs than the safer opener. TLDR It's fine, we'll see if anyone else gets the same vibe or if they think the extra creativity for the player stands out more.

    TLDR Probably fine as-is, my concerns are all pretty minor, someone else comment please :) There's a lot of good stuff here and I don't want my nitpicking to sound more important than it is.
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    Random thing I noticed, in your PnP version of the deck, the QH/QD/QS show that Sophitia has a max combo of 6; the QC has her correct max combo of 5 displayed.

    Other than that I like the idea of a crazy pump character with lots of unique ways of chaining her attacks. Setsuki's K is my favorite card in all of Yomi so naturally I love Angel Sweep.

    So many interesting ways to pump, and another A block. Good stuff.
  6. janenglund

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    I really throught what you said Turbo and tried to simplify the throws with losing too much of the twist.
    After I done the modifications I looked your post...
    And that is exactly what happened! I did not remember you writing exactly so... Maybe that is just good logic. :)

    The only thing which was actually removed (Sorry Leontes! You just wrote it was your favorite...) was the ender throw from 6. Otherwise she pretty much has the same number of pumped throws and starter throws. (Actually she had 8 pumped -> now 12, 8 starters -> now 8, and 4 enders -> now none.) This simplifies the things a lot and her throws are less busy, without actually losing anything (or much).

    Like this:

    Normal Throw Properties:
    x.6 speed, 5+4 damage, +2 Any, Can’t Combo, Knocksdown

    Special Throws:
    • 6: A/T
      Angel Charge, Throw, 8.6 speed, 5 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown
    • K: A/T
      Angel Stroke, Attack +K+K+K, 2.6 speed, 6+6(4) damage, 2 cp Starter
      Seraphim Charge, Throw, 6.6 speed, 7 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocksdown
    Clear and simple enough?

    Is this in "Still unique, less buts" -category? ;)
    Maybe not :) , but with this throw thing you were right. It was (unnecessarily) complicated to grasp because it was so different from another characters. Now she has the same options and pattern of card distribution is much more easier to grasp. This is a good thing when playing with her or against her the first times.

    And comment about wording the cards... As you wrote above, it is matter of Yomi itself. I am just following the already existing wording that should be familiar with the players.
    For me the logic of the normal Yomi rules are: You do as the card says. You normally deal damage even if the card text does not say deal damage. But the card text always says what to do after winning a combat with a block or a dodge. And so does Bubble Shield and Divine Protection. And if I compare Bubble Shield and Divine Protection, the latter is much more simpler and clearer... :)
    But that should be so. If I attack to Rook's block, I can receive some damage...

    Joker: "When you lose a combat, you can play a face-down Joker to avoid further damage, or a bluff card."
    Divine Intervention: "When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage."
    So with your logic Setsuki could play a Joker after she lost a combat attacking to opponents block. And so triggering Speed of the Fox? Really?

    Anyway, I see your point. The rulebook has special rules how to use a Joker, so somebody (like you :)) would try to use Divine Intervention when losing a combat to a normal block. So there would be a change (if you have lower hp) to draw a card. If someone really wants to do that I do not see that as a problem...

    Well, I have been thinking this also... There is no Divine Logic™ behind the idea that all specials have 2 combo points. It is a good thing that she can combo easily, because damage in her cards is lowest of all the characters. After thinking a bit I did not find any ideas of changing the combo points that really would make things more interesting and better. As you said things are fine, but what would make them great? :confused:

    In my eyes your nitpicking just made something good little better, so thank you for that. Your valuable comments on new throw distributions would also be appreciated.


    PS. I updated the graphics already. And I corrected the graphics on the Q's. Thanks for noticing Leontes!
  7. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Well-Known Member

    "Her 789 throws are pumpable cant-combo; 6 and K are starter, but 6 has the speed of an 8, and K has the speed of a 6, plus 2 damage."

    That should be better yeah :)

    Combo thing I probably didn't even need to mention in the first place, it just stuck out because she had 2 cp linkers, which made me notice all her starters (and Enders not that she has those anymore) were the same. *shrugs again*

    The block thing is actually in the base rules (and again you don't have to change yours, you are following the same logic as the official game; I just find that [official!] logic to be worded in a way that could be interpreted wrong; the rest of this post will be a minor rant about that lol):

    Stone Wall says "don't draw a card" and "dont return to hand". Bubble Shield says "draw a card" and "attach it", but it doesn't say "don't draw the normal card", nor does it say "dont return to hand" (technically you could return an attached card!).

    Pretty much everyone who reads Bubble Shield the first time assumes it works the way it does; it's just when you actually look at the rules closely that you realize it doesn't explicitely say which parts of the normal block rules to ignore. Blackjack (and for that matter Ghost Riposte) likewise doesn't say you don't get the normal hitback, it's just missing that italicized text at the top of the card. So apparently the italicized stuff under the numbers and symbols is the *real* rule, and the section of the book saying "THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU BLOCK/DODGE" should say "this is *usually* what happens when you block/dodge but this page honestly means nothing because the actual cards have the real rules". So technically, the rulebook should have a line like that added, or the special blocks/dodges should specify "do this in addition to/instead of normal". Again, I don't think most of the people on this board would do this, but people coming from other games would have a legitimate argument if they tried to add a followup to Blackjack. "The rules say you get to hit them back when you dodge, and Blackjack does not say that the 21 replaces that hitback."

    Haha, and this actually ties into the 7*. Jokers say on the card (which apparently is supposed to trump the rulebook!) that you can play them "when you lose combat", as you said. But the rulebook says:

    So we're supposed to ignore the book and obey the card for Bubble Shield, Blackjack, and Riposte, but the opposite for Jokers. :p The rulebook also explains why Blackjack damage doesn't count as "further damage", because rulebook Jokers only prevent damage from "moves your opponent played while it was face down ", and Blackjack does not play additional moves, it only reveals them.

    So I would recommend your 7* use the Onimaru wording to ensure it breaks the same rules that Jokers break ^_^ Unless you explicitely want it to stop Blackjack/Stonewall, in which case word it like Jokers, because there's nothing in the rulebook about 7* that will rewrite the rules written on the card that don't rewrite the rules like the other rewrites write.

    For further examples of RAW vs RAI (Read As Written vs Read As Intended), try looking up DnD's Ironheart Surge ("You may end a condition on you." The book never lists what a condition is; it was intended to refer to stuff like Bleeding, Blinded, Hypnotized, etc. But "I have less than a billion dollars" is a condition too, right? Does it solve the condition of "the sun is in my eyes" by removing your eyes, adding sunglasses, or removing the sun? Is "dead" a condition? etc), W40k's Tormentor Helm ("You gain an additional melee attack even when using a two-handed weapon." It's intended to act like a pistol, because Pistol + 1handed melee weapon grants a bonus attack. But because they stuck the word "even" in there, it grants a third attack, even though the base rules say "You only get a single bonus attack for having two or more weapons," because the Tormentor helm doesn't explicitly say that the magical bonus attack is the same kind of bonus attack that occurs from having a pistol!), the pages and pages of errata for Magic the Gathering every year, etc. Judges at those tournaments have to either make stupid rulings or break the written rules while they wait for a new version of the official rules to be printed, because of players with too much "Playing to Win" for their own good. ~_~


    TLDR: Throws look simpler but definitely unique, combos are fine, wording of 7* and A* matches the wording of existing rules (but might change the 7* to Onimaru wording to be safe), Rules Lawyers suck but they exist.

    Sorry for the derail ^_^;
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    Minor update to Ace card graphics:


    Can you spot the difference? :D

    If you already downloaded the deck, download the same (updated) file again...

  9. -Y-

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    There is no ghost image of Sophitia in right ace :p
  10. janenglund

    janenglund Active Member

    [​IMG] Yes, one thumb up for you! :)
  11. UlyZed

    UlyZed Active Member

    I like some of the mechanisms, but the outrageous breast size is offensive. Seriously.
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  12. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    I blame comics :p Besides aren't most female FS characters in D cup range anyway?
  13. Turbo164

    Turbo164 Well-Known Member

    She's still more modest than Taki and Ivy ~_~
  14. Morn

    Morn Well-Known Member

    It's actually funny comparing Sophitia's build as it's changed through the series. The "normals" on the cards versus the special attacks and super show off the difference fairly well.
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  15. janenglund

    janenglund Active Member

    Well, apparently
    Well, apparently somebody else thinks the same way too...

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  16. Mililani

    Mililani Well-Known Member

    Or for an in-depth study of Sophitia Syndrome.

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  17. janenglund

    janenglund Active Member

    I updated the picture and download links. They were dead. Sophitia is available again!

    Few questions:

    1. I have seen many threads of [Fan Characters]. But I have not seen any with card graphics. I have Pnp version of the game and I would be happy to try out some well playtested characters with card graphics. Are there any?

    2. Sophitia was in development for a year and after that it we have had 11 Yomi characters in our group and Sophitia is one of them, she has seen regular play over a year now and she fits well in the mix balance-wise with the original characters, but now when the new expansion is coming what do you think? Is she still balanced towards the new expansion characters?

  18. Inkstud

    Inkstud Patreon Supporter

    I don't know that he's been well playtested, but as a birthday gift for a good friend of mine, I made him into a Yomi character deck, complete with card art and everything. You and I talked about it a bit, actually! It was a while ago though, I don't remember if I shared the finished version with you or not.

    If anyone's interested, I can upload all the card images from the deck sometime. It was a lot of fun to make (And Dan was over the moon about it).
  19. janenglund

    janenglund Active Member

    Some changes made right after the 2.0 version (-> 2.1) never got updated to Print-and-Play-file...

    from Old version (2.0)
    7: T/D (Divine Intervention)
    Divine Intervention - When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage. If you have lower life total than your opponent after the combat, draw a card.

    to New version (2.1)
    7: T/D (Divine Intervention)
    Divine Intervention - When you lose combat, you can play a face-down Divine Intervention to avoid up to 7 further damage. Return the combat card to your hand if Divine Intervention avoids damage this way.

    And the download link was broken. I updated the card graphics and fixed the link.

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