[Fan Character] The Charismatic Pilot

Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by Dustoman, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. Dustoman

    Dustoman Member

    Its new years eve so I though I'd post my fan character. So, here he is.

    The Charismatic Pilot

    HP: 90

    CP: 4

    Innate- Charismatic Style: After the combat phase if you did a combo using all your combo points that included a falcon attack or throw you may return a face card from the discard pile to your hand (Falcon Punch triggers this ability.)

    Normal attacks: x.4 speed, 1 CP

    Normal throws: starter, x.6 speed, 2 CP, 7 damage, KD.

    2: A/D

    3: A/D*

    4: A/D

    5: A/T- Flurry attack- combos into 5, 6, linker, or ender

    6: T/D

    7: A/T

    8: A/B

    9: T/B


    J: Falcon Kick-Attack, 2.0 speed, 8 (3) damage, +5 discard any one, ender, 1 CP

    Q: Raptor Boost-Attack, 1.2 speed, linker, 7 (2) damage, 2 CP

    K: Falcon Dive- Throw, 7.0 speed, starter, 10 damage, 2 CP

    Ace: Falcon Punch- Attack, AA, can't combo, 2.4 speed, 25 (5) damage

    10,000 Volts Knee- Attack, A+A linker, 0.2 speed, 9 (3) + 10 damage, 1 CP

    10* Show me Your Moves!- Before the start of the combat phase you may discard this card to pick a card at random from the opponents hand. He must play it in combat if able

    3* Relentless- After the draw phase you may discard this card and attach it to your character. Normal throws are 2 speed faster, do +1 damage, cost 1 combo points, and are linkers. Discard Relentless next time you are hit by an attack or throw.

    Consolidated changes- sped up falcon kick, changed abilities, added dodges, buffed10k knee speed, moved relentless, clearer wording on abilities, changed Relentless completely, 10k knee is a linker and 1 cp, added comand normal, fixed relentlessWas inspired by CWheezy's marvel characters to let CF be more intense all around.

    any input welcome

  2. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    He's basically a grappler with 2 good throws.

    All his attack speeds are horrendous and he only has 8 total dodges, so he is really at the mercy of fast attacks.

    His 10 ability is pretty OP. Basically, you win combat unless you happen to pull and A/B or A/D, which isn't that fun. Relentless isn't that great as he doesn't have a way of exploiting KD. Not worth using, considering the card it's on.
  3. Dustoman

    Dustoman Member

    sped up falcon kick to 2.0, that was my original concept but wasn't sure. kept fiddling with 2-10 cards but when I was content didn't realize how few dodges, also changed. abilities tweaked....input still appreciated.

    changed a lot of things, also added a command normal i thought might be too confusing but seems ok
  4. zem

    zem Super Moderator Staff Member

    how would a 5 combo into a 6? why does 6 have an asterisk?
  5. major_shiznick

    major_shiznick Well-Known Member

    I would make these changes to specials:

    1) J-->Ender, Q-->Linker, K-->Starter. Much more in line with his actual playstyle.
    2) Rename K to Falcon Hump.
  6. Dustoman

    Dustoman Member

    zem- removed the asterisk. it was where I had Relentless. his 5 is like any other normal except it can also combo into other 5's.

    major- 1. hmm. I'll change J and Q as you say. also added a pump to J to make it a decent ender. K is fine I think.
    2. LOL no. but we all know the truth.

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