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Discussion in 'Puzzle Fighter HD Remix' started by galwww, Jan 5, 2010.

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    puzzle fighter II is a great game and hd makes it even better(although some would disagree) and its a shame capcom isn't really motivated to make a sequel, a full blown new title for the consoles and pc.
    i already talked about new characters and making specific damage calculations for different color gems for every character on the other threads but id like to present some other ideas that could work for a sequel.
    anyone with ideas of their own feel free to write .

    one idea was to add a second partner for after you pick your character like on marvel vs capcom 2, this could work in a few different ways:

    1.each of "your" characters have their own field, and when you press a button you switch your character for the second one and that also switches you to their field.
    for example imagine almost getting your donovan buried by the other guy's ken, then just when his about to finish you off you switch to your akuma and get a new field to stack his attack with.
    the only way to lose is if you he buries both your donovan and your akuma, you can switch at any time but if you do it while you have a gem that's still falling then it will keep on falling in your other character's field and until it lands you won't get the next one, damage done on the field your not using at the moment could have different results depending on character.
    for example:if i switch my akuma to my donovan and akuma breaks some gems then the damage would be delivered to donovan and not the opponent, do the same thing with chun li and she will send only 50% of her attack to your opponent, and dan will send the same amount to both you and your opponent(gives you some interesting ways to build)

    another way to go here is to do give the next gem after a switch to the other character, allowing both to have a chance of having a falling gem at the same time, and if both break a certain amount of gems at the same time(before the other player drops his gem and receives the damage) they would both appear and do a super combined attack on the opponent, kinds like this:
    (the part when their faces are glued together) and with gems, the first 3 columns will be filled with your current character's pattern and the 4,5,6 with the other one.
    like this(donovan and akuma):


    playing like this adds a ton of new strategies and possibilities to any match, the super combo and other field damage create a chance for unique combination of different groups.
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    ^Sounds interesting. Bringing tag action to the puzzle genre, actually that sounds revolutionary, lol.

    I don't have any grand ideas, but some minor tweaks I'd like to make:

    -Chains kinda seem to suck. They may do some damage, but they slow your game down a lot and give your opponent time to react. Given the choice between chaining or exploding simultaneously, I automatically choose the latter, which is debatably okay -- but nowadays, even given the choice between a chain and no chain at all, I choose no chain, simply because of how much chains slow down my game. Furthermore, if you are in teh middle of a chain and your opponent drops a piece, your pattern seem to 'reset' which is really bad, especially for characters like Ken. Chains should certainly be better than that. This may be easily fixed via faster animations and non-resetting, I'm not sure.
    -Ability to save/upload replays (complete with downloadable replays from the top leaderboard players). This is actually just a standard feature I'd like in all my games, as I love watching pros play.
    -Akuma and Devilot don't really seem to "work" to me. Those patterns are just not fun to play with and they kinda violate the "perpetual comeback" principle in the game. I realize Devilot isn't great, but all a buff would do is make her a viable choice and thus the game less fun.
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    the chain part can be a problem, its an important part of the game but can come back to bite you on the small chains, an idea i have for that is to give some reward to a player that uses them, there is an added damage to chains(though im not sure how much) but i always wanted something more "visual".
    one idea is that once you do a certain number of chains you fill up a "present meter" once its full you can hold and press a button(like RB) which will open a small menu where you can stroll with either the d-pad or left analog stick(key buttons on the ps3) pick something and then press X to use it.
    the items you will pick could have different side affects on either you or your opponent, like an ice item that will freeze all the gems your opponent gets for the next 10 drops, the gems wont break or marge into big blocks while their frozen and in 10 turns the ice will melt and they will return to normal .
    a speed down item will block your opponent from using the quick drop button for 10 drops which will slow his game down.
    or light bulb item will darken your opponent field for 10 seconds, forcing him to either wait or risk playing in the dark.

    another way to go here is to give each character his own chain meter which when full will give them a specific abilty upon a single press of a button, like dan sending 2 rows of red gems, chun li doing 30% damage for the next 5 seconds of her play or akuma getting invincibility from his opponent attacks for 10 seconds but once its done he gets the full damage of all the blocks his opponent sent him during that time all at once.
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    Cool, now start convincing Capcom.
  5. galwww

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    i read just enough game related articles to assume that they won't care about ideas but an actual game prototype you could actually show them, and even then.....

    i think a good showing will be to design a flash version of puzzle fighter and add that stuff to it, or do a mugen version to the pc super turbo II.

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