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Discussion in 'Kongai virtual card game' started by garcia1000, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. TruePurple

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    Its painfully clear milsk's maturity dwarfs yours FS by your questioning his virginity based on him willing to hold a door open (being 14 is a decent indicator, door opening is not) and like it has any bearing at all on maturity.

    You do not need to be mature to have sex, nor does having sex make you mature. But I guess such common sense and maturity alludes you FS
  2. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    When did sex get mentioned at all? I'm quite literally laughing at this latest misinterpretation.

    EDIT: Nevermind, I started skimming over the personal insults in FS's posts to get to the more useful points to argue about, like how he uses my age (and apparantly my sex life) as a reason why I'm wrong about why a guy can't be the "good guy" while being an asshole to somebody who doesn't know about card balance in a game that recently seems to have died and was released on a fairly popular flash game site
  3. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    Since the time you decided to bang your fat fingers on a keyboard and criticize a user for rightly calling out stupidity.

    My point is that not only is calling out stupidity a good thing, but that it is a staple of many large, successful message boards, and even been written about in academic papers.

    You're either too oblivious, too immature, or too stupid to understand this. Just take your pick.

    The whole paragraph above is a cop-out, much like your "being nice" mantra. It completely ignores the argument at hand, and paradoxically enough, is actually a version of the classic "you're gay!" comeback, since it attempts to change the subject of discussion, a topic which the user is badly losing.

    HAHAHHAHAHAHA. However you need to justify it in your own mind, angry little boy.

    Firstly, you "definatly" can't read. I said "one of the largest", and yeah, 62k is a lot.

    And your quip about "intelligence to be determined" is laughable. It's a forum run by a bunch of people in their early thirties, with the largest demographic being in their early to late twenties.

    I'm sure it will survive regardless of some angry little 14 year olds' beliefs.


    High comedy. And I edited in that part about him being a virgin just because I found it so funny that he compared to conduct on a message board to holding a door for a date.

    I mean, most girls HATE that.
  4. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Actually, no. I didn't talk about message board policies, only that Garcia was in the wrong.

    Do you need to be an asshole to tell somebody they aren't being that intelligent? Hell, helping people out while pointing out they are wrong seems to work fine in a lot of cases.

    I'd say you are all three in regards to actual debate, but that might bring me down to your level, and I certainly don't want that.

    Oddly enough, you can't seem to disprove mine either... So at best for your argument, we are both wrong and are both trying to change the subject... However, I seem to have a point, in that you legitimatly are insulting me instead of actually getting whatever your point is across.

    One of the largest is STILL wrong. Trust me, there are many sites with far more users than you. The sites are generally not intelligent, but I haven't seen much intelligence at the boards you posted so far (and the "Tucker" person seems to have a god complex, though I'm assuming that the rep point alt text's are just jokes).
    Since when did age = intelligence?

    Survival /=/ right, not that I have any problem with the forum you love to bring up.

    If that's "high comedy" to you, I really can't think of a response. Isn't "high comedy" generally supposed to be sophisticated humor? Didn't making insults about somebody being a virgin go out of style in high school?

    I haven't met any person to date who has been annoyed that I held a door open for them, besides one radical feminist, but that's a different story.
  5. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    You probably typed this without thinking, didn't you? Re-read my sentence, and then come back here and apologize for your lack of reading skills.

    What I wrote directly pertains to why Garcia's actions weren't just RIGHT, but essential. I've posted a link for you which says as much, but which I'm assuming you haven't read. I've even given you abundant personal experience, just to drive the point home.

    Right now, you're simply arguing for the sake of doing so, without stopping to read, or educate yourself on a subject you know little to nothing about.

    And there's nothing wrong with not knowing. There is a problem, however, with constantly arguing like an idiot about things that only take a little self-introspection to realize are wrong.

    Which is exactly what you're doing in this topic, and which TruePurple has done in every thread he's posted in.

    Than me?

    And yes, I'm aware that there are larger webforums. However, I'm guessing one of the 100 largest message boards in the world qualifies as "one of the largest", doesn't it?

    How would you know? You've only started high school this week, am I right?

    There were many ways to make fun of your stupid declaration that treating online users is like "opening a door for your date". It was stupid. It was irrelevant. It showed how little understanding you had of the issue, or of all the dates you claim to have been on by the age of 14. It showed that you had ignored the link you whined to me to post.

    Concentrate on that instead of the fact that someone mentioned you were a virgin. At 14, that's nothing to be ashamed of. I was a virgin for longer than that.

    But being an argumentative idiot who refuses to read...that's worthy of shame at any age.
  6. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Or you could try learning to be civil, come back, and apologize for being an ass.

    I've read it... But at this point it doesn't really apply. We've all already pointed out where TP was wrong before. You don't have to go over the top and tell everybody to mute him to tell him he's wrong. He gets enough of the hate whenver he posts as is, and if he hasn't left by now, it's unlikely he's going to leave or get better.

    And what are you doing, exactly? You've already said or made it clear that you seem to hate me as a person, think that nobody who isn't as old as you can be smart, and you clearly think my opinion is utterly worthless, so why are you posting, besides arguing for the sake of arguing or trolling. Considering the insults, it feels more like the second one, actually.

    I actually beleive you have some good advice there. Try applying it to yourself.

    Except for the fact you seem to be unable to prove me wrong with any kind of logic and have to resort to trying to turn this into a pissing contest. At the very least, it seems that way, considering you blast me for going off topic whenever I make a point about you being an asshole to cover up the fact you have almost no logic behind your points, and then you cover up me pointing out that you are covering my points up by being an asshole again. It's a vicious cycle you have trapped yourself in.

    I seriously doubt it's even in the top 100, but it would be a bit of a chore to go around finding other forums bigger than it.

    Like most everything else you have said, you, sir, are entirely wrong.
    It's an analogy. I used something simple, even if it may have been a bit cliche. Concentrate on the point of it, rather than saying it's stupid. It wasn't even related to the actual topic, it was related to giving me a link.

    It doesn't change the fact that you are still an asshole, for that and other reasons. Considering you found it comical, I'm also wondering if you haven't been lying about your age, but of course I don't have any way to prove that.
    And being an argumentative idiot who relies on insults to prove his point... that's worse.

    Also, I've been reading through the forums you posted, and I have yet to see a genuine spark of intelligence in there. I mean, it's not bad as far as forums go, but I've seen more intelligent chat on GameFAQs (on a good day, granted).
  7. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    Probably the lamest, most moronic cop-out you've banged out yet. You respond to everything I wrote with "apply it to yourself! I could say the same of you!", regardless of context, and thought that was a witty comeback.

    It isn't. You're a 14 year old idiot loser who refuses to read or think, attacked an intelligent 26 year old forum member for no real reason than "he wasn't nice on the intraweb!" (Ironic, eh?), and, when proven wrong, started defending the rights of an idiot to be an idiot as if that was something admirable.

    Congratulations, you've shown yourself to be every bit as worthless as TruePurple in contributing to this forum.

    For anyone else too bothered to wade through this mess, check out www.shirky.com . It's like the Sirlin of Internet design.
  8. Gavisi

    Gavisi Well-Known Member

    So this is kind of a personal question for you FinalSlayer, but I keep wondering about it.

    You play the age card a lot. "Come back in 6 years when you're actually intelligent" and all that. But I have to imagine someone played the age card on you when you were younger. What was your response then? Did you accept it as a valid argument? And if you didn't, why do you now accept it?

    Yeah, it's weird for me to ask this. I'm not using it to springboard into an argument or anything, just wondering.
  9. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    I was very intellectually precocious as a kid, and competed in academic and athletic events against, took academic classes with, and had friends who were all at least two years older than me throughout my childhood up until the end of high school.

    Plus, I'm physically large, strong, and matured early, so actually....I never had anyone mention my age disparagingly when I was 14, except for my parents when they were scolding me for acting like a six year old.

    But with that said, I also realize what a generally stupid, immature, selfish, and small-minded person I was at that age, and how even the smartest 14 year olds I knew back then were the same way, to varying degrees.

    And the reason I mention it so often with regards to Milsk is that I can honestly see myself making the same flawed, stupid arguments as him when I was about 10-12 years old. Especially his idealistic crusade to end mean words towards idiots on the Internet.

    The difference between me at that age and him is that I'd be excited at reading www.shirky.com, trying to figure out what my opponent was saying, then coming back to the table with some real knowledge, and having an engaging debate.

    He, on the other hand, wants to keep up a game of juvenile chimps flinging feces at one another. So essentially, he's proven himself as worthless and dumb as TruePurple, except perhaps younger.

    Does that answer your question?
  10. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

  11. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    more popcorn anyone?

    just sit back and enjoy the show....
  12. jiaflu

    jiaflu Member

    Consider me slow, I just came home from a hard night of drinking. I only realized how appalled I am at the state of the boards after reading about a page and a half. There is so much shit being flung around - and by shit, I meant completely baseless arguments without any merit to them. I find that I need to correct a few misconceptions.

    First off, I find it fucking hilarious that you, TP, would think garcia is on the level where he has fanboys, especially on these boards. Most of us received higher level education at prestigious institutions and/or work in a field that requires high analytical skills. Group-think my ass; among the top players here, we've all had disagreements. With the amount of time you spend on the boards, I'm sure you can locate them. If garcia spews garbage, it will be treated as such. Unfortunately for you, he rarely does even if we dispute some minor points. He doesn't need back up many of his arguments because the support and analysis are self-evident. If you're not quite sure what that entails, it basically means it's fucking obvious to the rest of us. This kind of skill is something you will pick up 4-6 years down the line. Maybe.

    Now this leads to my second point - if YOU spew shit, it will also be treated as such. And also unfortunately for you, this has become a common state of affairs these days for the boards. We're not nice people. We're not here to coddle you. We're here for ONE reason: to improve this game that we all enjoy and love. If you have a suggestion, by all means post it. But that doesn't mean it'll get accepted especially when you need massive improvement on your rhetoric skills. Your "persuasions" and "arguments" aren't exactly winning you friends or supporters, because honestly, they suck. The reason those words are in quotes is because I can't even confidently say if they are actually such. We don't flame your ideas because we don't like you. It's because a lot of them are just trash and that's what you do with trash - burn it.

    Now, if you want to fucking whine about people dissing your ideas, this isn't the place because you'll be just met with even more ridicule. We're pretty unsympathetic people, if you haven't realized already.

    As for all the Milskidasith posts. I can't be bothered. I think FS has everything covered.
  13. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Did I think it was witty? No, it's a cliche. Did I think it applied? Hell yes. You haven't thought a bit about your argument and instead continue to use insults and cop outs yourself (including saying my argument is a cop out) to get around any points I make.

    Considering I haven't been proven wrong yet, I'd say this statement is a load of shit. I also don't think TruePurple should be an idiot. All I'm saying is that Garcia shouldn't be an ass about it (even your own article never mentions being an asshole to the outsiders, just making sure that they aren't ruining the true purpose of the boards. You can't exactly make the argument that being an asshole is the only way to keep the core group strong. Besides, we've already all shown we hate Truepurple, this is over the top.

    At this point, I don't see how your posts are contributing anything, but hey! I'm a stupid 14 year old kid who knows nothing and must worship your opinion as god, even if it is based on the misrepresentation of an article that came out 5 years ago.

    I did check out the article you mentioned. As I said earlier, it never mentioned being an asshole, just protecting the core group. If you can do it without lowering yourself in the process, all the better. You can easily do that by attempting to correct TruePurple, and you don't have to be an ass about it.
  14. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Another one of your "FS is perfect and Milski is the worst person ever" posts, eh? Let me point something out: I read the article. I never heard him say anything remotely similar to "be an asshole to those outside the core group. All I saw was that you had to protect the core group.

    Considering you never actually gave a straight answer to it, and instead used it as a way to insult me and say how great you are, I doubt it.
  15. Penney

    Penney New Member

    Right now everybody seems to think everybody is an ass and a lot of valuable time is being wasted trying to prove that for one reason or another.

    I vote we end the bickering and try to get on with what we are all here to do which was to raise the level of awareness, strategy, and general competitiveness of everyone that wants to come here to learn from others and share their ideas.

    All of us should "be the bigger man" here and just let it go. It seems everyone here is pretty fire resistant and everyone already knows what everyone else already thinks about them and the rank leaderboard is there to see to evaluate people's skill levels.

    Nothing will likely be gained by continuing on this path.

  16. Purechance

    Purechance Member

    Penney - shhhhh...

    you are trying to speak reason to these people... you should just sit back and enjoy the show... if not, they may decide to turn their attention to you... they are kind of like rabid dogs in that sense... you're safe as long as they don't see you...;)
  17. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    I vote for more cartoons, poo flinging monkeys, lolcats, movie quotes, failboats, and other such stuff

    Edit: I think most people are engaging in this stuff because there hasn't been a patch update in ages. So basically the only new Kongai things are

    1) Onimaru sux!
    2) Onimaru changes
    3) screenshots

    I doubt it will be such garbage when there are new things to discuss
  18. icewolf34

    icewolf34 Well-Known Member

    Needs more endgame problems? That's looking at you, garcia. =)
  19. Taimat

    Taimat New Member


    Especially when it comes to arguments.
  20. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    ...wait wat
  21. Gavisi

    Gavisi Well-Known Member

    Yep. Thank you.
  22. ShigityShank

    ShigityShank New Member

    How bout YouTube videos?
  23. MaddAddams

    MaddAddams New Member

    That's hilarious, Shigity.
  24. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    The cognitive dissonance in this post is simply astounding. Not to say that I didn't have psychological issues at 14 myself, but if your postings here are any indication whatsoever, a shrink could have a field day with you, Milsk.

    I'll address this because while you're probably too stupid to understand this, someone else might learn something;

    I'm going to assume from the quoted portion above that you didn't actually sit down, read, and think about the article, but rather, skimmed through it.

    The article's entire point is that without some form of moderation to distinguish between "a user that makes good posts" and "a user that makes bad posts", any public online forum will eventually die once it reaches a certain size.

    I just mentioned the most straightforward and obvious method of implementing that; "rewarding" good posts, and mocking, and at some point, deletion and banning of bad posts/users.

    Actually, there are interesting questions buried at the bottom of this; how best to run a message board, and to what extent should one call out stupidity, whether online or in real life?

    Yes, Milsk is either too young or too stupid to intelligently discuss this, but the subjects themselves are very much worthy of thought and debate.
  25. Penney

    Penney New Member

    I understood this before I even wrote it, but I wasn't about to start that discussion - not now nor in this thread.

    Good thing to think about though.

  26. JacobOrLove

    JacobOrLove New Member

    Gah. I *just* switched to Chrome, so I assumed it was some kind of browser error and spent a couple minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with the software. Then I laughed.

    Also, this thread, in graph form:

  27. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Of course, you fail to actually address any issues and instead continue to take pot shots at me. I'm starting to wonder if the site you moderate at is only so big because you take in the assholes that other sites would ban. Judging by the way you act and the time that I've skimmed there, the answer seems to be y es.

    Of course, because unless people get your exact interpretation of an article they couldn't have read it thoroughly.

    That's pretty obvious, but that doesn't actually prove that being an asshole is a good technique for discouraging bad posters.

    The simplest methods aren't always correct. And the fundamental issue goes down to whether or not Garcia's post was a bad post. I say it was on the grounds that being an asshole is only going to make TP even worse and make Garcia seem bad in the process, you say it wasn't because it's an attempt to punish TP's stupidity, and we are at an impasse.

    Interesting question indeed, but you seem to think that your way is the only way. I've been abundantly clear that the best way is to attempt to correct the bad posters constructivly, in an attempt to make them good posters, instead of being rude to them and hoping it gets them to lose. Whether or not they need to be banned at a certain point is a potential issue, but not one that has actually come up with TP's posts.

    And again you pull the age card and insult my intelligence. Just when I think you were starting to act a little decent. Ah well.
  28. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    Are you agreeing with the "I'm too young or stupid" part, or just the part about how it's worthy of thoughtful discussion?
  29. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    Ok, lots of stuff here... take this one at a time.

    I ask you to stop using the 'age card'. Even though I'm only 16, I can see that I've matured quite a bit in the last few years, and I can see that I have quite a bit more to go, but even still, saying someone can't/don't understand because of age, isn't a good argument, even if it's completely true.

    That said, I do agree with you. I have no objections to pointing out bad posts (logical fallacies, not just arguments you disagree with) and mocking them. If you react negatively to it, then either devolop a thicker skin, or go away. If you think that your posts are being targeted unfairly, then you're free to go to some other forum that is more in line with your views.

    Basically, what he said.
  30. Milskidasith

    Milskidasith Active Member

    I have no problem with pointing out that posts are stupid, personally. I just have a problem with doing it in a way that makes you seem like an asshole. You can be constructive while still pointing out the flaws in other peoples posts, and in my opinion it works out a lot better than being an ass.
  31. Penney

    Penney New Member

    The worthy of discussion part.

    I actually have nothing against you and value most of the posts you wrote outside this thread.

    That being said, I cannot agree with the way you or he are going at each other and I do think it reflects on both of you. Your reputation in my book would go up further in my book if you would be the bigger man in this instance.

  32. FinalSlayer

    FinalSlayer Banned

    Actually, I'm not sure what the problem is; if someone makes a stupid post, and they're young, it can partially be ascribed to inexperience and immaturity, which is nothing to be ashamed of.

    If they make the same post when they're 30 years old, then I would respond by saying that the person is clearly a life-long retard, which, to me at least, is far more insulting and damning.

    At any rate, there's a real easy way around this; make cogent, intelligent posts, and no one is going to accuse you of being juvenile. No one has accused you yet of being immature. Think that has something to do with your posts generally not being stupid?

    God fucking damn it, if I had read that post by jiaflue first, I might not even have posted in this topic.

    Although you have to admit, it's kind of neat that an NYU professor writes academic articles about Internet flame wars.
  33. Teh_Shadrin

    Teh_Shadrin New Member

    Ah, I didn't mean to sound as if I thought you were using the 'age card' on me. I just meant that it wasn't a good argument. I'll assume you're aware of that however, and are using it mostly for it's value in insulting someone. :p
  34. wecl0me12

    wecl0me12 New Member

    2 months and this thread still isn't locked/deleted? i thought there was a rule not to allow creating threads to harm someone! somebody lock/delete this thread.
  35. ShigityShank

    ShigityShank New Member

    common mistake you made there.
    The only rule in effect on this forum is #34.
  36. ChadMiller

    ChadMiller Well-Known Member

    Well, it was effectively locked in that there was no reason for more posts to appear in it unless some idiot bumped it.
  37. esiex3

    esiex3 Active Member

    Altered for the occasion.
  38. jiaflu

    jiaflu Member

    Hay guise, I don't mind this dead but relatively nublet-free zone that we have nao! How 'bout you?

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