My Personal Vendetta: Yomi Character

Discussion in 'Yomi: Fighting Card Game' started by jelyman, May 28, 2011.

  1. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    I've wanted to do this for awhile, and with all the other fan char lately I figured I would throw this out there. I first suggested this for vendetta to make him a no block all dodge char. The idea was shot down as a horrible idea. After that I wanted to try to make a char that was all dodges. He is a lot different than vendetta now nut eh here we go.

    Abidon ~ Father of Judgement

    Life - 80
    CP - 2
    Attack - x damage, x.1
    Throw - 7 damage, x.3, 2cp starter, knockdown

    Innate ~ Balance of Justice:
    Truth - if you play the same option (dodge, throw, or attack) on 2 consecutive turns draw 3 cards.
    Fairness - you cannot be knocked down with normals. (2-10)

    2 - a/d
    3 - a/d
    4 - a/d
    5 - t/d
    6 - d/d Evidence (if you successfully dodge with this card, you may draw 4 cards or attach it to your character card. When attached you have 4cp, discard at the end of your next turn.) er that's wordy, need to trim it down.
    7 - t/d
    8 - a/d
    9 - a/t
    10 -a/t

    J - Judge, attack +1 any, 0.1, 7(2) +3, 1cp linker

    Q - Jury, attack, 3.4, 12(3), 2cp linker

    K - Executioner, attack, 1.7, 5(1), 1cp ender

    A - Final Judgement, attack +4 6(evidence), 1.0, 10(3) + 8, 1cp ender
    Justice, attack, AAAAJQK, 10.0, 100(10), can't combo

    Ok, blast away. :)
  2. cpat

    cpat Well-Known Member

    Rundown of my Reactions:

    Wow, that's a pretty fast normal speed, and by pretty fast, I mean the fastest in the game.

    This also seems pretty fast. Also, is the odd decimal supposed to mean anything? Just that every Yomi speed has had an even speed so far, just wondering.

    Granted, this character does not have any blocks, but 3 cards is a lot. How about if you successfully play the same option instead?

    The only cards (in the original 10 characters) that can knock him down are Pilebunker, Starlight Tumbler, Flash Gear. (Also, Lum's innate.)

    This beats every normal (attack) in the game. (2.1 speed)

    For a character that's not solely based on throwing, this is pretty fast. (5.3 speed)

    This ability looks a bit too over the top.

    With his fast normals, does this guy really need a DP?

    To be honest, I'm not too worried about this card, although it can cause some serious damage with the 6*.

    Nothing too special about this; this is his worst face card.

    Nothing too bad about this.

    I like where you're going with this, but 100 attack?
  3. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    Seems, ok, but I don't really see him winning, because of his telepgraphed moves. If you're running low on cards, you have to play what you played last turn, which makes him very easy to counter.

    His K is abysmal, worse than Val's.

    His J will probably never get pumped, I'd bump the damage up to 5 or so.

    Not sure what the mechanics are behind his final justice attack. It looks like he needs 4 aces, a Q, a J and K to pull it off? Seems complicated and a little OP. Provided he doesn't die really quickly, he should be able to acquire those cards with relative ease. I think instead, you should be able to attach a J, K and Q to his character card, then when he gets them all, the attack becomes available. But no more than like 60 damage.

    And he has like no chance against Sets, and not much chance against anyone with KDs on there face cards (Like Degrey, Geiger)

    He also has an inability to punish blocks. Without Evidence, the best he can do is throw for 7 damage.

    If he can't draw Evidence's, he really can't do damage. His best combo without it 19, but he needs to land a 9.1 speed attack for that.

    All in all, seems like a very yomi-dependent character. Probably as much so or more than Degrey, but without the massive damage when he does hit. His 2 CPs make it impossible for him do any real damage

    And flavour-wise, he seems too much like a cross between Quince and Degrey.
  4. cpat

    cpat Well-Known Member

    I think that this guy has the potential to be good, but he can't seem to pull it all together consistently.

    Agreed, this guy's damage output seems to be based off of the reads he makes.

    EDIT: In my first post, I had thought he had 3 CP, not 2.
  5. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    @ cpat, I made him crazy fast and his J good on purpose. Actually toned down the J, originally it was a linker. I figured it's easier to nerd a character. I wanted him fast to get easier early damage til he got a 6 or more cards.

    Also he needs fairness and the .1 J IMO. He gets destroyed if normal throws kd him.

    Truth gives three cards but it takes two turns and if ur dodging you spent 4 cards potentially.

    Justice started as a Death Touch type thing for vendetta. Thought with his hand management struggles it would br hard to get the 7 needed cards and if you could then you got the one hit kill potential.

    Thanks for the response. This is not to argue with you cpat or anyone else, just to hopefully explain better where I was coming from with my ideas.
  6. cpat

    cpat Well-Known Member

    You make fair points, I see where you're coming from now. Yeah, this character looks much weaker than I had originally assumed. This guy needs the fast stuff, otherwise he'll just get stomped. Despite that, the 6* might be a little too strong. Also, I personally like the OHK idea, especially because it seems very difficult to achieve it.
  7. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    Does his innate work if it activated last turn?

    So let's say he plays dodge opening turn. Then he plays dodge again and draws 3 cards. Then he plays dodge again. Does he draw again?
  8. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    No. At least that wasn't my intent.

    If I made his J a linker like I originally intended. Also the 6 was originally drW 3 or 6cp
  9. cpat

    cpat Well-Known Member

    How about replacing Truth with this?

    At the end of your turn, if you won combat, you may draw a card. Additionally, if you played the same type of combat card as last turn, you may draw up to two more cards.

    This way, he's not so dependent on playing yhe same type of card in a row, but he still gets rewarded for it.
  10. jelyman

    jelyman Active Member

    Thanks for the comments. I was gone for the weekend so I couldn't resins too much. Just edited the op to weaken evidence also made it more versatile in conjunction with his ace. Also changed his J into a linker so it's a lot easier for him to do more damage easier. I left his innate for now, prob will change it later.

    Currently I like the different directions you can go with Evidence(build your hand, threaten next turn with a big combo damage, or pump the ace). Though I think now the cp has taken the back seat and wouldn't be picked as often because it's not guaranteed, might just remove that part. Personally I also like his yomi dependence. You can play some nice mind games to get easy damage, like throw then they attack next turn and you dogs expecting them to try and stop truth. That would be especially good if you played evidence as ur dodge.

    Actually I'm happiest that it seems this is a viable character. After getting told a no block character is a horrible idea and couldn't work. I think I've got a good start here to having a respectable no block character.
  11. Stew

    Stew Member

    I don't like his innate. It seems like you can just dodge every turn and build a big hand that only loses to throws that usually don't deal very much damage (against most characters). Once he builds a hand using his innate you can pretty much just use yomi and if you happen to repeat you get a bunch of cards without having to play defensively.

    He can ignore the normal rule of yomi, which is "you have to block eventually". You can pretty much choose an option to abuse, no matter which one it is, and abuse with some of the fastest / strongest moves in that category. This destroys some matchups, especially vs. midori.

    It takes yomi out of getting a big hand. You only need to repeat yourself, you don't really need to win combat to get more cards. Every other character needs to win or tie with a block to draw cards (except Sets, who can empty hands, which also requires yomi.) Sure, repetition can be risky, but if you repeat dodge or throw a few times they will have a small hand from comboing you and you can just abuse throw for the rest of the game, or whatever. This also means that his opponent has no way of denying him cards, he can only punish him for getting cards.
  12. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    I think it adds yomi, to be honest. For this guy to build his hand, he needs to be predictable. The opponent can ensure that he takes damage if he wants to build his hand up, but on the flip side, this guy can get easy combat wins by figuring out whether or not they are trying to interrupt his hand building.

    Seems relatively coinflippy, he can win huge by playing the same thing twice if the opponent plays right into it.

    But he can also put himself in a massive life hole while trying to get a decent hand.
  13. Stew

    Stew Member

    but dodge is the least risky move in the game and he has loads of them. Dodge Dodge is the new block, except that you get the card advantage even if you lose the combats, and you only lost combat to innately less damaging throws (and less common). Oh, and grave and jaina are kind of completely effed.
  14. Choke Artist

    Choke Artist Well-Known Member

    How is Jaina screwed? Smoldering Embers will rack up the damage and feed her aces.

    And Dodge/Dodge takes 2 turns, whereas block takes 1.

    Plus, he uses a card each turn no matter what. In 2 turns, he burns at least 2 cards. If he plays dodge twice, he gets 3 cards, but spent at least 2 cards getting them. Over 2 turns, he'll draw 2 cards, use 2 cards and potentially draw 3 more. If his opponent blocks twice, he nets 2 cards, whereas this guy nets 3. Obviously in this guys favour, but his hand saturation level is extremely low due to his 2 CPs, so additional cards generally helps the opponent more than him.

    There does seem to be some redundancy, however. He only has 2 CPs, but his throws are 2CP starters and his J is a 2 CP linker.

    Due to his low CPs, his damage potential is rather low. His inability to do anything off the throw will lead to long games (because the opponent will block a lot) and this guy will burn through cards very quickly. I could see the opponent just running him out of cards.

    In addition, he only has 16 total throws. If he lands every single throw in his deck, he'll do 112 damage. Know what I'm doing if I'm Rook? Blocking the entire game and hoping he dodges with a throw twice.

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