My Deluxe copy is shipped

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    Package arrived at the Mississauga post center yesterday night. I've seen packages arrive at my home the day right after arriving at Mississauga before, though it's not 100% guaranteed that it will arrive that fast. I *may* have my copy this weekend (since I'm not home they'll drop it at the post office and I can go grab it tomorrow if they got it today).

    Edited: Montreal -> Item out for delivery (10h46 am) :D

    *skipping and whistling an happy tune*

    Edited: Package failed to deliver as no one at home, dropped at my local post office. Sometimes I have to wait the next day for it to be there. Guess I'm picking it up *tonight*. :D
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    Midwest Dekuxe received

    CC'd from BGG

    I received my Deluxe Edition about an hour ago. The printing errors seem to have been resolved. I have a few Double Crashes and combines that the color might be a bit off with the green more yellow (its printed on wood after all), but the text is crystal clear on every chip. The chips were packed in a random order (which seemed weird as far as fulfillment to make sure all are accounted for) but I made a game out of organizing them for my kids (yes, I am that sad and lazy) and they quickly fell into place. I'll have to do a final count, but even with the "blanks," I appear have to received two "extra chips", an extra character chip and an extra puzzle chip. I am in the Midwest (Ohio), so those of you west beyond the traditional east coast are likely getting yours presently as well. If I can find out how to use my any of my wife's SLR cameras I'll try to get some pics (I am practically Amish when it comes to cameras and they seem to be putting out 15 meg pictures only) so the quality can be seen.

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