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    2011-12-07 update:

    - Quick Match reverted to single games (not best of 3)
    - Corrected ranking battle announcements during Quick Match rematch
    - Conceding early (first 5 minutes of the game) won't give gold, but it will still affect your ranking
    - Quick Matches between two Master-ranked players now use Medium match timer, instead of Slow

    Puzzle Strike:
    - Enabled expansion characters and chips in Quick Match
    - Expansion characters and chips are now always visible (no need to use shift-B)
    - Fixed several rare bugs with joining quick matches
    - Added ranking battle announcements for quick matches
    - Conceding early (first 5 minutes of the game) won't give gold, but it will still affect your ranking
    - Quick Matches between two Master-ranked players now use Medium match timer, instead of Slow

    - Started the GOLD TEST. During gold test, everyone starts with a bunch of gold, and the gold you gain for playing Quick Matches is ridiculously high, but regular character access rules will be in effect:
    -- If a character is free this week, you can play it all you want.
    -- If a character isn't free that week, you must own it in order to play it. You can buy characters with gold at the Store (linked in topright of the page).
    -- During gold test, you can't be a subscriber, so you must use gold to access characters.
    Since all gold and owned items will be reset at the end of gold test, this is the best time to whip out your black hats and try to break the system. Let us know of any stupid or broken ways you find to game the gold system.

    - Autofocus on the "Enter password to join this room" text field when it pops up
    - Removed legacy password change section in the in-game profile (the correct way to change passwords is now through the forum)


    2011-12-01 update:

    Puzzle Strike:
    - Hundred-Fist Frenzy changed to: "Ongoing: Whenever you play a ([fist]), you may reveal a brown [puzzle] chip to crash a [] in your gem pile. Discard if an opponent skips his action phase."
    - New Game now correctly interrupts chip movements in progress (for instance, from bot-vs-bot games after you've conceded) and correctly returns the chips to the bank


    2011-12-01 update:


    - Tutorial: a scripted game with explicit help messages intended as an introduction to the game. It appears like a real game, but you can only do the scripted moves (indicated by in-game help icons and chat messages) until the tutorial finishes, at which point you take full control and can finish the game against Yomibot.
    - Fixed timing out having no effect when choosing your Poker Flourish Straight Flush effect
    - Corrected the table image's aspect ratio
    - Fixed getting stealth-dropped from the matchmaking queue if you changed any chat channel or clicked the PS game tab.

    Puzzle Strike:

    - Expansion updated to 2.1:

    -- Troq's Giant Growth has +brown arrow before the ongoing part.
    -- Persephone's Pleasure & Pain, the order of the two clauses is switched to: "Each opponent discards a wound or puts a wound in his bag. Choose a discard pile, then +chip for each wound in it." (So if they choose to avoid getting a wound, then you get to draw a chip because of it.)
    -- Persephone's Always in Control reaction changed to: "Become immune to a (fist), attacker gains a wound."
    -- Risk to Riskonade changed to: "Ante a 3-gem. All players draw two chips."
    -- Hundred-Fist Frenzy has a discard condition. "Ongoing: Whenever you play a fist, you may reveal a brown puzzle chip to crash a gem in your gem pile. Discard at end of turn if your fist is blue shield'd."
    -- New rule: Panic Time. N is the number of players alive:
    --- The first moment when N piles are empty, Panic Time is activated and everyone antes 2-gems from then on.
    --- The first moment when N+1 piles are empty, Danger Time is activated and everyone antes 3-gems from then on.
    --- The first moment when N+2 piles are empty, Deadly Time is activated and everyone antes 4-gems from then on.

    - Increased match timer values
    - When you play X-Copy with no valid hand targets, the game now reveals your hand to prove it
    - Fixed getting stealth-dropped from the matchmaking queue if you changed any chat channel or clicked the Yomi game tab.

    - Website: When logging in, Remember Me is now checked by default


    2011-11-25 update:

    - "Remember Me" fixes
    - Forums updated to Xenforo 1.1, this fixes the Create Thread issue with Firefox 9 beta

    - New in-game table texture

    Puzzle Strike:
    - New in-game table texture
    - Better PS resource icons
    - PS expansion updated to 2.0:
    -- BBB's Cog Engine now has discard clause when "you buy an orb or chip costing 6 or more" rather than "you buy a chip costing 5 or more."
    -- Zane's Crash Bomb. Has helptext: (You don't get money from crashing.)
    -- Now or Later's first part changed from +$1,+1 chip to +2 chips. Second part reworded to "Trash a gem, wound, or both from your hand / discard pile."
    -- Risk to Riskonade's last clause now says "You can't buy chips costing more than 8 this buy phase" rather than "You can only buy non-! puzzle chips this buy phase."
    -- The Hammer now lets you ante up to three 4-gems rather than any number of them.
    -- Onimaru's Double Slash. Crash exactly two 1-gems. Has helptext: (You don't get +$2.) Purple banner.


    2011-11-23 update:
    Yomi: Fixed Yomibot semi-hang when it's trying to combo into a Bubble Shield

    Puzzle Strike:
    - Fixed Option Select targeting a red chip not triggering Hundred-Fist Frenzy's crash effect
    - Fixed a gamelog typo on Ebb or Flow
    - Onimaru's Double Slash changed to purple banner: "Crash exactly two [1]s."
    - Experimental versions of a few base set puzzle chips:
    -- Secret Move: Cost 1 instead of 3. Gives you +black arrow the turn you play it.
    -- Thinking Ahead: "Put any chips you buy this turn on top of your bag" as opposed to just one chip.
    -- Iron Defense: Costs 4 instead of 5. The part about "you may play the crash gem as if from your hand" works on the current turn as well as future turns.
    -- Gems to Gemonade: Cost 4 instead of 5. Reaction effect changed to: Negate up to three gems sent to you and get +$1 for each negated gem during your next buy phase."


    Updates for 2011-11-20:

    - Fixed many edge case issues with joining and leaving rooms
    - Hopefully fixed "Remember Me" login checkbox
    - Potential fix for a bug where you must fiddle with things before seeing the game (Dred's bug)

    - Aces played as mandatory cost or optional pump for multiple-ace moves now correctly auto-rotate to face the same way as the original ace
    - Added warnings for using Unstable Power, Burst of Speed, and Point, Counterpoint when you're already winning combat
    - Added warning for comboing into Bubble Shield for no damage

    Puzzle Strike:
    - Expansion updated to 1.9
    - Fixed Money For Nothing returning to hand on forced discard (obsolete behaviour)
    - Potential fix for a bug where a quick match will appear to use non-rebalanced chips before the first move
    - Fixed X-Copied Master Puzzler not ending the action phase properly
    - Fixed Option Select used as a purple reaction not self-trashing
    - Fixed Puzzlebot hang when trying to steal Crash Potato with Stolen Purples
    - Fixed dragging chips into opponent gempiles in rules-enforced mode

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