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  1. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Someone asked for a pretty boy so let's give them a bishonen. Anyway it's only fair that Val gets her male counterpart (i.e. Even The Guys Want Him). Gameplay wise I wanted someone who plays kinda like a bizzaro Rook i.e. he has no blocks only dodges and is generally of lower health.

    <insert story here>

    Life: 60
    Max combo: 5
    Attack speed: x.1 (*****)
    Throw speed: x.8 (***)
    Block: ()
    Dodge: (*****)

    Innate:Bishie Sparkle. If you use your heart cards as a bluff card all damage until end of turn will be negated. This effect can be canceled if opponent discards two and three cards with club suit for a non-face and a face heart card respectively.
    "No one can hit a face like mine!"

    2: A/D
    3: A/D*
    4: A/D*
    5: D/T
    6: D*/T
    7: D*/T
    8: A/T
    9: A/D
    T: A/D

    *Distraction: If you successfully dodge your opponent discards one and you draw one.

    J T/A
    Throw - Rejected! Damage 9, speed 0.2. 3 combo points, KD.
    Attack - Refusal. Damage 11, speed 0.0, 2 combo points, Linker.

    Q A/D:
    Attack - Sympathy. Ender, 1 combo points, speed 2.2, 15(3) damage.
    Dodge - Swirl. If you dodge successfully, this card deals 12 damage to opponent.

    K A/A: Heart attack. Ender, 2 combo points , speed 0.4, 7(3) +4. On hit: You can discard up to four hearts card to deal +4 damage.

    A D/A:
    Dodge - Empathy. If you dodge an attack, you deal all damage that would be dealt back to the source. If used to power INNATE it instead deals damage back to the source and can't be negated. Returns to hand if you weren't thrown.
    Attack - Guilty Conscience AAAA. Speed 0.0 This attack deals damage equal to difference between your max and current life. Can't Combo.
  2. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Staff Member

    Throw no followup TRUE POWER OF STORMS
  3. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    Well, with no blocks, he at best stays at 7 cards the whole game (unless he successfully Jokers someone), and his options really aren't that damaging.

    His low HP doesn't help his case much, and his AAAA is kinda useless, since he can't really ever afford to power up.

    Reflection is also a pretty useless ability. It's basically Martial Mastery without the peek and with a stipulation as to when it can be played.

    Also, with no blocks, the opponent pretty much gets a freebie whenever he is KD'd, since his attacks are not very fast at all.

    And Midori would be extremely hard pressed to lose to him.

    Basically, he needs a way to get cards without blocking. And probably some 0.0 speed attacks so he doesn't auto-lose when he gets KD'd.
  4. CrystalChaos

    CrystalChaos Moderator Staff Member

    The problem with having only dodges is that this character would pretty much always lose to Jaina (as long as she gets 10s).
  5. -Y-

    -Y- Well-Known Member

    Valid, concerns, all his attacks are now super fast. Additionally replaced Reflection with Distraction. Made so that innate can block ANY damage. Now if Jaina wants to whittle him down he can find Empathy of Hearts and Reflect it back. Also if he can perform a large enough combo, would he need the power-up?

    EDIT: Thanks for feedback guys.
  6. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    this is funny because i made a fan character quite a bit ago who was based off the idea of all dodges no blocks. i think the thread was called my personal Vendetta.....i think but yeah i really think it would be cool to have a char that only dodges.

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