Fei Long vs Vega (Claw)

Discussion in 'Street Fighter HD Remix' started by SimpleKiss, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. SimpleKiss

    SimpleKiss New Member

    Hey guys, looking for Sirlin's and some others input on this matchup. There's going to be a local Tournament for HDR that I'm entering, and the competition for it here isn't so great, so it should mostly be free money, even for a mediocre guy like me.

    The issue is there's another HDR player, who is a really good Vega player. I've played with thim on live a few times, and since it's local it's pretty much like playing him face to face. I also played against him in a tournament last year, and got stomped (though I have been improving lots recently.)

    But that match feels so frustrating to me. I feel like I can't put pressure on Vega at all because of his great pokes. I've yet to find a realiable answer to his wall-dives.

    I feel like I have to play super reactionary and defensively to even keep up with him, and yet, that's definitely not one of Fei's strengths. What can Fei Long do for Footsies and wall-dives? And just what can Fei Long do to put the pressure on him? I feel chicken wing is kind of useless in this match but maybe I am missing something.

    Thanks in advance for any input or advice.
  2. Rufus

    Rufus Member

    Not that I'm all that great, but Fei's overhead (towards + MK) has much better priority while hitting than the chicken wings do, and his dashing kick (towards + FK) comes out faster. Neither is as safe on start-up, but they should be better vs turtling or reactionary opponents.
  3. SimpleKiss

    SimpleKiss New Member

    I see. Wow, this matchup is pretty darn tough.
  4. evo

    evo New Member

    I've played agaisnt some of the best vega's online, and from my experience this match is easily 7-3 in vega's favor. Fei is just destroyed by vega's ground pokes and most of fei's offense is unsafe agaisnt vega due to vega's speed and range. The main goal in this fight is just to build around a VERY tight defense and hopfully force some error from the vega player. There is very few things fei excels in with this particular match, so just play safe and try ur best to make it a good fight at the very least.
  5. zircon

    zircon Member

    Yeah, this is probably the hardest match for Fei in HDR in my experience. I've played at least 50 matches with a friend of mine who mains claw and I win maybe 20% of the time on a good day. Forget jumping in at all since he can very easily respond with a flip kick, which will beat CW too.

    One thing you can try is some pressure with rekkas right out side of his poke range, condition him to expect them and bait a flip kick. Once you do that you can punish him pretty hard. Working on your reaction time will also nullify his roll, since you can scoop him up every time with the flame kick. As for beating wall dives, I think I've had some success jumping away with FK to hit him in midair...
  6. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    I main Claw and mostly do nothing in this matchup. Clawroll can be timed to go UNDER flamekick, so don't rely on that. Hell, it can even be timed as a meaty that goes under flamekick and recovers in time to block a reversal super, though it's tight to get it right.

    I don't think counting on Claw to attack you is a good plan. It's pretty easy for him to chip you out or whatever, and it's tough for Fei Long to get in, so I think your best bet is rushing him down, even though it's tough. Get that advantage and don't let go. I don't use walldive against Fei Long much, if at all, for what it's worth.

    Jump-ins and chicken wings seem basically useless: Claw can flipkick those on reaction and has no reason to give up his charge. Fei's cr.hp stuffs Claw's cr.mp, which is useful. Rekka is unsafe IF he knows how many you are doing. As far as I know, Claw needs to react quick to punish them on block, and doing it at the wrong time eats rekkas to the face. For this reason, the third rekka is never safe.

    Fei can force throws in by making him scared to move with cr.hp, but, again, it's tough.

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