Interest in a Witchhunt/Mafia/Werewolf Forum Game?

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Chocolate Pi, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    Enchantress and werewolf? Please?
  2. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    THIS. If Judge claims then well werewolf can just eat him, so you'd have to know he was around or no-lynch randomly, so ... yeah.
  3. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

  4. 2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616

    2000 IQ Killjoy Gamer link6616 Well-Known Member

    Maybe dob and Judge should be able to go through protections, but not extra lives

    Also, rules text, since the survialist and so on can survive 1 of any type of death, I think better text would be simply "You have 2 lives"

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