If I were the President of the United States

Discussion in 'Politics' started by freellula, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. freellula

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    If I were the President of the United States, I would perform the following reforms.:D

    First, fully withdraw our troops from Iraq,. I would command the soldiers to return home before Christmas. Their mothers and fathers are eagerly waiting for them to come back and to have the whole family share the Christmas dinner together again.

    Second, I would concentrate on the financial crisis. The rich must help the poor. When the economic situation improves, wealthy enterprises and individuals would be compensated for their help under the supervision of the people and participation of the state. I hope that come next Christmas, everyone could enjoy a delicious turkey on their Christmas table.

    Third, I would abolish irrational spending. Especially anything on Apple. Not only are the wage earners reluctant to buy products, but the students who don’t have so much money in the first place are going on Ebay and Lightinthebox to buy supercheap Chinese smart phones. If it was me, I would feel embarrassed. Since I cannot control the markets, I would just get rid of this and other dominating brands.
  2. x1372

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    <devil's advocate>

    So your idea is...

    1) Destabalize the middle east, allow the government we helped set up in Iraq to topple and create a massive power vacuum to be filled by hungry would-be dictators and/or Iran, leaving the whole place in a likely worse shape than before Saddam Hussein was ousted

    2) Enact Socialism.

    </devil's advocate>

    Seriously though, everything that's going on is extremely complicated, and as much as we'd love a quick fix solution, there realistically isn't one.

    Whatever you think of any president, past, present, or future, they have a VERY difficult job. One would assume anyone with that much responsibility would at least be TRYING to do what he thinks is best for their country and the world.
  3. Xom

    Xom Patreon Supporter

    Also overattributing Presidential power.
  4. Beikoku Taichou

    Beikoku Taichou Well-Known Member

    Hmm... this seems a bit extreme... not saying I disagree entirely...

    hmm... something seems fishy about this post....

  5. 2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616

    2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616 Well-Known Member


    Not that I'm that aware of the US presidents power, but I don't think he can just go "blah blah blah, my will be done"


    If I were president of the united states... I'd eat broccoli in the white house, primarily because it's not allowed to be served there (or was it some other vegetable). I would halve the defense budget (which would still leave the US as one of the top 5 spenders on defense I believe) and work on social welfare, health and education, and through working on these it would hopefully increase production, general contentment and money, which can then be reinvested into the defense force if need be. I'd also put out civil unions to avoid the church part of the gay marriage debate.

    And then there would be ponies.
    Lots of ponies.
    And i would parade through the city with them, and taunt little girls who wanted them (encouraging them to work hard so that they may have one).
    I'd also sell the meat when I'm finished with the pony.
    The pony i currently have would always be called lickity split, and it would pink.
    By force.
  6. SW

    SW Active Member

    If I'm the US president, I'd do nothing at all. (outside of getting legal kickbacks after supporting pork)

    Republican house, deadlocked Senate means passing any bills = LOLOLOLOLOL

    Cutting defense spending? ZOMG YOU ARE WEAK ON DEFENSE, IMPEACH!!1!1!!!~1!!!!11!~ Cutting spending during an active war is dumb. Cutting stupid programs is impossible (see above) when every program have been designed to pork as many congressional districts as possible while supported by a legion of lobbists. If you move the money into the social sector in one term, all you are going to get is unemployment and inflation anyways (see how Gorby killed the soviety union) which doesn't really work.

    SOCIALISM (TM), obviously does not work unless it involves enriching old people. (old people votes, young people don't, and the unborn....have yet to be born) We'll be able to see how broke social security'd be in two or three decades.
  7. Kayin

    Kayin Well-Known Member

    If I was president, I would contract experts into my cabinet who are successful in their field and not particularly politically inclined. Also successful business managers and maybe CEOs if possible, with the goal of modernizing, stream lining and merging various branches of government and internal systems. My stance on the majority of moral issues would be "pro-rights" (pro choice/guns/gay marriage/personally self destructive behavior/whatever), though I would stress the fact that I do not plan to act strongly on moral issues as their is no collective voice for this country and encourage people to focus on state legislators for this issues (Pro-State Rights too, while I'm at it).

    After spending some time with smart people to develop a goor criteria, I would veto any bill too filled with bullshit or overcomplicated laws, even if the material is a net positive. The houses need to be trained like dogs to behave.

    Oh oh, also patent reform.

    Short of it, my goal would be to get the best bang for the country's buck when it comes to social services, while trying to force the legislative branch to act like human beings. If they prevent anything, I just use it as a tool to villify them further while weathering the deadlock. I'd probably have a few other pet issues to consider, but I think those are some tough undertakings for what would likely be a 4 year presidency.
  8. Alstein

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    I'd cut defense spending by 50%. I'll tell my allies to start spending their fair share. That said, I'd tell my enemies that my response to provocation will be vicious, and not like the past- no more nation-building. I'd put some of that money into a 2nd Manhattan project to develop fusion power.

    Abolish workplace insurance, and bring in a public option that is means-tested. Private, better insurance would still exist for the rich.

    Abolish the corporate income tax, but raise the money by eliminating deductions, especially for millionaires. I would keep progressive tax rates, and no VAT/fair tax.

    I'd legalize pot, but keep a ban on it for military, and allow workplace discrimination for it. I'd lower the drinking age to 18 for high school graduates.

    I'd abolish the TSA also, and let airports decide how to do it, though FAA can take over on failed inspections. The cockpits would stay secured. Also, those who flag red on passenger lists will receive scrutiny still (mental illnesses, criminal convictions,non-citizens, etc) This will include profiling.

    I'd work on making voting Australian-style, and removing the disqualification rules in the South for minor offenders (used to help conservatives). I'd also say House districts have to no longer be gerrymandered.
  9. Kayin

    Kayin Well-Known Member

    Simplifying the tax code in general is great, especially since a complex tax code benefits big business. Legalizing pot though seems like a tricky issue to get anyone to take seriously. It lines up with my stance of "pro rights" stance, but it seems like one of those issues that is a little too much against public opinion. I DO think reducing the criminalization of possession to something like a fine (example: California) is an achievable goal thats worth pressing for since drug offenders crowding prison is such a serious issue. But hey, thread about dreaming big!

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