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    Not actually being planned for a forum game, but any roles and mechanics we come up with are relevant to *hunt discussion, so this should be the right forum. Just the same, there's no specific reason we couldn't run it on the forum once it's ready. I'm stealing lots from previous hunts, as well as both upcoming ones.

    So, I'm teaching english second language, and everyone in the class has basic conversation skills, which is exceptional, leading me to up the level of the class significantly.

    I figured I'd throw a witchhunt at them and see where it goes. We already did a basic Mafia test with ten players and cop/doctor (crooks won) to explain the basic mechanic, but I want to run something more elaborate over a period of weeks. Also, it's a computer science course so it'll be computer related.

    We have 1-5 classes per week, with an average of three. Each class will have a 10-20 minutes "daytime". Nighttime happens between classes. Players must still be able to participate in discussions after death, but I'm considering a separate room for them. Scum can't talk to each other during daytime, but select players could be allowed to leave the room to talk. Or pass each other notes.

    Advanced tactics are unlikely, and players will occasionally skip class.

    The basic idea I have is every player is a file from a list of 15-19, with a special power. Malware files replace semi-random good files, which neuters mass claim.

    Each Day, in two separate rooms, live files vote to delete a file and deleted files vote for protection (not same in a row unless hit, protect not revealed). Deleted files are unmoderated, btw. The last day of each week, deleted files vote to restore one file, which comes back next class.

    At night, Malware shares a QT where they vote on a file to delete. Deleted malware can still participate. Before the last class of a week, each deleted malware chooses a file to infect (possess), and are restored instead if that file gets voted.

    Tentative role list:
    Major info (one of them is replaced by scum)
    Antivirus (Scan): scans for malware, two good files scan bad
    FTP (Checksum): checks for malware, one bad files check good
    Disk Utility (FileCompare): compares two players' factions, get same/different

    Minor info (two scum)
    Registry (Config): knows role of one non-malware Major Info player
    Web Browser (Search): Knows the role of the last file "lynched"
    Recycle Bin (View): Knows protect and revive targets
    Game (Instability): Gambler. 1-2-3 gives the major info checks, 4 gives him protection, 5 blocks data from minor info role tonight, 6 check evil to all.

    Defensive (one scum)
    Archive (Decompress): Sacrifice to save a file from deletion. Scans BAD.
    Backup (Restoration): Survives first deletion.
    Data recovery (File restore): Selects the restoration target once per game.

    Control (2 scum)
    Copy Protection (DRM): When deleted, chooses a file to delete. Scans BAD.
    CLI (Delete): Delete a file if day vote failed.
    Installer (Restart): Sacrifices to delete file of choice. Ends day.
    System Restore (Restoration point): If this is the only remaining non-malware, files win.
    Task Manager (Monitor): Choose a legal action for any number of roles. If they skip class/don't put in an action, they do yours.

    Misc (rest of scum)
    Instant Messenger (Pop-up): Sends mod messages to read out loud each week. May scan BAD.
    Spreadsheet (Accounting): Learns how many malware are dead each week.
    Presentation (Slideshow): Modconfirm on demand (not when deleted).
    Word Processor (Résumé): Modconfirm on deletion.
    Mail client (Spam): Sends list of players to mod. They all receive a note saying "spam". May scan BAD.
    Shareware (Trial version): Thinks he's one other role. No powers/random results. Scans BAD less than two BAD programs.
    Database (Query): Indicates cause of death for all deletions.
    Plugin (Connectivity): Picks a player. These two can visibly pass secret notes during daytime. Deleting the other file deletes the plugin, but deleting the plugin lets the other file restore the plugin the next day. Malware replacing plugin still gets power, chooses before knowing scum list.

    BSOD: Reveal to end day. Checks Good.
    Polymorph: Choose another malware. If they are deleted, gain their power.
    Rootkit: Cannot be deleted by popular vote unless last Malware (CLI, Installer etc all kill him)
    Crimeware (Identity Theft): Gets role of target killed at night.
    Spyware (Data Mining): Gets target of scan or checksum (same all game)
    Botnet (Zombify): Choose a zombie. They know they are a zombie. When you die, they also die.
    Backdoor (Bypass): Restore once per game. That week gets two restored files.
    DDoS (Flood): Each night, choose a player. Their power in blocked that night and the following day.
    First possible of these three, depending which role is in the game:
    Adware (Pop-up): Choose the role to broadcast on death. (Web Browser)
    Bad Patch (Freegames): Lies to all Game checks/scans (Game)
    Trojan (Attach): If revived through infection, reads as a vote. (Recycle Bin)

    I have to keep an eye on faction balance (expect 15-19 players, thinking 6/6/7/7/8 scum), which roles exist in a more limited game, obvious holes in powers, distribution of tanking/info/misc, etc.

    Some roles scan bad, but could really be scum anyway. Do I need backup "scan bad" roles or is the Antivirus just as gimped if roles that are supposed to scan bad can't be counterclaimed?

    Thanks all.

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