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    UPDATE: Bound Brook man's reaction to video games prompts SWAT response

    By MICHAEL DEAK • Staff Writer • July 15, 2009

    BOUND BROOK — A Winsor Street man was charged Tuesday with disorderly conduct following an incident Tuesday afternoon at his home that prompted a response from the Somerset County SWAT team.

    The man, who has not been identified by police because the investigation is continuing, was taken to Somerset Medical Center in Somerville for psychological evaluation.

    The incident began at about 3:29 p.m. when police received a call from a woman walking in the 500 block of Winsor Street that she heard screams coming from a house, police said.

    A police officer responding to the home asked the resident if anything was wrong. The man said he was screaming because he was playing video games on his television, police said.

    The man then became irrational, prompting additional police response, police said.

    After the officers arrived, the man became increasingly irate, refused to let the officers into the house, threatened officers and then slammed the door, police said.

    As the officers continued to communicate with the man through open windows, the SWAT team was called and staged in the nearby parking lot of Bound Brook High School.

    The man decided to come out of the house without incident at 4:41 p.m.

    Do you scream or make noises that could be mistaken for screaming when you game?
    How would you react to an officer wanting to search your house over such noises?
  2. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    sounds like he was playing mario kart
  3. LoneKnight

    LoneKnight Well-Known Member

    Fucking blue shells!
  4. darkcrobat

    darkcrobat Member

    I would first tell the truth, then let them search my house. Co-operate in all areas. That is best for you and best for them.
    Also, no I don't make any noise when gaming.
  5. CWheezy

    CWheezy Well-Known Member

    You would give up your rights.

  6. BullDancer

    BullDancer New Member

    before i sold madden 09 i would become irrational whenever someone paused the game, because whenever someone pauses i have to wait, and like one time some dude paused for like 10 minutes, then i would start to scream random obscenities because he wont resume, but not over a headset because i broke it by accident:D
  7. PoisonDagger

    PoisonDagger Active Member

    Even when I get pissed off and swear to myself when playing, it's never at a volume that's considered yelling. I know some people that get a lot noisier, and if their windows were open I wouldn't be surprised if this same thing happened to them.
  8. Kicks

    Kicks Active Member

    I generally just swear to myself quietly or just under shouting.

    If I'm competing in a setting with a friend and the trash talk is flowing, the exclamations of anger and frustration get a bit louder ;)

    Soul Calibur and Dodonpachi do this to me in any setting. I don't know why.

    Congrats to Lofobal who just earned the pee in my pants and a spot in my sig.

    Watching my sister playing Counter Strike or Mario Kart is something that should be on youtube.
  9. XDarkAngelX

    XDarkAngelX Member

    Some people are like that in competitive settings. They swear and shout and grumble while you're beating them. Bad form.

    One year at GenCon we were playing Dreamblade in the lobby of the hotel before we left for the airport, and one guy who was playing was so loud he was scaring customers and we feared we'd be kicked out.

    Some people need to chill the fuck out. And they should start by learning to chill the fuck out in single player games at home.
  10. Avatar Z

    Avatar Z Well-Known Member

    I am SO +1ing this! :D
  11. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    High5 for Dreamblade. "14 dice...3 damage no blades? WTF!?"
  12. Gabb

    Gabb New Member

    I don't know about you guys, but I think the most frustrating game in existence is Battlefield 2. I have more then 500 hours in that game, and that game elevated my gamer rage to new heights. Even though I consider myself relatively calm, theres something just so frustrating about the events that occur in that game at any given time, I often found myself screaming into ventrillo. These are just a few examples of some of these frustrating occurences:

    1. Your jet can magically explode for no reason at all in the air...yes...must have hit a pigeon or something, no missle tone or anything, no enemy plane behind you firing silent bullets

    2. You can be CRUSHED by your parked jets wing as your running to get inside of it desperately mashing the E button

    3. You can also be CRUSHED by your own ground vehicle if its against a tree or on a steep slope...theres nothing more frustrating then desperately running back to your vehicle under heavy fire only to be mysteriously killed when you finally get there

    4. Sometimes your parachute doesn't open...it just doesn't...no matter how many times you hit the key...it just doens't open...maybe its lag thing I dunno

    5. You can be killed by artillery even when fully inside a building

    6. You can be CRUSHED by your own air supply drop crate...this is just hilarious when it happens...I laughed so bad when this first happened to me...not so much the dozen of other times it happened later in my BF2 career

    7. People managing to throw C4 at you and immediately detonating resulting in you blown to bits and them ridiculously still alive and untouched

    8. Fighting your fellow newbie team mates for the aircraft, only to have them hopping inside of it before you, and immediately crashing seconds after take off, and the entire process repeating over and over

    9. Unable to leave the US carrier due to harassing virtually invicible J-10s which constantly kill anything moving, including the respawning anti aircraft battery

    10. Missles that fail to hit an aircraft despite having FULL LOCK TONE and the AIRCRAFT GOING IN A STRAIGHT LINE, the J-10 is notorious for having this mysterious repel shield

    11. Getting killed by C-4 despite being ridiculously far away from the blast

    12. Having a friend try to land the black hawk to pick u up, despite the fact hes descending ridiculously fast, which results in you being crushed and his chopper ridiculously bouncing off the ground and only taking minor damage...a big LOL factor I guess

    13. Allies taking off in vehicles despite the fact you screaming at them with the in game mic and even on ventrillo sometimes ( and even shooting at them! ), even more rare if they stop, sometimes they reverse to fast only to result in you being run over

    14. When someone on your side and their buddy on the enemy side ambush you, the enemy kills you and his buddy on your side revives you only to be killed again instantly ( by kniffing ) . This stat padding pretty much ruins your game in the server and the only way you can get out of it is leaving the game or hoping that someone will take notice

    the events I mentioned also occur in previous battlefield iterations along with newer ones
  13. Fry

    Fry Well-Known Member

    This is actually sort of a real world problem. My dad has stories from...I think the first Gulf War (back in the 80s) of dropping loads of leaflets out the back of the plane, where the leaflets basically said, in a multitude of languages, "if you see planes fly over to drop supplies for you, don't try to stand under them." Apparently there was a big problem of local villagers trying to catch the massive supply crates as they were falling, not realizing that even with a parachute that will still crush a man flat.
  14. sage

    sage Well-Known Member

    5. You can be killed by artillery even when fully inside a building

    I think this can happen in real life actually. We are squishy bags of liquid and sudden concussive waves cause our insides to fuck up. c/d?
  15. Kanil

    Kanil New Member

    I have no pity for people who complain about their midadventures while flying...
    fucking jet whores...
  16. Gabb

    Gabb New Member

    I don't think DICE had spalling or concussive waves in mind. Its more likely a result some buggy hit boxing implementation

    pssssht its more likely a result of DICE being incapable of balancing the game and making aircraft too strong, I play to win :p
  17. Kanil

    Kanil New Member

    And so do these guys?
  18. Callan S.

    Callan S. New Member

    So he gave them a rational reason (that he's overly emotive etc)...and then somehow he just suddenly became irrational right after that, apparently triggered by nothing - even though a moment before he managed to rationally give a reason?

    There's a gang who's gang colour is blue, they are armed, and they think you don't need to know certain things they have done.
  19. Gabb

    Gabb New Member

    Well cops in California usually wear black :p

    anyways you bring up a good point, the cops probably kept asking the guy further questions to exacerbate his already hot temper and cause him to go AWOL. Not saying its not his fault ( because it is for playing mario kart in the first place ), but cops often instigate trouble in many situations because well they secretly like doing that :p especially cops in areas that are peaceful...

    its so ironic DICE decided to make the J-10 the god tier jet and refuse to balance it afterwards with simple number changes. Especially considering the F-35 is very far ahead of the J-10 in terms of technology and sophistication.
  20. Charlie

    Charlie New Member

    i think the police set this guy up. they talked to him through the window so it was opened. one of the officers probably said "oh, i smell marijuana" and that gave them probable cause to check. but the guy didnt open so they swat teamed him.

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