Kongai League Season 2

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Point structure. Both options inculde bonus point for playing, factored into scores

  1. 1 point per win, 1 point for winning series (ie 3-0 = 5-1)

    19 vote(s)
  2. 1 point per win, no bonus for winning series (ie 3-0 = 4-1)

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  1. Registration is closed, league underway

    Things will be a bit different this time around, though most of the basic idea is still here.

    Entrants will be divided up into several smaller groups based on both their timezone and their skill rank. This will endeavor to keep competition fair while also making it much easier to find matches.
    In each three game series, players are limited to using each character card one time. This means that if you use a deck of Cain, Zina, and Vanessa Voss in the first match, you cannot use any of those three in either of the following games. Items may be used freely.

    Rank System
    Each player will play 3 games against everyone else in their group. One point will be awarded per win, .5 for ties, and 0 for a loss. An extra point will be awarded to both players upon the completion of their three game series, to reward those who play all of their games.

    The size of the playoffs will be determined by how many people join the league, but the most likely scenario is that we will reuse the system from the previous league. In that case, 24 players would make the playoffs with 8 byes awarded to the top scorers. Playoff matchups will start at best of 5 for early rounds, expanding to best of 7 in later rounds.
    The deck restrictions from the regular season will not be carried over to the playoffs, meaning players are free to choose any cards they desire.

    Game reporting
    The reporting system has been upgraded this time around. Standings will still be handled using a Google spreadsheet, but instead of reporting via email, players can now add their results to the spreadsheet via a form. The link to the form is accessible from the spreadsheet as well as here.
    Because of this change, each game needs to be reported by one (and only one) of the players. If both report it will throw off the results and cause problems for everyone. Screenshots are no longer required either, though they are recommended as they can stop any dispute over results.

    Shadowinfinity, Zakid, and CardinalSmith will be in charge of organization for the SR30+ league. Sleepinghero and Sefthuko will lead organization of the SR25-29 league.
    If you have any questions about the league, feel free to contact any of us.
    Once league play begins, room 42 will be the league headquarters. Until then, please go to room 1 if you are looking for any of the organizers.

    Kongregate thread is here. Feel free to bump it if it falls off of the first page.
  2. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    I'm in. Central timezone. I can go anytime between 4pm to 12am if requested, but generally I'll probably only check for matches around 7-9pm.

    Edit: fixed :p
  3. I'm assuming by 12pm you mean midnight and not noon, unless you have some bizarre schedule where you only sleep from noon to four.
  4. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    GMT +8!
    Any prizes, such as a Wii? Man, I would love to get a Wii
  5. We might have kreds as prizes again, we'll see. If you got enough of them, maybe Kong would buy you a Wii.

    Anyway, do you have any particular hours in which you'll be available? We're looking to sort people more based on that then on timezone.
  6. Lone_ant

    Lone_ant New Member

    In as well. GMT +8 Beijing (is actually in Manila, Philippines)

    I'm probably free Monday mornings 8-10 or Sunday (my sunday/monday).. is a student so schedule might be shaky.

    /wii meh, rather get PS3 :p
  7. opposik

    opposik New Member

    That wii is mine!

    I'm keen to sign up. GMT +12, all the way on the other side of the world :D
    I'm also quite flexible with my playing hours so timezones shouldn't be that much of a problem, unless people don't show up like last season :mad:
  8. ladolcevita

    ladolcevita New Member

    Ladolcevita (same as on Kongai) (SR 27). GMT +8 The Beijing, Hong Kong time zone.

    For convenience sake, I will give my available times as US Central Time since I used to live there. Weekdays. 12:30-3:30 AM.

    Love the deck restriction idea, but i don't know how you guys used to do this.
  9. Lameador

    Lameador New Member

    Laemador, SR 25, GMT +1 (Paris)

    Available genrally around 8pm to 0 am
  10. Monkorn

    Monkorn Member

    SR35, EST. I snipe games throughout the day, but you will most likely find me post-midnight.

    Oh, and it would be awesome if the spreadsheet could handle what cards were played, so someone could take it like what we had done with the popularity spreadhseet a few months back.
  11. We can do that, though it won't give the best idea of popularity since card use is limited.

    You mean Lameador? There isn't a Laemador.

    ...and actually Lameador is a lv1 who isn't SR20. I'm confused :(

    0am = midnight? So many different ways people are saying it lol
  12. Lameador

    Lameador New Member

    I'll post my Kongaï account (SR 25) to the SR25-29 organizers and other members of the league.

    Problem is : my Kongaï account can be linked to my real name, wich is something I try to avoid : I don't mind players knowings my name but I don't want search bots or colleagues to find it.
  13. YXG

    YXG New Member

    I'm in as NothingHere SR41, GMT+1 (Paris) like Lameador :) available pretty often, and even more often the evening starting 7-8pm until midnignt+
  14. Sefthuko

    Sefthuko Member

    If you want, I could let you borrow an account or make a new one for you :D
  15. Elusive

    Elusive Member

    Reporting in.

    GMT +1, Sweden
    Available evenings and weekends.
  16. Sefthuko

    Sefthuko Member

    I want to organize SR30+ too/instead :(
  17. zakid

    zakid Member

    SR36 atm.

    GMT +1, Eastern Europe, it's hard for me to give exact times at which I'll be available, since I may be on a tight schedule next year. I should be available at weekends, or during the week around 9-10 PM GMT.
  18. rocketman

    rocketman New Member

    sr 35
    EST Time Zone
    Available from probably 5pm to midnight most nights.
  19. Are you sure you want to play using that account? Your other seems to have more cards. You can take the SR from NothingHere and play on YXG if you want.

    @ Lameador- It'll have to go up on the google spreadsheet, is that alright? It would be very confusing for everyone if we put a fake account on there.
  20. Twinge

    Twinge New Member

    Twinge, SR31
    MST in the US; I'm reasonably available whenever (I could make games any time except between 4am and 10am my time at present), but my best times are probably in the evenings, say, 7pm-12am my time (except Tuesdays). I will note that I have some connection issues, so it's possible I'll disconnect during a game, but I will be able to reconnect if they wait. (And yes, I know that'll be on me to tell people before we start playing.)

    Lameador - Having the name on the spreadsheet should be fine; I don't know that bots crawl such, and even if they do it'll probably be taken down after several months anyway. I do find it kind of odd that being related to Kongai is such a terrible thing for colleagues to find out though :p
  21. Don't worry, you'll have the same access to the spreadsheet as anyone else, only real difference is that you'll be handling getting the SR25 people to play instead of the SR30 ones.

    Also, I need to get an email from you, sleepinghero, and cardinal so that I can add you guys to the spreadsheet.

    Kong thread: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/1/topics/53844
    I sent out invitations to everyone who asked about it and all the people from the first league who hit 15 games.
  22. Infallible

    Infallible Member

    Skill rank 30
    Evening time would be best, but I'm relatively flexible.

    I don't have all the cards, so if it's allowed then I'd like to swap accounts between games to get a few more options. My other accounts are TheFrogger and Infallible2(very new).
  23. I suppose there's no real reason why not. Make sure to tell your opponents in advance though.
  24. YXG

    YXG New Member

    It would be fine :)
  25. Mateusz

    Mateusz New Member

    GMT+1 similar story to zakid. Probably evenings (perferrably (5)7-9(12)) on weekdays and all day long on weekends. Count me in=)
  26. Jon94

    Jon94 New Member

    I'm not quite rank 25 yet, but I think I can get it up by the time the league starts. I'm GMT-5
  27. hey i like to play too guys, central time zone in canada , i can play in the evenings.
  28. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    ... so what do we do if we want to use random decks? It's not like we can force them to exclude certain cards...
  29. Someone else answer this since I'm against the whole system in general.
  30. snioginsael

    snioginsael New Member

    snioginsael: SR38 atm. Will be rockin' the PST.

  31. CardinalSmith

    CardinalSmith New Member

    random decks (random all) are allowed.
    I am in, of course, and will help organize.
    sorry for the long absence, but now I'm back :)
  32. Twinge

    Twinge New Member

    Just to clarify, I'll make an assumption and I'll add the (fairly obvious, but just to be safe) note that Random All is always allowed for any of your 3 matches. Too bad you risk getting Helene though :(
  33. Mateusz

    Mateusz New Member

    Just came up with an idea. I really like the concept of forcing people to play different cards (at the moment I am thinking of decks myself). How about using the ideas also in the playoffs. Of course there are more games. Hence I propose to make a limit of using a character twice in best of 5 matches and 3 times in best of 7 matches. Different combinations allowed (u can use Anex in 2 different decks, but u can't use her anymore in the match). Opinions?
  34. Sleepinghero

    Sleepinghero New Member

    My time is eastern standard in the US. I think thats GMT+5. I play odd hours, prefer to play from anywhere between 10 pm to 4 am. Of course I'm flexible, and will be up for pretty much any time. I prefer nighttime to daytime though. Also, I'll probably be playing under my "Meredine" alt since it has more cards.

    ALSO, anyone having any questions in the rank 25 tourniment and see "Meredine" in room 1 or room 42, feel free to ask "Meredine" for that will be me! Also, feel free to pm me on here or through my kongai account if the mood strikes.

    On Mateusz's sugguestion: we already kind of discussed the rules for at least a month figuring this set-up out so it might be a bit late to change it. I'm sure we can work some changed rules for the tourniment if these don't work out so well during the season, but I feel the season is set for as is.

    Edit: right, forgot about that switchup when we hit the season's tourniment. So for those who hate the restriction idea, at least there won't be any for the matches that matter most.
  35. opposik

    opposik New Member

    I believe the idea right now is to just play 3 matches, rather than a best of series, whereby you get a point for each win, meaning that if you win alll 3 you get 3 points, win 2 lose 1, you get 2 and your opponent gets 1 etc.

    A best of 5 series for the regular season might be a tad bit too tedious in my opinion. But I believe we will be having best of 5/7 matches in the playoffs but with no card restrictions.
  36. CardinalSmith

    CardinalSmith New Member

    totally support!!!
  37. Twinge

    Twinge New Member

    Psst, opp - he's talking about the playoffs ;O

    I could go either way there probably. SI wanted no characters restrictions at all so it seems like a possibly reasonable compromise? Shrug.
  38. monkeyboy

    monkeyboy New Member

    Would love to play

    Monkeyboy1975 - SR35
    Can do most times on a weekday - evenings are best Monday to Thursday

    Thanks for organising!
  39. zakid

    zakid Member

    I wasn't a big fan of card restrictions either, so I thought a reasonable compromise would be to have them in the league stage only. I don't know if we should have this in playoffs though. I think it seriously limits the amount of strategies available for every player (remember that there are a few who don't have all cards). With card restrictions, you'll probably be figuring out "what can/can't I use now?" rather than creating reasonable decks and strategies.
  40. CardinalSmith

    CardinalSmith New Member

    actually, I think matuesz idea is a brilliant compromise. using each card twice in best of 5, or 3 times in best of 7, is hardly a limitation, but still extends the regular season in the playoffs, and at least prevents using the same deck over and over.

    1 more thought - I strongly think the winner of a matchup should get at least 1 more bonus point for winning. at the current system, if someone wins 2-1 the score will be 3-2, and thats really too little.
  41. CardinalSmith

    CardinalSmith New Member

    note that matuesz idea requires less cards the the regular season (8 cards for best of 5, 7 for best of 7, ASSUMING we get to the final game). by league start every strong player should have enough to make that a non-factor.
  42. That was what I said, but zakid was worried about what would happen if one person won all the games, which would be a 5-1 result at the moment.

    Oh, and Cardinal, we need times for you. And an email so I can add you to the spreadsheet editing list.
  43. zakid

    zakid Member

    Using the same deck over and over again won't get you anywhere, even without card restrictions. As I recall from the previous league, I still used 9 cards in 5 game series against Mateusz and 7 cards in 3 games against Sefthuko.
    What I'm worried about is that players will end up with a piece of paper, writing the combinations they already used and trying to figure out some reasonable deck they can use. It doesn't seem like a problem in the league stage, since there are only 3 games to play, but restrictions in playoffs may bring some unnecessary complications, even if you're able to use cards 2, or 3 cards.
    We didn't have any experience with tournaments with restrictions earlier, so I may be wrong. I think a vote would be fair enough:)

    Why exactly is that too little? 2-1 score doesn't look like an obliteration to me, so I don't see why the winner deserves any additional point. You can already gain a 3 point advantage by winning all games, which is quite huge.
  44. opposik

    opposik New Member

    Im totally with you on there, I can see myself getting into quite a mess trying to figure out 7 different decks to use in a 7 card series without using a card more than within the bounds of the restrictions. Even thinking of good 3 card combinations for the regular season is though for me :p

    And as I mentioned before, I think 5 game match ups in the regular season is too much, especially if some people only have time to play 1 or 2 matches at a time rather than all 3 or 5 at once.
  45. Fat__Tony

    Fat__Tony New Member

    I strongly agree with this. The winner is not given enough credit. Suppose Player A wins 3-0 and loses another game by default for not turning up, he gets 4 points. Player B loses 2 games 1-2, he also gets 4 points. That technically states that playing ur game is as good as a win if not better.
    Is this really what we want? I beg to change the rules in favour of the winner. 2 points for a winning game or simply no points for turning up seems fair.
  46. You get one point per series played, not per game played.

    Scores would look like this under the current system:
    3-0: 4 points, 1 point
    2-1: 3 points, 2 points

    Adding a point for winning the series makes it look like this:
    3-0: 5 points, 1 point
    2-1: 4 points, 2 points
  47. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    It encourages people to actually play their damn games. That is a good thing.
  48. Fat__Tony

    Fat__Tony New Member

    Oh my bad, didn't realise there was a point awarded for games won, thought it was just point per round. Deffinitely not as bad as I thought.

    Got a few questions, if your opponent doesn't show up, do u win 3-0(ie, 5 points)? When there's a win/loss/tie or tie/tie/tie who wins, no points awarded for winning the game/series? If someone disconnects, how do you proceed, round loss? What's the prize structure like for both tourneys and can you choose which one to enter?
  49. I don't think we're going to have a strict schedule in which your opponent has to show up on a specific day. If we do have hard limits like that, then forfeits would result in giving the games (probably not the series points though? since they didn't play it) to the person who did show up.
    A series tie would mean .5 points to both if we adopt the system where the winner gets a bonus point.
    Disconnects are up to the person who remained connected. They can elect to take the win or replay the match. If the result was in doubt or the game just started, most people would allow a replay, but they can take the win too if they want.
    Prizes, we don't know about yet.
    You have to enter the higher tourney if you can.

    Poll up for how we reward winning.
  50. ladolcevita

    ladolcevita New Member

    "Game" is not the proper term here, match-up would be more appropriate. The idea is that a person plays three games against any other person in his group. By taking matches won into consideration one would be 'double counting' the points already won. The idea is simply to get everyone playing everyone else and end up by tallying the scores.

    However, the current system is also screwed up, I don't see any purpose in giving points to people who participate. If someone doesn't play, then he probably doesn't care about gaining or losing anyway (losing by inflation if points are given by participation). Not participating means the loss of opportunity for three points already. This has a problem, namely, in giving his opponent 3 free wins there is the danger of some sort of nefarious collusion. So simply put, if some one can't be bothered to show up then disqualify them. This might be damaging, assuming games have already been lost and won, but there is no better disincentive (or enforceable disincentive).

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