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    Flash Duel is a simple, fast card game for 1 to 5 players that simulates sparring matches amongst Fantasy Strike characters practicing for an upcoming tournament. You only need to score one hit to win a round, so it's all about jockeying for position on the 18-space board to land that hit.

    It's one of the most popular games from Sirlin Games... and it's coming to FantasyStrike.com!

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    We've spent the past few months building Flash Duel to join Yomi and Puzzle Strike, as a game you can play online with your friends, for free! This online version of Flash Duel is based on the Second Edition, and features all twenty-one characters, including the ten Shadows characters and the fearsome Deathstrike Dragon.

    This means you can also play the Second Edition's brand new modes, such as Team Battle, Custom Clockwork, and Raid on Deathstrike Dragon, for an even deeper experience!

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    And just like Yomi and Puzzle Strike, Flash Duel will feature everything you'd expect from a Fantasy Strike game: tutorials to learn the game easily, computer opponents to try new strategies on, replays to review your best plays, matchmaking and leaderboards to help you push your skills to new levels, adjustable match timers to keep things moving, spectating your friends' games, and so on.

    At FantasyStrike.com, we're serious about offering the best experience for both new players looking for a good time and seasoned veterans willing to push their strategic skills to the limit, and Flash Duel is no exception.


    The character graphics are made in a charming 8-bit retro style by the pixel artist BT, worthy hero among us all, and deserving of the highest praise. Characters dash, block and attack in their own unique styles on the playfield, as you play your moves. Unleash your character's unique special abilities to win!

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Flash Duel is still in development, and will be available to the general public later, but STAR Members, as a membership perk, can access the game right now! Check out our early playable versions, and tell us more about your vision for a better Flash Duel experience - we're always listening to our players, as we strive to make our games the best they can be. Here, your voice counts!

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