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    1. If you play X mode, does that mean the 80% diamond is gone and the diamond still only does 50% (but with the possibility of the 100% trick)?

    2. I can find plenty of info on the multipliers for power gems, but not so much info on chains. Anyone have any math on this? (My main question involves how worth it it is to not directly explode a large power gem, but to instead put the crash gem on top of a normal gem of a diff color, and then explode that diff color instead, so the power gem gets exploded as the second part of the chain).

    3. I play on the PS3 version, and there's wicked bad input lag. Is this fixed on the 360 version?

    4. Are there any good sources for high-level videos? I've searched youtube and got some, but most of them seemed to be of the arcade verison.

    5. Okay, 5 isn't really a small question, but Jobber, you gave some very nice explanations for how to fight against Ken and Ryu's pattern. How in the world do you fight against Akuma's pattern, though?
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    X mode is pretty faithful to the old version, so the diamond is only 50% damage or 100% with the glitch.

    The XBox 360 version does have less lag, in general, online. There still is some input lag, though, and you still will get bad laggy matches online during XBox 360 play.

    As an aside, for some reason, online lag turned out to be a slightly good thing. Like in SF HDR, online matches always turn out slightly slower than local matches. One thing I noticed on PS3, there seems to be a cap on how many inputs per second. When I play on PS3, I always connect the controller directly to the console using the USB plug to reduce the amount of connection problems. Anyway, it's not uncommon for me to make say X number of moves, but the on screen display only reflects (x-1) presses I've made. This happens less often for XBox 360, but the XBox 360's digipad is so awful I can't play nearly as fast nor accurately on that system.

    So how do you beat Akuma? I've been tinkering with a lot of strategies, but here's a general one I find a bit successful. First, let's look at Ryu's drop pattern, and isolate his first row:

    Ryu's Drop Pattern

    Ryu's first row

    Then look at the corresponding pictures for Akuma:



    The first row of Ryu's drop pattern is a mirror image of Akuma's. If Akuma drops in large bunches, there's not a whole lot you can do. However, every once in a while your opponent will drop only 1 row at a time. I feel your best chance of beating Akuma is to play against his first row of his drop pattern, and essentially that means doing the mirror image of how you play against Ryu. So if you like stacking red's in column 2 against Ryu, for instance, I'd recommend stacking greens instead against Akuma. At the very least, you'll probably get some sort of power gems developing in the bottom. So in short, mirror image your best Ryu strategy when fighting Akuma. Additionally, since blue comes in column 4 with the highest frequency, that probably would be a good color for using your diamond.
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    the d-pad on the 360 isn't as good but you get used to it(i tinkered with mine by removing some of the surface around it ) i don't have a ps3 controller but i have an old ps1 controller and although its easier to press its keys it does require much more force(, if the ps3 requires similar pushing strength i guess it will tire the thumb in a long match making you a little slower towards the 4th minute of playing or so.
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    For sure, the PS pads require a lot more force, but as long as your hands and forearms are up for the workout (and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this, but if I'm amped up for a long round of PF, I sweat because I press with a whole lot of tension :p), you can play faster and more accurately. The 360 pad requires a fair amount of modding for someone groomed on a PS pad to start feeling comfortable playing on it, and even with the mods, I pick the PS pad.
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    no doubt about it being better, just a little worried about the thumb joints.

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