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Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by Archon Shiva, Mar 24, 2011.

  1. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    The idea for the thread is to suggest game mechanics, "abilities" basically. You can include numbers as an example, but the idea really is "Interaction X doesn't exist in Yomi", with most of them coming from fighting game situations and tropes. If you want to make entire characters or complex game modes, you should probably start a new thread. A character concept with a central ability, as opposed to a list of every other card and ability, is probably ok.

    Note that I'm only somewhat familiar with the expansion characters. as many will be. We apologize for any existing abilities we may have missed.

    As a first example, I was thinking of Ryu's fake fireball. Outside the existing (KTO, etc), I can see a more specific way of modeling such a move.

    The first is an ability that makes fireball a better move than usual on the next turn, such as +X damage. This could be an ability when played as a combat card. So you're telegraphing teh long start-up of a better fireball, which you only get four times per game, but could end up playing anything in the end. It's a bit like a less flexible version of KTO, and could also simulate the obvious startup of a big throw or a raging demon.

    More as I think of the, and feel free to come up with stuff.
  2. Guy Srinivasan

    Guy Srinivasan New Member

    Drunken boxing. On a throw. "If you play this as a throw and would lose combat to an attack, you may discard a card and reveal the top card of your deck. If it can be played as a dodge, you may replace this card with the revealed card played as a dodge."
  3. Wakks

    Wakks New Member

    Let's Make a Deal: Select at random a card from your opponent's hand. If its value is equal to or lower than the top card of your discard pile, take damage equal to the difference. If its value is higher, you can return the top card of your discard pile to your hand.

    Aces are 11, Jokers are infinitely higher.
  4. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Slash and parry: If your attack is dodged, you can discard this card to play a facedown card. If that card is a block, it counts as a Joker for the purpouse of negating a combo.
  5. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Go go goal! (Special dodge)

    If you dodge an attack or joker, name 'higher' or 'lower' and reveal the top card of your deck. If you named it successfully, you may reveal again using the new card to compare, or stop. When you stop, deal damage to the opponent equal to the sum of all cards revealed.
    If you named it unsuccessfully, discard the cards and deal no damage. If you reveal a card of the same rank, you take all cumulative damage instead.
  6. Wakks

    Wakks New Member

    Nice late-game card. Definitely something Onimaru/BBB can use since they don't rely on combos. It would be much less scary against a combo-happy opponent. You'd just pass and watch them lose three cards for zero gain in one turn.
  7. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Thinking about it, this card would be zounds scary against characters that rely on dodges or, simply, DeGrey :D 6 combo escapes si somewhat overpowered...

    May be this -

    Slash and parry (A/B) - If your attack is dodged, you can play this card facedown on either side. If it is played facedown as a block, it counts as a Joker for the purpouse of negating a combo starting with an attack. If it is played as attack, it counts as a Joker for the purpouse of negating a combo starting with a throw.

    No card loss, more Yomi dependant. Plus, you don't need to announce you're using it.
  8. Myst

    Myst New Member

    Lightning Speed -- A/D -- Your attacks and throws are 0.0 speed this turn. Discard another Lightning Speed.

    Torpedo -- A/D -- If you dodge an attack with this card, you may play the attack side. (Which is like 20 damage or something.)

    Crushing Blows -- A/B -- Your attacks cannot be blocked this turn.

    Miasmic Burst -- T/T -- When you throw an opponent with this card, their blocks become ineffective, and they can be hit by mix-up dodges.

    Drain Power -- A/B -- If your opponent powers up, you may play this card and he draws no Aces, while you draw the number he was going to draw. Discard 3 additional cards.

    YOMI -- A/B -- Both players discard a card, if your card beats their card they take 10 damage. If their card beats yours, you discard 2 cards. Nothing happens if you tie.

    Reverse Time -- A/D -- All attack speeds are reversed. 0.0 attacks become 10 speed, 10 speed attacks become 0.0, 5.4 attacks become 4.6, etc.

    Mirror -- D/B -- Your opponent cannot play face cards this turn.

    Overdrive -- A/T -- You take 2 damage a turn and your attacks and throws deal +2 damage. Discard this when you and your opponent block.

    Thorn Wall -- B/B -- If your opponent hits you with an attack this turn, they take 15 damage. They may finish their combo.

    Snap Reflexes -- D/A -- If you dodged this turn, you may discard this card to take the dodge and any face cards back.
  9. CWheezy

    CWheezy Well-Known Member

  10. garcia1000

    garcia1000 World Champion Moderator (old) Staff Member

    Gymnastics (A/T): When you attack with this card, your attacks become throws and beat dodges. The opponent may turn his combat card 180 degrees if it is an attack.

    Iron Defense (B/D): When you block with this card, attach it to your character card. While it is attached, you take 5 less damage from the first hit of a combo, if you played a throw of speed 9.0 or slower. Discard this card when you power up with a pair of Jacks.

    Dragon Install (B/T): After the draw phase, attach this card to your character card. While it is attached, you lose 10 life at the end of a turn, but your attacks and throws are 1.0 speed faster and deal +2 damage each. Discard this card when you play more than four face cards in a combat.

    Wrath of Sky (A/A): Discard this card and six other cards of the same suit to deal 25 damage to the opponent and he must play no-card this turn. At the end of the turn, put all cards in your discard pile into your hand, and discard six cards.

    Deadly Poison (A/A): After the draw phase, play this card to attach a poison counter to the opponent. If he has 10 poison counters, you win the game.
  11. trojanrabbit

    trojanrabbit Member

    Take a Breather (special dodge) - If you dodge an attack, both players gain 5 life and may draw until their hand has 7 or more cards.
  12. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    I think there's a place for a general proration mechanic. Wherein starting combos with different moves will cause the combo to be weaker.
    Like, if Valerie starts a combo with a king or a high normal, have no proration. But if she starts with a low normal (let's say in this case, 2 or 3), then every hit in the combo after the first does one less damage (so playing 5555 afterwards would do 4444, or 22 Q++ would do 11733). Just like in real fighting games it would give an incentive to start combos with moves that were less safe.
  13. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Parry, Riposte: If you block an attack with this card, you can discard a card to treat it as a dodge.
  14. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    Not sure I see the point of this one. Why wouldn't you just dodge in the first place?
  15. Sotek

    Sotek Well-Known Member

    Because you anticipate him blocking and/or dodging and are at just the right/wrong number of cards?

    Alternatively because your dodges are better cards than whatever you discarded to activate it.
  16. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    Then why not just make this card a dodge. Then you don't have to discard anything.
  17. Barrelfish

    Barrelfish Active Member

    You don't lose the card if he blocks or dodges? The tradeoff is you have to lose two cards when you do dodge. Might be more interesting as an innate on a char without dodges. Actually, I like this for Onimaru. I will go suggest it on the expansion thread.
  18. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    Then the character wouldn't be without dodges, he'd just have to pay an extra card to use them. You might as well just say "All this character's dodges force you to discard a card if successful." But then... that's not a benefit, it's a handicap. It just makes no sense.
    Well, this seems so perfectly logical to me, but it's clear I am making no headway, so I bow to you.
  19. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Well, I know you dislike the proposed ability, but that's an astoundingly wrong analogy.
    With Parry, Riposte innate one could choose weather block and gain a card or dodge, lose a card but deal damage. Plus, Yomi-wise, people would be more wary to attack him, as he can, effectively, turn every block into damage.

    With your innate, one would simply lose a card every time he uses dodge.

    Well, for one thing, the card loses only to a throw, but unlike a dodge, you don't lose it to a dodge/block. And you can decide weather to punish an attack or gain cards from it.

    Some of the reasons to use it...

    Don't have dodges.
    Don't have a lot of dodges and want to be able to decide what to do.
    Have dodges, they have abilities you can't/don't want to use on them.
    Have dodges, wanted a card, but the opponent's card deals zounds of chip damage.
    Want to stop Geiger from throwing you.
    Want to stop Grave's J.
    Want to stop any future character's ability that activates on a blocked attack, ability that prevent's you from revealing dodges, or any future caracter's massive chip damage.
    Want to punish an opponent for playing a joker, AAA or anything you can punish this way.
    Just feel like it.

    Thought about proposing it as a innate, but it seemed somewhat overpowered...
  20. Lofobal

    Lofobal Well-Known Member

    The effect is decent, but it'd be a terrible innate. It's obviously a playable effect, though, and is strictly better than a block. The dodge part could be useful in the late-mid game where you might want to dodge but the opponent still likes blocking. Consider how strong it would be on Grave fishing for TPoS, for instance.
  21. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    Sigh... Every single one of those things except the mysterious future character one can be solved by just making the card a dodge. So you don't lose the card if they defend as well... just make that the ability on the dodge. Agh! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!
  22. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Well, the misterious future character might as well be DeGrey naming "dodge" with TR.

    But, wait, so you're saying something in the lines of - "If you dodged and are not attacked or thrown, this card returns to your hand."?

    And if you are, being inquisitive rather than argumentative, how is that better?
  23. Atma

    Atma Active Member

    As I understand it, the benefit is of card and reaction control. By allowing the choice between block and dodge you can choose to draw or punish depending on what the opponent played. You can avoid chip damage and abilities that target either block or dodge individually. Plus it means never having to lose the opportunity to draw or punish for lack of having one or the other in hand. It's a simple change that could have a lot of very interesting uses.
  24. beliaal

    beliaal New Member

    Sad to see this thread in dissuse so here's some continuation.

    Windmill getup!: You can dodge an attack or Joker with this card if you are in knockdown.
  25. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    To simulate frame advantage on blocks:
    When an opponent blocks this attack/an attack (innate?), his attacks and throws will be X slower next turn.
  26. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    I'd like to see a mechanic like the Focus Attacks, like:
    "This attack can not be interrupted unless it is by a combo of two or more hits. Any damage done by a single attack is ignored"
    Of course, Focus Attacks are also about breaking guard and whatnot, but that's too much for one card, most likely.
  27. DieMyDarling

    DieMyDarling Member

    It's not better, it's exactly the same thing, just without having to discard extra cards to 'turn it into' a dodge. And yes, Troublesome Rhetoric naming dodges is one case where it would actually be slightly different.

    Wow, that was a long time ago. I forgot about this thread.

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