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    Hey there everyone. There is a conference on "happinomics" in May in Boston. I posted a link about it below. Might interest some folks cause I know the relationship between money and happiness has been discussed multiple times in these forums...

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    Before any further discussion goes on, it is important to establish that it is possible for rich people to be either happy or sad, likewise, it is possible for poor people to be either happy or sad.

    What that said, here are two news articles on the topic:

    Interesting things:
    - People are bad at predicting what will make them happy (duh).
    - Giving AWAY money will actually make you happier than having more money to spend.
    - There were mentions in both article of creating something like a "Gross National Happiness" or "Gross Emotional Prosperity," index as an alternative to the GDP, considering that GDP has never been a strong predictor of happiness, and happiness somewhat reflects government's effectiveness.

    It would be interesting if they made an index, and subsequently policy based on happiness metrics, because humans (being ignorant of what makes them happy) will likely not understand the aims and goals of the policies, thus making said politicians highly unpopular :)
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    Happinomics is such a lame word though. It sounds like Hippienomics or something.
    Also I wonder whether humans just aren't interested in being happy. You could find a good book to read about the subject in 5 minutes of internet search, but those books don't get on any bestseller lists. Instead we have "Tuesdays with Bison" or whatever the hot topic du jour of the day is
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    There are because my experience with happiness book is that do not make me happy or help me to it at all.
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    That doesn't seem an unhapiness book.

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