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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Chocolate Pi, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Chocolate Pi

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    So yeah, doing full-scale testing of a 22-player game is a royal pain. Heck, even running 3 clients is obnoxious, even if I set the deadlines to fit my testing needs.

    I'd like to run through some scripted test games sometime soon (like this coming weekend) to try and catch as many issues and bugs as possible in a controlled setting. This means I need two things:

    A few written out test cases, a script for the players/roles to follow that will catch problems. It would be nice to have test games for about 5, 11, 16, or 22 players. Writing out an epic game in which most mechanics get used sounds fun and dramatic, so I figured I'd let anyone who is interested take a crack at it while I work on boring code stuff.

    Consider votes, unvotes, self-votes, deadlines, and powers of all kinds. Try to be flexible and allow for most role/team combinations. See the GDC thread and the main Moscone thread if you need to know which roles are used at which numbers of players, or what the roles do. Have fun!

    I'll need people who are around on, let's say this coming Saturday, to run through and play some games according to these scripts. Since each people can run multiple instances, the process scales well and a handful of people can simulate a massive game.

    If you are interested and will be around some on Saturday, we can rendezvous here and in the /WH talkinator to coordinate.

    Once we get some smooth "rehearsals" that establish stable game functionality, we can start running some "dress rehearsals" to test for usability and broader bugs. These would be unscripted tests in which testers actually play-to-win, but aren't particularly invested in the outcome and might do things just to test the system.

    I'm looking forward to it, drop a note if you can participate in these test games on Saturday.
  2. Arkaal

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    I'll likely be around this Saturday, depending on the time.
  3. Chocolate Pi

    Chocolate Pi Well-Known Member

    Just a notice, but some stuff came up and I'll be visiting family this weekend. We'll probably do testing Tuesday for anyone interested.
  4. Stew

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