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  1. Archon Shiva

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    Deceptive: You make very little sense, you know that? You turn a lynch vote into an NG vote to bring a candidate into the running, but don't campaign for further support or offer any sort of valid reasons.

    You then tell us you want to lynch one, and votelynch another - then proceed to say what you wish the den mother did by referring to her in the third person, rather than tasking her to do anything. When you put pressure on someone, you have to ask for stuff, you know. Like we're telling teacup to come out with his big post already.

    So if we were to derive the main statement or policy suggestion from your post, the thing other players will haunt you with having said in the coming days, what would it be like?
  2. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    @Archon: Now that he's tied with us in support, how do you feel about Mirdini as an NG candidate?
  3. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I think you're smarter than this and I also think you think prime is smarter than this.
  4. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    I think the idea of electing someone with basically two posts for NG is preposterous. Add the fact that his big post is formatted in a way that's incredibly opaque and hard to follow - almost like he didn't want it to be useful. Does he not know how to quote or something?

    Seamstress probably not. But after WH5, Prime is expected to come out with a weird gambit D1, and someone who's made a good run of being town has to stick to their character as scum to avoid suspicion. Also, he's definitely a top target for info roles, so he should hedge his bets. What sort of behavior would you expect from Homie Prime?

    BTW, I think he's town, and I think he's +/-. I just think the risk-reward heavily favors a reveal. But that can wait a few days more.
  5. Deceptive

    Deceptive Well-Known Member

    What I'm saying about lynching Tea is that if I had to make one person dead right now it'd be him. He also has what, 3 posts total? I want him to post more before I feel like sending a real wagon against him. Right now he is my fallback lynch. If no better options showup then he is who I want to lynch.

    You find it odd that I swapped my lynch vote to and election vote? Did you ignore my post? In like the second post of the game I randa voted Mirdini. That vote is next to meaningless.

    As far as if Prime were a witch I say he'd be seamstress as if there was a witch that'd be most willing to risk death it'd be that one. On the otherside of that there is almost no chance of Prime being LC.
  6. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Uh... WHAT? This post is crazyland right? Someone please tell me I'm not the crazy one here.
  7. Deceptive

    Deceptive Well-Known Member

    What have the roles been changed or something since the last game?
  8. Mirdini

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    Sorta not liking the beruruwagon or anyone on it (but funnily not feeling bad about the people because of the wagon, but the wagon because of the people on it). Feels pretty easy to push, as does the Teawagon, but that has Tea posting truly godawfully twice and still not coming up with a proper readpost so it's a wagon that I can actually see myself getting on - just because a wagon's easy/gaining speed fast doesn't mean it isn't on scum after all. If Tea doesn't get the promised stuff up by the deadline I'd be fine with his lynch (and would vote to support it).

    Beruru's been perennially low-content as per usual though, so I'm not uninterested in seeing where that wagon goes. Hrm.

    As for Kai- I'm still keeping an eye on you (your hop onto beru was pretty :I and you say Ehrgeix's pursuing somewhat scummy behavior (at least what you listed seems that way to me) but don't draw any conclusions on 'im). You're at least talking though and that latest post makes me feel somewhat better on ya so unvote.

    Pretty weird but I really don't like either of the players NGelecting me enough that they're making me doubt that I even want to be NGelected. Deceptive's been pretty low-content (says "I want to go after these people" in 124, doesn't actually do so.) Geneti's vanished after his sparring with bbob and as Shiva mentioned was making a really big deal out of the whole timestamp shenanigans (which I already commented on in my last post addressing him).

    But top of the heap on people I want to have talking is (Vote: ) fivexthethird - you selfelect/jump on the Teawagon, then disappear and don't contribute much at all. Talk.

    Other People I'm Not Liking: Tea (obviously), Geneti, Deceptive, Ehrgeix (as several people have pointed out he's playing curiously non-townish, his question to Kai feels pretty off/rolefishy) and to a much lesser extent after his(?) recent post Kai-.

    I'm actually going to reconsider my election at this point. Doesn't feel like my election's getting enough support (much less the right kind of support), so I'm going to throw my hat after (Elect: ) Bbobjs. I did say I felt Shiva'd be my backup election a page or two ago, but that's changed since bob's recent posts have solidified my townread on him. Still reading town on Shiva, enough that I'd elect him tomorrow if bbobjs or I aren't election options (barring ofc info happening), but bbob's point on him makes me similarly leery of having him be our first NG.
  9. Mirdini

    Mirdini Member

    Also Archon you wound me I quoted in my first post ;-;

    I was being sorta lazy re: the genepost though yeah I was in a hurry and didn't want to copy-paste the quotetags over and over for every question.
  10. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    "Seamstress functions in the same way, except the person dies with the nightkills the morning after her lynch.
    The night after her revival, only the lynch protection function of her ability works.
    The person sewn will not die on the day she is revived."

    She's also the only witch that doesn't retain their function in the grave.
  11. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    You know... that reminds me... Tea promised to be saying something today about a day ago...
  12. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Mostly I wanted to see your reaction. Thanks.

    Nah, it's not you.

    Man does that post ever remind me of DonQuixote in Primehunt: We point out a desired quality for NG, and the perfect post immediately follows, without any acknowledgement that it's responding to anything. Not a scum vibe, but certainly over eager.

    Okay, single votes for NG are no longer significant - please either rally to a main candidate or campaign to draw more votes alongside yours.

    Bbobjs and others wary of me: Ask me stuff. I'm one of those players that are around a lot and will answer rather quickly - anything bothering you? Anything you wanna hear about? Is Optimize Prime rubbing you the wrong way?
  13. beruru

    beruru Well-Known Member

    oh hey thanks for reminding me decep, i'm pretty sure that i never unvoted prime, even though i should have. unvote.

    oh look deceptive isn't paying attention to things, the first post of the game was me voting!! my vote is still in the votals, it's at the very top! apparently he hasn't read the rules either. also he is ignoring that tea and i are busy, which is something he should know. :I
    (o btw tea is busy.)

    fakevote policyvote deceptive for NOT READING THE RULES/NOT PAYING ATTENTION.

    actually screw that just lynch Deceptive.

    decep also brings up tea's post count but not the posts' content which says to me that he never actually read them... yap.

    incoherent beruposts are a thing nowadays, i am sorry :<
  14. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Obviously feel free to expand on or ignore parts of the following questions:
    1. Do you have a super secret master plan for exploiting NG?
    2. How do you feel about my "plan"?
    3. What do you think of Mirdini's supporters? My supporters? Your supporters?

    To be honest though... answering these questions probably won't sway my vote today... and it's not actually an issue of trust making me reluctant to vote for you... and that's pretty much all I wanta say.
  15. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    1. Several. Some more secret than others. And D1/N1 is when homies have to get their shit together, so it should offer the best content. Some of these plans retain partial usefulness even if known ahead of time, but if I can get elected without stating them outright, so much the better.

    2. I feel the move to form a town block, which is very useful, but I feel your approach is wrong. Responding to "strong" players doesn't do anything to discriminate on faction, and it does nothing to call out the lurkers, who get to do dangerously under the radar. The idea of rewarding people who vote for other people is neat, however, but without homies knowing each other, analysis of voting patterns is unlikely to offer significant information.

    How is hard to kill useful for an NG, though? Isn't an easy to kill player a better bet for the protection I affords? And in what way are we to believe you as a player make yourself hard to kill? It's like saying lynch Arkaal because he's better than anyone at drawing scum roles.

    3. According to totals in 145, Geneti and Mirdini have weak pulses, almost lurky. Mirdini's latest post is better, but it really felt provoked. His remarks about not liking his support and basically pulling out makes me like him better, but he needs to speak way more if he wants the seat. Geneti certainly hasn't been projecting the image of a strong, aware player.
    I honestly like your supporters better than I like mine. Both have good post counts, and while some feet have been put in mouths, it seemed like derpery more than scumminess. If we both pulled out, I'd vote for one of them.
    Arkaal feels as good as he can be expected to, but Kai- cold very well be hiding next to a "safe" candidate - no one's attacked me the way you've been attacked, so I'm probably a good hiding place for scum. No read either way, though.

    I'm not courting our vote at this point - a healthy election needs multiple solid candidates, and there's virtually no reason a lead candidate should side with his opponent. It's #3 guy who does that. (If you're town, you know yourself to be a good choice. If scum, you also do. In both cases, you are unsure about me)

    Thanks for the questions, though. Seeing my talk on topics I did not pick helps others make up their mind, just like answering mine go ou some support.
  16. Prime Intellect

    Prime Intellect Well-Known Member

    Ok, Mirdini wanting to not be NG makes me want to elect him even harder.
    Also, not sure what to ask ruru.


    A) I want you to get inside my head and try to think about why I did what I did when I did it.
    B) I want you to tell me one reason why you would NOT make a good NG and one reason why you WOULD make a good NG.
    C) Ask about something really obscure about the ruleset; some weird interaction that might never happen. Feel free to pick from any roles (optional question).

    Dunno what else to do to generate conversation. I'll be around for a few hours to answer questions directed at me.
  17. Mirdini

    Mirdini Member

    I actually think I like the Optimize Prime plan, as you've stated I can't find anything on it that isn't +EV town. I've been somewhat lurky I agree, I'm seconding Shiva's question request (for myself).

    Shiva I actually feel reasonably comfortable with/about you at the moment, still sticking with the bbob election vote though - it's partially that I think a witch bbob would be less effective at acting townish than a witchShiva, and thus I'm more sure that he's town than I am about you. Your point re: your respective supporters is one I do like, I certainly don't trust Ehrgeix on the bbobjs election but Kai- could on the other hand be doing what you did.

    Still, electionwise witches don't even know who the other witches are so electionvote analysis are also not as effective as they might be. Not sure what witches would actually want to do electionwise at the moment apart from getting themselves elected (and please no-one theorize on this jeez). Stand by my discomfort with having Deceptive and Geneti voting to elect me though since they both feel pretty scummish.

    Sorta like beruru's recent post but beruru could you address more than one player? What do you think of the current election candidates, for instance?
  18. curiousCat

    curiousCat Member

    If Roie and (Alex? It's Alex, right?) don't post before the original deadline (Saturday just before midnight) I'll try to replace them.
  19. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    Mirdini: you keep commenting being like no trust ehrgeix. Manstincts are betraying you here. Is there anything you'd like to ask me about?

    Shiva really really feels like townshiva and I am quite tempted to change my NG vote to him. The thing that is stopping me right now is that I have enough respect for him as a player to think he could feel like townshiva while actually being a witch. (Shiva: do you think you are capable of this?) Also, sorry this comes across as kind of SUBTLE DOUBTCASTING - I realize you have offered reassurance before, it's just like... arrg.

    This is an interesting comment! It makes me trust bbobjs less (re: SUBTLE DOUBTCASTING) and I would like to know more.

    Kai-, Geneti, Ixta: You still owe me answers!

    Fivex: Are you alive? What do you think of beruru?
  20. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Basically I feel AS is vastly more useful to test who ever becomes NG... which is not to say I think he'd be a bad NG, he's just the only person in the game I'm currently confident will put the screws to someone and force them to talk... which is also not to say I don't think someone else would step up and fill the role, he's just the only one to currently prove willing+able to fill it (I suppose you can infer from this that I AM saying I'm NOT willing+able to fill this role). I personally believe this is a superior allocation of Archon as a resource at the moment and this is supplemented by both the fact that I'm a front runner and would like to win for obvious reasons and that there are simply players I currently trust more than Archon... which it not to say I don't trust him, I trust him more than sleb but not enough to feel comfortable with N1 NG. Again, if AS wins, I can live with that, he's probably a good choice... he's just a choice I currently don't like.

    @Archon: Considering that taking full advantage a trusted NG position requires staying alive for two nights, yes I believe being hard to kill is EXTREMELY important for an NG. I mean obviously there are more important things, like I wouldn't want an AFK/bad player that's hard to kill.
  21. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Is the following a +EV trade for town; a Witch becoming NG but publicly revealing themselves in the process (I.E. revealing themselves in a way that doesn't involve Witch or Dead chat)? Obviously if you believe it's -EV town to answer, feel free not to.
  22. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Good, though perhaps a bit tight at this point - Set things up, but maybe don't give away roles until Sunday night.

    Anyone knows how to contact either of them? GITP, MSPA, e-mail, phone, knock on door? (USPS may be a bit slow here...)

    1. Both me and bbobjs have outlined our campaign programs. What will it be like having you as NG? (You're the lead candidate for N3, after all)
    2. You're scum. You have no additional faction info about the candidates (not LC, no useful witch chat comments). Do you prefer having me or bbobjs elected as NG?
    3. You're LC. You know me and bbobjs are both town. Same question.


    So, poke 'em a a bit! What's scummy about them? Ask them to clarify, or do a facepunch!!

    I wish I knew! I believe I could, and have of course considered every game how I would go about it and what sort of thing I would try. But Alex proved last game that for a high-post player to "play his own part" convincingly without becoming a large ham (i.e. Brian Blessed) is quite difficult.

    I think (hubris sets in) bbobjs would probably be easier to catch than myself.

    bbobjs: You're doing great lately, and I'm definitely on the path to supporting you as the second NG, but there's one thing I can't shake:

    The new ruleset gives witches a day of chatting BEFORE they know who the NG is, and the additional goal of secretly sharing their identities. From my point of view, this makes the initial guards being town far more important than last game.
    1. How did you come to the conclusion that a witch NG isn't so bad?
    and more importantly
    2. How did you come to think stating this out loud was a good idea?
    (I can see one reason, but it would require you to not run for NG until two days before the election or so)

    Okay, I believe everyone's been clear that Teacup needs to speak, and he really does, but we should probably make someone else talk a bit. Beruru has the most pressure votes right now, so let's poke her.

    1. How do you feel about the election? Have you made a (secret) decision on one of the lead candidates? What are you looking/waiting for to cast a vote?
    2. You seem to be a pretty strong player. Sotek thinks highly of you. What do you believe are you greatest strengths?
    3. After a few games, town can get complacent and start playing "by the book" - name one instance where such autoplay from town could backfire in this ruleset.

    Voting today helps town trust you tomorrow - VOTE
  23. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    My main fear is that an NG comes out with "Blue Robe said Plus Kill Prime. Other posts were cC giving rules." Hardly anything to work with, there. If it's true, fine: we basically shut down witch knowledge and collaboration entirely, which is awesome++. If it's covering up for a witch NG and they just shared IDs and set up codes for the rest of the game, it's extremely bad.

    N2&5 guard needs to live three nights instead of two. Wouldn't that be an even better fit for your ability? You still didn't address how you were the source of survivability, btw.

    Hey, new role idea: At night, name a role, get told if that role is NG. Could this make for a non-broken Diviner?

    I think it's -EV on N1 - Seamstress or Demon reveals, homies uses night to ruin coven chat forever. It's probably +EV after one or two nights of actual talking. Unless your plan reveals them BEFORE the day ends and we can change our vote and lynch them, but that's probably too much to wish for.
  24. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    First, I don't believe I said it was less important to lock them out of NG than it was last game. I ALSO don't believe it would have been THAT bad had witches managed to become NGs last game. Again, when I say "THAT bad" I don't mean "good," "OK," "Acceptable," or even "Not bad." What I mean here is I believe it's tolerable/recoverable.

    I'm more worried about the ways witches can **** with us that don't involve chat. I'm more worried about the ways witches can **** with us that DO involve chat. I'm more worried about giving away our information in the quest to prevent witches from trading their's. I've more faith in the statistical chances of a Town player being elected and I've more faith in witches to botch it.

    Why I'd say something is a much easier question to address because at worst my answers should only be -EV me in future games. It's also a fairly simple answer. This is something I believe to be true and know will be controversial. For better or worse and regardless of if my assessment is right or wrong this type of thing will get people talking; better than that, it will get people talking at me. Personally I find it easier to assess people (town or scum) who are attacking me/my ideas and thus I feel more comfortable about the general start of the game when under pressure. Beyond that I feel fairly confident in my ability to shake pressure and thus I perceive the risk of saying something like this to be rather low.
  25. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Basically my thought was that we should enforce a soft-ban on self-voting in elections, the idea here being that the statistical chances of votes being on a Witch are lower under this stipulation. The problem is of course it potentially allows a Witch to self-vote last minute, outing themselves but becoming NG for it. It's more something I'm thinking about in future games and I believe it's probably too late to have a significant effect in this game.
  26. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I'm only confident in my ability to live two nights. Also you're right, I'm generally not the direct reason why I live; however I do like to think I'm rather good at getting lucky.
  27. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    I'm here I'm here!!!

    I'm sorry, I'm late, catching up.
    Is Arkaal dead yet?
  28. AlexSierra

    AlexSierra New Member

    Okay, now to find my qt.
    I wonder what I am this time.
  29. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    How incredibly specific!

    Yay Alex. Also, typical Alex

    Now, typical trigger all my alarms Alex.

    Good old Alex. Now the game should really get started!
  30. Mirdini

    Mirdini Member

    Alex! Welcome! Read up and talk please.

    I already noted that it's not so much manstincts as your earlier pushing for the +/- reveal then backpedalling, and now your question to Kai- feeling pretty rolefishy.

    *what you said he did, bluh typo.
    1. Not entirely sure myself, which is also part of why I've reconsidered my own election for N1 - never been NG in any of these games before so I don't really have many plans/shenanigans in motion in case I do get elected - I'm hoping that by n3ish I'll have enough info and time to get some good stuff going though. I'll definitely be analzying/doing the whole nightchat-translation silliness again since it worked so well in previous games.

    2. Kinda feel like answering this question is going to help witches out with deciding on who they'd like elected? Not sure if I should answer it, if you really feel I should I will but hrm.

    3. Similar to 2.

    Deceptive: What do you think about beruru's counter-vote on you?

    If you had to choose between electing AS and bbobjs (as seems likely at this point), who would you prefer?

    Geneti: Same question re: electing between AS and bbobjs.

    Are you still thinking a bbobjs lynch is the way to go? If so, why're you being all quiet instead of pushing the lynch?
  31. Arkaal

    Arkaal Member

    Love you too, Alex.

    Who Posted
    Arkaal's Vote Tally (16 Alive, 9 is majority)

    Election Votes:
    PrimeIntellect: 1 (Tea)
    ArchonShiva: 3 (ArchonShiva, Kai-, Arkaal)
    fivexthethird: 1 (fivexthethird)
    bbobjs: 3 (Ehrgeix, bbobjs, aerinon)
    Geneti: 1 (PrimeIntellect)
    Mirdini: 3 (Geneti, Deceptive, Mirdini)

    Abstaining: 4 (Beruru, RoieTRS, Ixtaccihuatl, AlexSierra)

    Lynch Votes:
    Beruru: 5 (PrimeIntellect, Kai-, Tea, Deceptive, ArchonShiva)
    fivexthethird: 2 (Arkaal, Mirdini)
    bbobjs: 1 (Geneti)
    Tea: 4 (Ehrgeix, fivexthethird, bbobjs, aerinon)
    Deceptive: 1 (Beruru)

    Abstaining: 3 (RoieTRS, Ixtaccihuatl, AlexSierra)

    Red votes are silly, and you should change them or convince people why they're not!
  32. KaiDASH

    KaiDASH Well-Known Member

    It would be bad for town to do that, but I don't feel comfortable in my ability to answer the 'why' part without being -ev town right now. We can revisit this question tomorrow (game time) maybe?

    I do think that Ehrgeix does seem somewhat scummy.

    For lynch pressure targets, Beruru is where my vote is currently at, pending a good post or two from her. Tea, fivexthethird and Ixtaccihuatl are all lurking pretty hard and haven't really said much of substance, so pressuring them to say anything can only be a good thing. AlexSierra gets a pass on this since he just got here. Ehrgeix's posts have also been pretty odd so I'd be ok with him too.

    bbobjs purposely saying dumb/scummy things seems pretty odd and it makes me more wary of him.

    And that's it for me, friends just showed up so this post doesn't really cover anything past post 175 other than AlexSierra being around. I'll post things about the NG and other topics later today or tomorrow.
  33. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    I don't believe I've admitted to saying anything dumb/scummy on purpose. Would you mind citing the specific passages where you think I'm doing this? Because saying the truth (or rather my perception of the truth) despite the fact that I know it'll be unpopular isn't dumb/scummy... and IIRC that's the worst I've admitted to doing... but please, enlighten me.
  34. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    Still expecting this post BtW.

    @Alex: QUESTION: Including you, three players are left in the game and your lynch vote decides the winner. You decide to lynch Sleb; what is Sleb's role and who is left with you? Although it's irrelevant to the question, obviously your role is survivalist.

    @Ixtaccihuatl: Which player do you think has posted the most content?

    @RoieTRS: I'm absolutely convinced not posting is part of your strategy, please post once to confirm or deny. It seems likely this will be the first game where I'll see you survive D1.

    @Fivexthethird: I know you've been lurking, just sayin'.
  35. aerinon

    aerinon Well-Known Member

    I'm going follow bbobjs example, because I want to poke some people. I'm going to leave off the whole Prime situation for a while just so I get focused on certain people more.

    @Arkaal. You've been kinda quiet since you stopped campaigning, got any commentary for on the recent happenings?

    @Deceptive. What do you think of our current 3-way tie for NG? Why is your candidate better than the others?

    @Kai- You seem to have experience with other format of this kind of game and seem fairly competent so far. What are your typically strategies to find scum? Do you think we are being effective so far? If not, what can we do better to find scum?

    @Ixtac. Do you think bbobjs and Archon Shiva are dominating the conversation too much? If so, why? If not, why not?

    @Tea and Prime. It's the weekend. Midterms should be done now. Where are you?

    (Sideline comment: I think Roie survived to D3 in TinyHunt, but even there he was a popular lynch target for other early days, but I see what you're saying there.)
  36. I'm here! I'm here! I shoulda been here yesterday, but...yeah, thats a story for another time. Basically, i ended up being nowhere near a computer until just now.

    In order to make up for it, i'm gonna do more then what i ha originally intended to do (an analysis of my wagon), and instead just do a small readwall (more like readparagraph) on everyone in the game.

    Sorry again that its so late >.<
    EDIT BEFORE POST: Blimey, this ended up becoming somewhat of a wall. Prepare yaself for alot of reading, i guess. >_< Although, i posted nice, coloured and easily visible tl;dr's stating my overall read on the person im commenting on, too, if you wanna slip my reasoning.

    Archon Shiva
    We start with Archon Shiva, as s/he is the first on the player list. I am reading very strongly town on Archon. This is a read without any meta to back it up (or obscure it), because i've never played with Archon before. Seems to be a pretty good player, judging from other people's comments and the fact that his/her own posts show that s/he picks up on little details very well.

    Was the first on my wagon, and as such did not join a bandwagon. Voted me for pretty pro-town reasons, don't really have a lot to say against this vote. I will, however, note that it started a bandwagon. This could be for any number of reasons:
    1) My post could have been just that scummy.
    2) A strong player votes. Everyone else follows.
    3) Town seeing a pretty scummy target, begins pressure for the joint reasons of pressuring a potential scum, as well as an analysable wagon.
    4) Scum starting a wagon that he knows will be followed (fellow scum members catching on and voting to make it look bigger then it is; transforming it to wagon status and non-scum jump on to a merry ol' mislynch).

    To be honest with you, the 4th point seems (at this point) pretty highly unlikely, but i jotted it down anyways to keep the possibilty fresh in our minds. It was probably a combination of the other three, however.

    That said, analysing the wagon is not as applicable for Archon Shiva as it is for the other people who jumped on a wagon rather then voting first. (Although, voting first certainly helps Archon's cause, because scum rarely like to vote first).

    Is pressuring people on a consistent basis, posting often, posting well... even if s/he is scum (which i doubt) there's not a lot of scummy things in this person's posts. Overall Read: Very Town

    Second on the list is Beruru - my vote is currently on her. However, i would now like to Unvote for reasons that will hopefully be clear by the end of this post. Has very few post. Was voted for that reason. Posted a lot of "theorycraft".

    Her latest post (#163) is making me read slightly better on her. She was busy just like me, so thats prolly why she didnt post as much. Her read of darcy also aligns with mine, which is helpful. Would like to see more posts from her, but hey, i cant exactly talk at this point can i? Overall Read: (very) Slightly Town

    Prime Intellect
    Pimp Intellect is his usual self. He has already claimed to be a +/-, Prime-wackiness, to be expected. Before the claiming business, i'd had a pretty town read on him (his theorycraft posts were contributary, and bought to light things that the Witches would prolly not want the Town to consider).

    But then he goes and wants to not be elected after all.
    I ...don't know. I mean, if he'd gone through with it and let himself be elected i woulda read pretty protown on him. As it stands however, my town read on him is less then it could have been. It seemed to me that he claimed in order to get the nightguard, or at least a town-firm. When it became clear that he could have one (or, if he's fake claiming, both) the +/- on him, he decided to remove himself from the running, and instead have someone else elected.

    I see the logic from a town PoV (That way, we can have a bundle of townfirms running around, always good. Also, we don't only save a Prime, which is pretty beneficial for town, but also manage to get someone else the chance to be NG, too. Lots of nice info for the town.), but as a witch, thats a frikkin good strategy. Think about it:
    1) Both +/- on prime.
    2) One of Magneto's nights is spent on Prime ("to confuse witches")
    3) Potentially waste a scientist shot on him
    Which, if he was a witch, would be pretty damned beneficial. And we all know that Prime never plans to live to the end game as scum. For these same reasons, i kinda highly doubt that Prime would be fakeclaiming +/- as town.
    However, my Overall Read stays (slightly) Town for now. I posted the If-he-was-a-witch-scenario in order to account for all possiblities. I kinda wanna say its unlikely, but then again, Prime is known for his outrageous gambits as scum.

    Pretty null-read at first, but upon rereading, it seems somewhat remarkable that (almost) all of his posts are based around theorycraft and not very much persuing of any lynches. Potential of scum being non-committal in order to stay off people's radars? I don't know, i've never played with him before, so have a lack of meta, but my first instinct is to label him as Maybe-Scum for that reason alone. Anyone who knows him better have anything to add?
    Doesn't really have very many reads (Except for a "(first time i've ever) town-read on Arkaal" (#67), Bbojis (unexplained "innocent read") and a jump onto my wagon. and a town-read on Archon.) Everything else just seems to be non-comittal comments and theorycraft.
    To note: "Mirdini: you keep commenting being like no trust ehrgeix. Manstincts are betraying you here. Is there anything you'd like to ask me about?" (post #169)
    Overall Read: Scummy side of neutral.

    No posts whatsoever.

    Show Spoiler
    Only one post (#93). I really don't like this post; possibly for the same reason people did not like mine.
    Without mentioning which things were wrong with it. Then goes on to discredit Prime's campaign to be the NG, doesn't really explain any of his statements, votes himself and ever posts again.

    I think this post was scummier then mine for a number of reasons.
    1) I unabashedly said i was jumping on a bandwagon for the lack of anything better to jump on. He tried to make it sound like he had reasons but gave none of them.
    2) He posted a line or two about why he thought another player being elected for NG was a negative thing, but never really explained why.
    3) Elected himself for NG without giving any reasons.

    Overall Read: Scum. Tentatively Vote: Fivex, but the fact of the matter is, he lurks in almost every game he plays so, in a way, this is typical fivex.

    Have a pretty town read on him at the moment. hasn't really chased the easy lynches, has commented on most of the people playing the game currently; definately has a stance on a lot of things. pretty pro-town comments regarding tgheorycraft, too, pointing out things i think witches could probably use to their benefit if kept under wraps.

    Has remained constant with his comments and reads. Not much more to say here other then Overall Read: Pretty Town

    Made a pretty ballsy early comment about electing witches for NG N1 wasn't as bad as people seemed to think (i somewhat disagree; the strongest weapon the witches have against us is Organisation). However, this is something that is really unneccesary for a witch to comment on, and as such i considered it somewhat unlikely at this point that he was a witch (unlikely enough for me to consider not pushing for a lynch on him until the next day, or more information).

    Pointed out the Prime-Meta-Defense of witches having no chat (i put absolutely no stock into this defense, incidentally, it means nothing and we should treat it as such). I think, however, that Prime is town for other reasons, and i can't quite decide whether to think that this comment was one from a witch or a town. I mean, a witch would be very aware of the lack of a chat, and thus would have it at the forefront of their mind, but calling Prime a town for it suggests an absolutely wacky plan of allowing oneself to be lynched as a witch on the off chance that this early speculation might lead others to consider that Prime, too, was a witch. Eh, overall, i'm gonna say its unlikely that he made this comment as a witch unless prime, too, is a witch.

    Was against the +/- counterpart of Prime claiming, which is good, cos i was too! "@Arkaal: Out of Roie, Fivex, Tea, Mirdini, and Alex which one is most likely to be a witch and why?" Don't like this comment; most of the people on that lynch hadnt even posted yet, how the hell are you meant to decide whos more likely to be a witch?

    Don't like #99 either. So, you think Prime is a witch, but the only reason you're not voting him is the timestamps? That just looks like a thin excuse to not vote someone, but have your "suspicions" on them out in the open anyays. ("See, i knew he was witch all along!") whilst also allowing yourself to absolve yourself of responsiblity if he should flip town ("eh, see, i thought he mightve town, hence my lack of vote on him!")

    Votes to lynch someone for no real reason, elects himself for...again, no real reason. My read on him is fluxuating wildly from definatly-town to probably-scum and back again. Would be willing to change his election vote to someone else; would also not mind a third player being elected. Looks like scum covering all his bases.

    And then he starts being protown all over again. Wow, he's pretty hard to read. :S Overall Read: Wildly Fluctuating, currently slightly Town (Also, want to note, that he jumps on my wagon with pretty decent reasoning, which makes it a lot easier to read my wagon.)

    It seems Prime claimed ebcause of a conversation with Arkaal. Could this have been a witch-Arkaal rolefishing?

    --Hates claiming. Doesn't like the fact that Prime claimed. Which is strange, considering Post #53

    Posts a lot of theorycraft. Doesn't think Prime is town because of the role reveal. His reads other then this one are pretty similar to mine, i think. Doesn't seem to be sold on my lynch; im curious as to why? (As in, he never really posted reasoning.)

    Overall Read: Nullish. Highly dependant on other factors.

    A Killer Cuppa Tea
    Overall nice kinda guy who makes a killer cuppa tea. Has posted very little, which is strange, considering he usually posts one hell of a lot, but his time has been very limited lately, so he prolly has an excuse. I don't think we should lynch him.

    Looking pretty town. His big post, (#100) has reads which really generally agree with my own. However, even in that post, and especially afterwards, is very non-comittal about things in general. I think its too early to make a solid comment on his alignment. There are posts of his which, if taken on their own, would make him look like town, whereas there are others that, without context, look pretty scummy. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of context at the mo'. Read: neutral

    Darcy. My gut feeling was that he was scum. His first post commentating on my wagon was so noncomittal its almost funny. "I think he might be scum, but he might also be an easy place for witches to dump their votes. I'm not gonna vote him, so it looks like im not on his wagon if he ends up being town, but if he does get lynched and turns out to be scum, i'll have suspected him all along!" At least, thats how it first read when i saw it. He does make a comment about waiting to see my following post where i'd comment on others rather then purely defense. Here it is, and its a big'un. What do you think darcy?

    Later comments on wanting to lynch me if the day ends now, but waiting till i talk first, and pressuring ruru instead. This vote means nothing. Why on earth would ruru feel threatened by this post if she knows that you are gonna switch it back to me in the end? You even said as much in the very same post!

    Has been pretty damned non-comittal in his posts except regarding me, ruru and Prime. And even the latter two he's allowed himself room to wiggle out of his comments. Its said that darcy is a very slippery scum, and i can see a slippery scum in his posts.

    Overall Read: Pretty damned Scummy.

    Lots n Lots of theorycraft in the early game. Seems to be very pro-claiming, which is something i dislike. His reaction to Prime's claim was pretty interesting though... Immediately comments that there's no point having Prime as the NG anymore, because he'll have protection and checks anyways.

    "I'm also not sure if the +/- claim was better than just normal election, but oh well, right?" This quote, i really dont like. You were the one pushing for claims in the first place! This could easily be a witch saying "Oh maan, i wasn't serious about the claiming thing, i was just theorycrafting, but he went and did it anyway! Oh well, right?"

    Vvveeeerrrrryyyyy non-comittal, it seems. Has expressed that he would be "ok with a Tea lynch right now", but has not posted a single comment reagrding other people's alignments anywhere. A lot of theorycrafting in his posts, bu very little hunting.

    One very protown thing, however: Doesn't want to vote me because he knows that im busy, and wants to give me time to make a decent post. The way things were going, i think Aerinon was in a good position to vote me and get rid of me, but held back in a way that could potentitally have come back and bit him in the ass later. Don't think its something a witch would do. (Thanks though, i appreciate the understanding xD)
    Aaaand then they vote me anyways. ;_;

    The rest of the comments are, again, pretty non comittal. I dunno. Seems pretty townie, but has scummy moments, and could easily be a Witch laying low. Difficult to read.

    Neutral, but leaning slightly scum. Not enough to be happy with a lynch on them, but perhaps something to pressure ovr later.

    Has a bloody impossible to spell name. Only has two posts, but i cant exactly talk, can i :p

    First post is a "I'm a newbie, don't look at me too hard!" post. The second one is "Whoops, i forgot about this thread, i'm gonna catch up." I guess the first post could be a witch trying to rid him/herself of pressure, and provide an early excuse for scummy-slips ("But they're newbslips!).

    Not much to read about this guy. Overall Read: No Read (and therefore, scum).

    Has a lot less posts then i thought he did! He's been participating pretty well in this game, prolly means his fewer posts have more content.

    Has pretty contentful posts. Commits to opinions about people. Smells like a Towndini.

    Has pretty large posts with reads and comments and questions in them. I'm liking Mirdini right now. My vote for NightGuard is between Archon and Mirdini. Seems that he wants me deadeadead, which is unfortunate :C.

    Posts a few times to say that he wouldnt mind switching to lynch me if the day was ending soon, but he also posts comments and questions on other people and suchlike. I think he wants to vote me for pretty town reasons, as opposed to some others who seem to be jumping on a bandwagon for the sake of jumping on it.

    Overall Read: Pretty Town.

    Alex has two posts; both are to the effect that "I'm sorry im late but im here now!" I don't like his post where he mentions not having looked at his roe yet; what was the reason for pointing that out? doesnt make a lot of sense.

    Woooooooooooooooooooooow that ws a lot longer then i had originally intended it to be. Took me a good long time too! This is basically all the content i shoulda/woulda posted if i had been here lolololol.

    Oh, yea, and in case i havent already, Elect: Archon Shiva, and Vote: Fivexthethird
  37. Oh and, just wanna say, Its the weekend now, so should be here more often over the next couple of days,...will be posting more then i did last week in the coming week, and after that, i should be back to my old mass-posting style!
  38. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    I am happy enough with Tea after that post to unvote for now. (Tea: I did give a reason for voting for you though. That "woa, elect prime vote lynch beruru" post was good enough.).

    Re: Arkaal. Yes, totally. It could also be innocent Arkaal looking out for town though. I think that it took a little time after #53 for it to filter into the collective consciousness how bad it was for -/+ to have claimed and how good new seamstress was, etc (at least, this was the case for me (also: I have this voice in the back of my head right now that is like "oh god you're defending Arkaal, stop doing this.").

    Re: me. Lots of theorycraft is normal for me. I don't feel like there's much to go on re: reads when there're so few people posting much content and witches don't know who other witches are. I have made posts specifically trying to suck more info out to assist in reads.

    Re: fivex. I actually liked his post a lot more than I liked yours (though the part you quoted is pretty harsh). He gave reasons I can accept for all the stuff he posted except why he should be NG.

    Re: aerinon. I don't like his posts very much either, but I have never seen an innocent aerinon and I'm not sure how he processes information or how good he is, which makes it hard for me to figure him out. How do times sync up for aerinon theoretically holding a lynch on Tea and then voting to lynch him when he got access to witch QT and knew Tea wasn't a witch? (not-very-subtle doubtcasting).

    Re: Ixta. I introduced them to the game - they really have not played anything this complex before. It could also be laying excuses as a witch, though. I don't know. (Also: I just shouted at them on AIM to post :<)

    Re: Alex. Alex is Alex.


    Kai-: Do not provide any information that would be -ev town (nor role info, though I thought that would be somewhat obvious :<). If you can answer it in such a way that it is not at any point then go for it though.

    Fivex: Please talk more. Explain why you would make a good NG (again, avoid giving roleinfo). I was tempted to vote lynch you in this post but refrained in that I agreed with you on tea's post being bad and you at least provided reasons for not wanting to vote for prime, etc.
  39. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    ebwop: for clarification, tempted to vote lynch to make you post something, rather than "OH MAN THAT ONE POST WAS TOTAL SCUM".
  40. Ixtaccihuatl

    Ixtaccihuatl Well-Known Member

    Elect ArchonShiva, Lynch beruru :p

    I've had a busy week, I know the lurking looks bad, I'll make a really good content post in a bit!
  41. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure beruru is innocent (60%?)
  42. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    ebwop: Also, please explain why you want to lynch her - just jumping on a bandwagon is the thing we all just shouted at tea for.
  43. Thats not the entire reason i had you leaning scummy. You have been pretty non-comittal for the entire game. Its almost as if you're scared to have an opinion, yknow? I often find that as town, people often speak their minds freely cos they have less to worry about, whilst as mafia, they keep a close eye on what they are saying.

    Again, however, i dont have any meta on you - you can always be like this for all i know xD

    This is certainly a possiblity, and one i took into accout. Its why im so unsure about his alignment in particular.

    Thats fair enough, and again, i would like to stress that i have not played with quite a lot of people here, so most of my reads are not taking meta into account.

    So, you didnt like the part i quoted, and the part where he said he should be NG, but you like the rest of his post.

    Except there is no rest of his post. Thats the entirity of his post. "I vote Tea because. I dont think X should be elected for NG cos i'd rather elect me. *Elects self*"

    They don't - I believe my post was made after the witches got chat.

    I think.

    Lemme go have a look.

    Yep, cC made that post at the bottom of page 1: i didnt post till page 3, and im guessing aerinon had no reason to hold a vote from me till after id posted so yea.

    Fair nuff.

    Who is Alex?

  44. Also, This:

  45. Ehrgeix

    Ehrgeix Well-Known Member

    The first line you quoted is pretty harsh but very understandable. The entire second paragraph is reasoning except for the random elect.

    Also ok via aeri, just crazy theory that popped up for me :<.

    Alex is kind of not describable. He just does crazy things a lot and posts while drunk.
  46. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    1. I like this response better than most. Otherwise I feel I've commented enough on the topic.
    2&4. I don't think Prime is a Witch. If I did, I'd be voting to lynch him rather stubbornly. I do however believe that doing what prime did is Witch behavior and if he were anyone other than Prime, I would probably want to lynch him for it; however he IS Prime and that means two things. First the meta-defense thing I explained and second (another meta reasoning) it's standard prime behavior to do this shit (cite WH5). I'm slightly bother by the resent lack of posting from Prime, but currently there are people bothering me much more for the same reason.
    3. There are 0 players in this game with more Witch experience than Arkaal, I doubt there's even a player in this game who's been a Witch even half as often as Arkaal. It's also fairly common for a Witch to be among the lurkers as lurking creates favorable conditions for Witches and I believe this ruleset makes it even more favorable (of course good players will always make it sub-optimal). I basically just wanted a cold read from Arkaal on the players who'd not yet posted for obvious (?) reasons.
    5. I voted at the time I did because AS convinced me it was a good time to do so. I voted to elect myself because at the time I was the front runner and like, regardless of what I am, electing myself is always +EV me. I voted to lynch Ixtaccihuatl because [omitted until he finishes his promised content post]. I suppose I will say this though, the face of a man who uses emoticons is the face of a lair, I've never found it was worth it to believe otherwise (cite Bladez in that GitP WH game I played).
    6. No comment needed really.

    Anyway (satisfied in this Tea character's response) for now I'll rest my lynch on Fivexthethird because, among other reasons, I know he's been around while active claims of his lurkiness exist and yet he's still choosing to not post.

    There are some other things Mr. Tea has said which I should probably address but AtM I've other things to attend to. Will check in later.
  47. Thats a lie! i always use emoticons, regardless of whether im lying or telling the truth! :|

    However, your post has reminded me the major reason why i thought you were scum (point 4). However, it seems i may have misread what you said. I think my read of you is now slightly town.
  48. bbobjs

    bbobjs Well-Known Member

    If post game this is proven to be truth then I suppose I'll have to reconsider my stance but until then I'll have to assume you're lying :cool:
  49. Ixtaccihuatl

    Ixtaccihuatl Well-Known Member

    Archon Shiva – Talks a ton, likes to ask other people questions, his posts seem intelligent and solid. I’ll vote for him.

    beruru – casts first vote randomly, too busy to talk much?

    Prime Intellect – Keeps suggesting weird things that seem like bad ideas. First it was having no lynch, then declares a +/- role for himself while trying to get NG when no one had agreed that role revelation would be good for the town. This is the guy who wrote the game, so shouldn’t he have a better idea of what’s good and bad than anyone else?

    Ehrgeix – First one to ask what might be +ev for the town, ask others if they are witches, and asks a question regarding use of the capacitor role, makes other comments about use of roles in relation to game mechanics, suggests things that others think are negative for the town. Not until several days in does he suddenly say he hasn’t even gone through the ruleset. What? Also throws in that he can’t get a good read on anyone at all, except apparently no one is very suspicious.
    Now, Ehrgeix is the only one I know here, so I’ll give a real analysis on him. This is a guy who I know has worked out the mathematics of other games. He admits himself that he loves theorycraft. So I have a severe problem with this behavior he’s showing. He’s throwing around a lot of ideas on the game mechanics, and analyzing other people’s ideas in relation to what is beneficial and what’s not, and making all of his own suggestions on what is and isn’t +ev. However, he’s magically doing this without having read the rules yet? First off, him not reading the rules before making any comments at all seems odd. Second, claiming to have not read the rules is inconsistent with him asking how people feel about the new capacitor role. I would assume he would have had to check that before asking the question. Maybe he only skimmed it, but that still doesn’t match with the levels of theorycrafting he was trying to do before making the ‘oops I haven’t read anything yet’ post.
    Problem is, I definitely respect Ehrgeix’s intelligence, so it makes me wonder if this is almost too clumsy for him in witch role, except I’ve never seen him play this specific game before. How much experience does he have as a witch? How good or bad has his theory been in other games? Is it odd for him to post things that seem more on the –ev side when they get examined? Perhaps he’s just trying too hard to prove his own innocence?

    RoieTRS– No info

    Fivexthethird – no info

    Kai- - Good play here contrasting his “I won’t use the ‘I’m new’ strat” against my own little comment about newness. Annoying, in an amusing ‘I should have thought about that first’ type of way. :p I like some of his later posts

    Bbobjs – claims to have a not very useful role early on, then says witch NG isn’t so bad. Tries to put a lot of pressure on everyone else, goes back and forth on liking/not liking the idea of +/- claim. Talks so much, I kinda feel like he’s trying to set himself above everyone else so that no one can feel any suspicion of him because he’s more of a judge/authority than another lowly player. Maybe that’s normal, but to me, anyone who tries to be above suspicion is the most suspicious. Voted to lynch me too, was that a pressure thing? Even if I wanted to vote him for NG I couldn’t because it would only seem like currying favor with someone suspicious of me.

    Arkaal - amusing, decent amount of speaking, feels pretty good

    A Killer Cuppa Tea – too busy to talk much at first? Jumps on the bandwagon? Comes up with a much better post under pressure later on. I enjoy his analysis of everyone, (it’s much better than my little attempt here) and laughed at the one of myself, but hey, if he’s claiming being busy as an excuse for his own lack of posts, he should understand someone else having the same problem. :p I was suspicious at first, but now I like him. I don’t know his normal playing style, but apparently this isn’t it? How suspicious is or isn’t this? Could it be a strat?

    Geneti – didn’t understand the witch roles, could be a town sign or faked, seemed real enough, but who knows, makes sensible posts later

    Deceptive - Doesn’t really say anything worth analyzing.

    Aerinon – seems to be sensible, but was the first to suggest +/- claiming even though he says in the same post a lot of people thought it was a bad idea last round, then casts suspicion on Prime for doing it, when he spoke favorably about the idea before. Says a lot of stuff later that feels fine, fairly neutral.

    Mirdini – Doesn’t like people playing it safe, throws in own name for NG, makes a couple posts later but nothing that really stands out to me. Definitely shouldn’t be NG, glad he withdrew.

    AlexSierra – no info
  50. Archon Shiva

    Archon Shiva Well-Known Member

    Seriously, if your answer leads to witches clustering massively on the same candidate, (which they'd have to do to affect results,) I'm all for it! Think about it and then, your call. If you won't answer, ask some questions of your own, though.

    As for Teacup, I very strongly suggest we all get off is case for today - I have little idea where his allegiance lies, but if word gets around that posting a huge wall of text analyzing everyone's game, with quotes and all, gets you out of lynch for the day, I think town comes out on top.

    Especially with the number of lurkers we still have...

    (Hey, this turned out to be my "I can live with that" post!)

    If you're not ready to vote, get involved - ask questions, or make demands!​

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